Confiscating houses for the greater good

Written by Julia Caesar and posted on Snaphanen.

Translated by yours truly


Are you dreaming about your own flat? Have you been in the queue for 15-20 years and think it should be your turn soon? Are you a pensioner and want to move to a smaller apartment to get a lower rent? Or are you a family living in an overcrowded flat and need a bigger one?

Forget it. The next sacrifice that the Swedish people are being forced to make in the name of our lord and saviour mass immigration is the right to housing. Dumbfounded politicians have discovered that there are no more flats for the 100 000+ foreigners being allowed into Sweden each year.

Demand is twice as big as the supply

Last year 126 966 people migrated to Sweden. At the same time the construction of 38 500 new homes commenced. The numbers don’t add up. But it isn’t the number of flats that are the main problem.­ It is the imported need for housing which follows mass immigration that has caused the severe crisis.

”It isn’t the construction rate that is too low. It is the demand for apartments which is too high” – writes Markus Jonsson in a Samtiden editorial.

This year 23 100 places are needed out in the municipalities for newly arrived migrants. At the end of of next year 14 100 homes will be needed but there are only 11 700 places in the municipalities. In plain English, the demand is twice as high as the supply.

The asylum system has broken down completely

The asylum system has broken down completely. Blog writers and mass immigration critics have for several years warned, to no avail. Last Wednesday Sweden Televisions investigative program Uppdrag Granskning exposed the breakdown to the Swedish people.

If a poor immigrant who has been granted residence wants to become a part of society he needs the governments starting package but a prerequisite for the package is having a place to stay, which you can only get with an income, but to get an income you need a place to stay. 25-year old Samir from Syria is stuck in the forementioned Catch-22 style situation and he isn’t alone.

Indspilning-i-fuld-skærm-28-03-2015-234845“Didn’t they know about the housing shortage? Do you understand?” – 25-year old Samir from Syria

In February 9 313 people who had been granted residence in Sweden were stuck in asylum homes because they weren’t able to move on to their own home. At least 6 500 homes are needed to acutely solve the giant clog that the 9 313 people create in the reception system. Then the populations need for housing hasn’t been taken into account at all.

Don’t want to live in the countryside

There are vacant homes, but they are often in rural municipalities such as Ånge and Bräcke, with poor communications to health- and medical care, Swedish lessons, or internships, states the National Board of Housing (NBH) in a fresh report. The content of the report is explosive but has nonetheless sneaked by relatively unnoticed in the media. Immigrants don’t want to live on the countryside or as the NBH formulated it:

”New-arrivals that were delegated to the rural municipalities tend to refrain from moving there.”

In other words, this is not about absolute necessity – but preference. Immigrants want to live in the cities, with friends and families from their home countries.

Panic mode activated

Panic mode has been activated in the country where politicians are so intoxicated by their illusory goodness that they refuse to accept the terms which reality has to offer. By allowing an irresponsible mass immigration policy for decades policymakers have crashed straight into a brick wall, and brought the entire Swedish population along with them. They leave the cleaning up to us and are trying to sort out a situation that they call ”a challenge” – which we in the real word refer to as a catastrophe.

What are you supposed to do with the tens of thousands of people that have been imported to polish the humanitarian superpowers halo? Where are they supposed to live? What are they supposed to work with? The politicians should have thought about that before they opened their hearts as well as our wallets and Sweden’s borders. But they were so busy donating the country away that the thought never struck them. It was probably racist to even ask the question.

”Is there nobody who has thought this through?”

Samir, 25, listens to Uppdrag Gransknings reporter Lina Makboul when she explains that there are no flats. He is stuck in the former mental hospital Restad in Vänersborg, which has been rebuilt to an asylum home. He doesn’t understand anything.

”I hear news that they want to take on 50 000 or 100 000 refugees per year. Haven’t they been thinking?” he asks with genuine astonishment.

”Those who said that we are supposed to take on this many refugees, didn’t they know about the housing shortage? Don’t they talk to each other? Is there nobody who has thought this through?”

A hastily arranged product which reeks of panic

The National Board of Housings (NBH) fresh report is a hastily arranged product ordered by desperate politicians who want answers in the shortest time possible (ten weeks, including the Christmas holiday). Under such conditions no elaborate proposals are made. The report spreads like wildfire from the Swedish government offices.

The estimated total need for foreigners who have been granted residence for various reasons (including being a relative of immigrants that have previously been granted residence) amounts to approximately 38 500 homes per year this year and in 2016 – if the household size for new-arrivals is the same as for the rest of the population (which it isn’t, immigrants have larger families, my remark) writes the NBH

That is to say exactly the same numbers of homes that commenced being constructed last year. All of them go to immigrants that have just arrived, there won’t be a single apartment left for the Swedish population. In total there are 77 000 needed this year and next year, solely to immigrants.

”Rebuilding the entire property into a swimming hall”

”Migga_X”, one of the officials working at the Swedish Migration Board who debates anonymously online, writes on Twitter.

