Sharia Policeman in Swedish School


Photo: Anders Robertsson, Borås Tidningar

On Monday morning emergency services were called to Eductus in Borås, a school specialized in teaching Swedish to immigrants, after a Muslim student threatened classmates who did not abide by his strict interpretation of Islam. They were reprimanded for laughing and a Christian woman who refused to wear a veil fainted and is currently in the hospital.

”It was complete chaos” says principal Jozefina Persson to the local newspaper, Borås Tidningar.

The class was singing the Swedish song ”Öppna landskap” when the man interrupted and said:

”Quiet with you, you cannot laugh here in school. God forbids us from laughing”.

The man also pointed at a woman and said:

”You are a Christian, that is not good. Here everyone shall be Muslim and wear a veil”.

The teacher quickly got hold of the principal who in turn demanded that the man leave the premises but he refused. Female students were crying and the mood was very upset.

”One of the women he had intimidated asked me for help and she said that she didn’t want to wear a veil. She passed out, so we placed her on the floor, she had trouble breathing and her throat became completely red.”

The principal called the emergency services who in turn sent out the police and an ambulance. They arrived at the scene and helped the woman to the hospital. Students later gathered in the aula where the schools management informed them about the situation and it turns out that this wasn’t the first time the student, who the principal described as a fanatic, had caused trouble.

Conflicts had previously arisen due to him wanting to leave lessons to pray, pressuring students into converting to Islam, and demanding that women wear the veil.

”I’m actually afraid that something more will happen here, and now more things are being revealed. Students dare tell more and more.” – says Jozefina Persson who has decided to expel the student until further notice.

The politically correct Swedish police have come to the conclusion that what the man said did not (!) constitute a crime but they have written an internal PM documenting the events. It is unclear wether or not they actually detained him.

Some of the immigrants attending schools such as Eductus have fled from Syria & Iraq due to persecution by the Islamic State. It is plausible that the Christian woman, who is currently in the hospital, was forced to study together with the very same fanatics she fled thanks to the Swedish governments irresponsible mass immigration policy.



8 thoughts on “Sharia Policeman in Swedish School”

  1. Fainting and crying was the general reaction. In this mollycoddled society, we’re just not used to aggressiveness anymore so, when it happens, we just whimper like children and retreat into the background, hoping not to be slapped by the bully.

    Islam preys on that.

    Contrary to the Christian ideals of love and compassion, of helping the weaker, islam’s totally opposed set of values makes it grow stronger in the face of weakness and recoil cowardly when faced with courage and, yes, aggressiveness if necessary. Exactly the two things Western society is in dire need of.

    That’s why I firmly believe we need to temporarily put aside this deeply-entrenched attitude of putting the other cheek, of believing in the intrinsic goodness of the human being, in order to tackle the clear and present danger our society is facing.

    Either we do that, or we and our children are irretrievably doomed.


    1. I’ve edited the text now so as to clarify that the school was SFI (Swedish for immigrants) and consists mainly of adults. Hence the woman who fainted and the others who cried may very well have fled from the Islamic States persecution. Their reaction is thus understandable.


  2. Agreed. They encounter in Sweden the exact same thing they had been flying from. But, whatever the case, wherever islam thrives, it is always because people are in fear and retreat, understandably, of course, for islam has always imposed itself through warfare and savagery.

    As little as I like to say it, for I’m also part of this mollycoddled society I was mentioning in my previous post, either we decide how we’re to combat the growing islamisation of our society, or we’re doomed for good.

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    1. This sort of story isn’t exactly common-place but I agree that we cannot tolerate the intolerable. Limits have to be set and if the police do not feel that they have a mandate to act in situations like these then laws need to be changed or the officers in charge need to be reprimanded.

      Unfortunately the media have labelled all minorities, including Muslims, as victims so the police are terrified of being labelled racists, xenophobes, etc.


  3. Reblogged this on eunmask and commented:
    Wij hebben onze problemen met het onderbrengen van grote stromen vluchtelingen uit o.a. Syrië. De Zweden hebben dat nog veel meer. Er is in Zweden een wet die het mogelijk maakt dat de Zweedse overheid woningen a.h.w. in beslag neemt of er een andere bestemming aan geeft. In één van de laatste stukken vertelt Julia Caesar daar over. Nu zijn de vakantiehuisjes in Zweden aan de beurt en Julia Caesar bezweert dat ze de hare niet wil opgeven, ook als ze wegens racisme of discriminatie daarom veroordeeld wordt.
    Op de site van Swedish Surveyor staan alle artikelen die de Zweedse media angstvallig verzwijgt!


  4. I hope the perpetrator is expelled from School and his behaviour leads to extradition. He will be more happy in Saudi-Arabia. Should try his luck there.


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