Sweden’s Feminist Party


Self-proclaimed feminists wearing the veil in support of Islam

Left: Åsa Romson, Green Party, Deputy PM of Sweden

Centre: Gudrun Schyman, Feminist Initiatives party leader

Right: Veronica Palm, Social-Democratic parliamentarian

En Arg Blatte talar is a popular YouTuber whose name literally means “Angry Blatte Speaks” and he is an anomaly in Sweden because he speaks his mind and uses common-sense when doing so.

In the following video (with English subtitles available) he explains what the Feminist Iniative stand for and why you should think twice about voting for them.

Former communist, Gudrun Schyman, is the leader of the party in question and she has managed to garner support from celebrities such as Pharell and Jane Fonda. The Guardian thinks “Every country needs a political party like Sweden’s Feminist Iniative”, and when Newsweek and the Local report on the political party spreading to parliaments across Europe they are overwhelmingly positive.

“The discrimination and the violations appears in different shapes depending on where we find outselves. But it’s the same norm, the same structure, the same pattern, that is repeated both in the Taliban’s Afghanistan and here in Sweden.”

The quote above was from a speech in 2002 when Schyman was the leader of the Left Party (formerly known as Left Party Communists). Feminist Iniative, which she founded, has the same underlying Marxist ideology except class conflict has been replaced by a conflict between the sexes.

Either the media supports the Feminist Iniative because of what they stand for or they haven’t even bothered to read the party program and write positive articles about them because the name itself is trendy.

What do you think?

One thought on “Sweden’s Feminist Party”

  1. Collectivists and communists, period end of story. Anything with the word feminist, feminism in the title, descriptions, explanations is cancerous to actual freedom, liberty and EQUAL rights for ALL.

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