A Liberal Youth League wants to remove the cross from Swedish flag


There is currently an ongoing discussion within the Liberal Youth League, LUF, in Danderyd-Täby about removing the cross from the Swedish flag reports Danderyds Nyheter.

“We see a problem in that it is associated with Christianity and Sweden no longer has a state church but is instead a secularised country where all religions are welcome”, writes LUF Danderyd-Täby

At the time of writing there is disagreement as to wether the flag ought to be replaced, stay the same or be removed completely but they will hold a vote within their party about alternatives to flags.

“Todays flags cross stems from the crusades & is a symbol of opression. I prefer openness, multiculturalism and tolerance. Therefore change is needed” – Vice Chairman of LUF in Danderyd-Täby.

Isn’t it funny how people living in Danderyd and Täby – the most segregated, richest, and whitest neighorhoods in Sweden – promote multiculturalism, diversity, open borders and the whole shebang without actuallly having been culturally enriched?

For the record, this isn’t the first time that the “oppressive” Swedish flag has come under the spotlight, it has in fact already been banned at an elementary school by a principal who claimed it may be offensive to some students.

Perhaps a politically correct alternative is in order?


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