”If you have a big water leak the solution isn’t to hysterically rebuild the entire property into a swimming hall.”

But that is precisely what Stefan Löfvens red-green government is doing. All of Sweden shall become a swimming hall where the water flows uncontrollably and the country drowns. The last remnant of common sense was thrown overboard long ago. Now they are throwing out the final speck of rudimentary respect that they had left for the indigenous populations needs and rights. Solely to uphold a utopian immigration policy which has shipwrecked.

Methods that would have pleased Josef Stalin

evgeny lebedev - stalinTo be able to overrun the population and give immigrants special treatment to the housing market the NBH recommends what they have decided to call an “active housing agency”. Methods that would have pleased Josef Stalin will be used to solve the impossible situation that the politicians have placed themselves and the population in.

Immigrants that have just arrived to the country will be granted priority. Municipalities with more than 10 000 citizens must set up a housing agency, and both public housing and private landlords will be obligated to report all available rental units to the agency. Reporting available apartments will be “a basic requirement”. Housing will consequently no longer be distributed according to the amount of time you have been on the waiting list for housing. Immigrants that have just arrived to the country will breeze past Swedes who have been queuing for several years.

“So forget the queues and procure a decent tent. I reckon it’ll be hard to evict people who live in parks and on other people’s property so… no matter how you look at it our politicians are humanists, but not towards those who happen to be born here” writes the blogger Iniskogen.

No queue time and zero income grants priority

The countries biggest housing agency in Stockholm distributes rental apartments on two criteria: queue time and income. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been in the queue if your income is lower than the landlord’s requirements. The normal requirement is that the income should be three to four times as high as the rent. A demand for an annual income of 400 000-500 000 kronor isn’t unusual.

”Active housing agency” will work the other way around: no queue time and zero income grants priority. The only criteria for getting housing is that you are an immigrant. Taxpayers will pay the rent and immigrants will be prioritized in the queue. The incentive for landlords will be ”a combination of premiums and the state guaranteeing rent”.

I call it ”active housing confiscation”. It is a considerably more justified term than ”active housing agency”.

To refuse a tenant is discrimination

NBH recommends limiting the autonomy of municipalities so that they will be deprived of their ability to protest against the state confiscating their housing. With regards to forcing landlords to rent out to immigrants NBH hesitates slightly – “perhaps that isn’t the right path to take”.

But, the NBH writes, ”in the case that someone is new to the real estate market and isn’t allowed to rent a certain designated apartment – without any real basis – circumstances can be such that the landlord is guilty of discrimination which is a violation of the Discrimination Law – 2:12 (2008:568).”

The ability to influence the choice of tenants is therefore out of play for both private landlords and public housing. Property rights to real estate doesn’t actually entail any rights, only obligations. Stalin’s collectivisation of housing and agriculture during the 1920s and 1930s seems to have inspired the NBH.

”The report is a social bomb”

Indspilning-i-fuld-skærm-29-03-2015-000633Social-Democratic blogger: Johan Westerholm

In a disclaimer that emits a certain discomfort at the awkward assignment the NBH writes:

”One has to understand that this can create competing interests between weak groups.”

What clarity.

The Social-Democratic blogger Johan Westerholm calls the report ”a social bomb that the NBH has placed in the governments lap”.

”Get to experience the real meaning of diversity”

The blogger Fnordspotting predicts ”highly palpable negative consequences for the public”.

”An interesting consequence of the NBH’s proposal is however that the public will no longer be able to hide behind platitudes. When immigrants no longer remain a concern for the ghettos that ethnic Swedes long ago have left, and instead becomes a concern for the attractive parts of the city, many will for the first time experience the real meaning of diversity.”

“It will come as a serious surprise for many who thought that taking a stand was something you did by liking a page on Facebook” – writes Fnordspotting.

Newly built slums – barracks and sheds

3279861108To quickly create homes for tens of thousands of migrants it won’t be enough to actively confiscate the existing homes under the noses of the Swedish population. The NBH also recommends so-called module housing (barracks and sheds) that can be quickly built on available ground in the municipalities. In six months time up to 6000 module houses will stand ready.

If barracks are to have any meaning they must be built in the big cities where the jobs are. The land costs are high and the plan processes are often lengthy. The costs for the sheds varies depending on the implementation but the cost is, according to the NBH, between 70 000 and 240 000 kronor per 24 square meter shed. Then the simplest sheds lack ventilation and VA-installation. Toilets and showers will be placed in a separate barracks.

12 billion per year for shantytowns

”In the Stockholm area a more sustainable house costs around 40 000 kronor per square meter to produce in a multi-family residential.” writes Social-Democratic blogger Johan Westerholm on

”If we make the assumption, that these shanty towns will be built for half the cost despite historic and international experience regarding increased social unrest and crime, the price-tag for 2015 will breach all previously known calculations by a wide margin.”

Johan Westerholm estimates that the cost to build 17 square meter barracks for 10 000 migrants, including water, sewage and electricity will be around 4 billion kronor.

