When obeying the law and supporting yourself is racist


“Pull your own weight!” — “A terrible way to view humanity!”

There is a huge scandal in the municipality of Älmhult in Sweden. It has been revealed that there is a letter that may have been sent from the municipality offices to newly arrived immigrants informing them that the law applies to them and that they’re expected to eventually go off the dole and start pulling their own weight in society.

In the country of Sweden, this is so outrageously racist that representatives for the local government – as well as its opposition (!) – has gone public condemning the letter and vowing to root out the guilty person.

So what does this awful document say? Here’s the local newspaper’s summary:

  • Reception in Sweden paid by the Swedish taxpayers. It is the Swedish citizens that pay for your stay.
  • Stay in the municipality where you have been placed. It…

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