Surefire sign of spring coming to multicultural Sweden


Photo: Chang Frick / Nyheter Idag

STOCKHOLM A huge fire raged in a southern suburb of Stockholm known as Norsborg yesterday. Several police cars, policemen, and ambulances worked at the scene to save lives and property. – There are definitely around 30 cars on fire so far, says a young man at the scene to the news-site Nyheter Idag.

On Monday night emergency services, police and ambulances were called to the scene to work with a large-scale garage fire in the southern Stockholm suburb of Norsborg. Almost an entire district was cordoned off by police when Nyheter Idag arrived to the scene and around one hundred spectators stood along the barricade.

There are definitely around 30 cars that have burned so far. I saw how people ran to the garage to drive out their cars, but many remained, a young man at the scene told Nyheter Idag.

Several car fires in Norsborg lately

During the past week several car fires have raged in Norsborg and the area near Hallunda. A mere three days ago Fria Tider reported that someone had attempted to set a garage on fire. On Monday night the garage finally burned down to its core and the police estimate that an unusual number of cars have burned.

They figured at least 30 to 40 cars, says Karin Stanley with the police to Fria Tider.

The police have commenced a preliminary investigation regarding arson. There are no reports that anyone has been injured. Near the scene of the fire there is a kindergarten and across from the garage there is a residential area.

16 500 people live in Hallunda-Norsborg and 78.8% have a foreign background i.e. born abroad or parents born abroad.

Below is a video taken from the scene where a fire rages right in the middle of a residential area.


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