”For shanty towns with a very short lifespan and without the standard that will make longer lodging times possible. And so far we haven’t built roads, schools, nor any hospitals. This is just the number for 2015. During the years 2016-2018 the volumes will at least triple. We then reach, excluding roads, schools and hospitals, 12 billion kronor per year on top of the Swedish Migration Boards and the Swedish Public Employment Services needs” he writes.

Slums that we have spent decades eradicating

The government is rolling up their sleeves and preparing to create a new slum. Which is precisely what Swedens biggest political party, the Social Democrats, spent decades from 1932 and onward to eradicate. Now we shall reintroduce the slum on an import basis and discriminate actively against the domestic population on the housing market.

Reason: politicians will do just about anything to continue what both the government and the self-flagellating so-called ”opposition” consider superior to anything else; sustaining and preferably increasing the mass import of people from dysfunctional third world countries. No matter the cost.

Installable sheds in flat packages

We should not be surprised if the Löfven government with the Islamist Minister of Housing Mehmet Kaplan decide to opt for IKEA’s installable refugee sheds, ”Better shelter”, which are delivered in flat packages the refugees themselves will be able to assemble on the spot without any special tools.

ikea_flyktingtaltBetter Shelter in Iraq

It only takes four hours to assemble a shed. The living space is 17,5 square meters, which is expected to be enough to accommodate up to five people. The housing is expected to last for three years.

A typical Swedish coup d’état without the people’s knowledge

That which is happening is a typical Swedish coup d’état performed without the Swedish population having been asked or even understanding – ”at least not until its too late to reverse the development” writes the blogger Fnordspotting.

For obvious reasons this sort of revolution isn’t carried out with a roar and a bang, this sort of revolution isn’t performed with placard messages, speeches and parades. This sort of revolution is carried out in tiny creeping steps. This sort of revolution must be performed in the shadows, through reports, investigations, considerations and parliamentary decision which are hidden in plain sight with parched euphemisms embedded in strict, academic and mumbling words. The NBH report is a typical example of this, despite the revolutionary message it has so far hardly made any impression in the debate.”

Smoking hot housing market

se_apt_real_price-index_1970-2013The blogger Göran Fröjdh writes about a real estate market in the big cities that is reaching the boiling point, where demand for housing is 30% higher than the supply, and 1/5th of the condominiums are sold before viewing. In February the final prices for apartments on Södermalm in Stockholm were on average 17% above asking price, according to Mitt i Stockholm. A small 18 square meter apartment in Finntorp, Nacka, recently went for the record price 1,5 million – 84 000 kronor per square meter.

”And this is only the beginning. Because now, when the Financial Supervisory Authority has given clearance regarding how the coming amortization requirements – which are meant to be implemented on the 1st of August – are going to look look, the bubble is blown up to enormous proportions. Young people in the metropolitan areas who want to move from home, will have to settle with renting in second, third, or even fourth hand, unless they are lucky and have wealthy parents with a few million lying around, who can buy them a ticket past the housing queue which has frozen solid.”

How much more is needed?

Politicians expropriate the right to housing from their own population. People are forced to incur millions of kronor in debt to get anywhere to live. Grown ups can’t move away from their parents. Their ”choice” lies between incurring even more debt to buy real estate (if you can) or buying tents (if you’re broke)

Billions are being plundered from us and delivered straight into the pockets of criminal immigrants.

How much more is needed for the Swedish people to wake up and rise up against politicians who treat them like garbage? Note: paying garbage, for it is we who are forced to finance the madness.

”It’s coming now. Brace yourselves”

Johan Westerholm writes on

”The collapse is here now. 2015 is the year when we see how our asylum and migration system collapses under the pressure. The only thing I am really wondering is what will happen first – a widespread epidemic or that someone falls victim to violence. In an asylum home or a neighbourhood watch that has run amok. We won’t be able to fix 15 000 roofs and beds with a decent standard within the time frame we are working with, nor can we dimension a labour market, school- and education places, healthcare, or police for that which is coming. We don’t have the time anymore. It’s been used up.

We’ve arrived at the station now. It’s coming now. Brace yourselves.”

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8 thoughts on “Confiscating houses for the greater good”

  1. Dear Swedes, please move to Norway and wait for the welfare state to collapse, then after the diversity freezes to death over the winter, move back in the and repopulate Sweden 🙂


    1. ”One has to understand that this can create competing interests between weak groups.”

      Well, yeah, you’d think! Guess what, once you have the “night watchman state” in place, “competing interests” is the entirety of politics.


  2. this looks strange swedes are not obliged to host those crowds look at france is now facing threats from arab terrorists. the solution is to nip evil in the bud kill bashar al asad and put syrians out of their misery


  3. I was watching the BBC this week and to my amazement. Someone was allowed to tell it like it was. It was a joint discussion between a representative of Syrian Refugee groups and a spokesman for local goverment authorities. To my amazement the latter was allowed to use terms such as queues for housing and spreading the burden across the country. The poor Syrian girl looked like a child who had been told Christmas presents were bought with real money and not donated by Santa Clause.


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