The Swedish Information War


If a Swede solely consumes and and blindly accept the mainstream medias narrative he will quickly pick up on which thoughts are acceptable to vocalize and which are not. Criticizing the following concepts risks him being socially stigmatized and are thereby tantamount to modern-day blasphemy: feminism, Islam, minorities, immigration, multiculturalism, diversity, anti-racism. Praising the forementioned with the rest of the sheep is commendable.

There are alternatives to the mainstream media which threaten the establishments monopoly on information and in turn the truth. These alternatives have consequently been labelled haram. As any indoctrinated Swede will tell you, beware of these hate-sites which are directly or indirectly supporting the infidels known as Sweden Democrats.

To give you a little taste of the sort of material produced by these “angry young men” I’ve taken the liberty of translating an article written by someone under the pseudonym Dick Taytor in the most notorious of these Swedish hate-sites (as the mainstream media quaintly puts it) namely Avpixlat.

The Fruits of Multiculturalism

When one follows news reports concerning the shootings in the Gothenburg suburb Biskopsgården one is struck by the fact that nobody (from what I’ve heard) talks about the ethnicity of the perpetrator and the victim. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest (correct me if I am wrong) that it probably concerns young men with their origin in honour cultures, primarily from the Middle East.

Immigrant gangs that are involved in organized crime have been a problem in all countries with a large immigration and in the frontrunner of multiculturalism, the U.S.A., the most successful gangsters were Sicilians. This was probably no coincidence as honour culture was strongly anchored amongst these islanders, who with their honour rule ”omerta” which freely translates to code of silence, made sure nobody snitched.

The fact is that for the public the notion of mafia and Cosa Nostra was unknown until the early 60’s when the brothers Kennedy declared war on organized crime and a defector (Joe Valachi) started ”talking”.

A similar type of honour codex also seems to prevail in the segregated suburbs of Sweden. Therefore the police have an incredibly tough time getting witnesses to reveal information about perpetrators, since nobody dares say anything out of fear of reprisals and perpetrators (who are probably known in the area) are expected to go free.

What is the origin of the honour culture? The answer lies way back in time, prior to civilization as we know it, when a mans reputation was his greatest asset. To ensure your own genetic offspring, a woman’s virginity was a must, hence genital mutilation and infibulation was applied as a control method and if a woman turned out to be unfaithful or left her husband, honour killing was the only way for the man to maintain his good (evil) reputation.

When civilisation then rises and agriculture establishes itself on the plains in river landscapes and people start settling down, co-operation and defence of agricultural property is prioritized. In more mountainous regions with lots of rainfall you create terrace cultures whilst you in other more barren and rocky mountainous regions (where cultivation was problematic) focus on cattle raising.

The odds of someone sneaking past at night to steal your harvest wasn’t that great, cattle thieves on the other hand were a serious threat to a shepherd’s livelihood. The best strategy to prevent theft was to set a deterring example (murder and vengeance) and thereby gaining respect.

It is precisely in those kinds of topographical (barren and rocky) regions where honour cultures dominate, places like Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and the previously mentioned Sicily have thousand year-old traditions of what we consider to be an uncivilized culture of violence.

According to American professor in social psychology Richard Nisbett there are three prerequisites for an honour cultures existence: scarcity of resources (relative poverty and unemployment), the benefits of crime outweigh the risks (nobody dares testify) and absence of police (so called ”no-go zones”).

These criteria are met with flying colours in several of the exclusion-zones that have started popping up all over the country thanks to Sweden’s irresponsible immigration policy. Once the honour culture has established itself readjustment to a western rule-of-law based society is difficult, because it would be a sign of weakness and a loss of respect not to administer your own laws based on violence and vendetta.

Which counter-measures do the experts (?) and politicians think should be taken to stop the escalation of violence and crime? We hear old platitudes about increased spending to promote integration, banning (?) and confiscating weapons, more recreational centres, investments in education and rehab of teenage-gangsters, entry-level jobs, job coaches, migrant aides (as the Swedish saying goes; beloved child has many names) and everything else that has been tried and tested previously and which time and time again has failed.

Things like this take time, a sociologist said on TV the other day and he must have been referring to the transition from a previously functioning homogenous society to the promised multicultural paradise. More multiculturalism and increased immigration from dysfunctional nations seems to be the only concrete measure that the 7-party government (December Agreement) has and which shall be enacted at any price with the stubbornness of a mule.

Not being able to see the connection between multi-ethnic culture clashes and failed integration, the language barriers effect on school results and the inherently violent honour cultures impact on crime is to me beyond all reason.

Not even our government, journalists, and average-Svensson can be this stupid and think multiculturalism is great. I saw that one of the foremost multi-culti promoters Erik Ullenhag had 1,9/2,0 on Högskoleprovet (Swedish equivalent of the SATS), so that type of intelligence doesn’t appear to correlate with common sense.

No, this seems to be about something beyond all logical thinking and scientific empiricism namely religiosity.

Multiculturalism is Sweden’s new state-religion (before Islam takes over) and must not be questioned. If you do so you are accused of blasphemy and threatened with excommunication (ostracism) by the high priests (politicians) and their clerical red-tapists (journalists).

Secularisation apparently went much too fast in Sweden and seems to have left an empty space that people attempt to fill with all manner of ideology, ranging from socialism to ”invest in yourself”.

When the replacement religion communism collapsed in the beginning of the 90’s it fittingly coincided with Sweden introducing an ever more generous refugee policy and the “world improvers” from different communist sects therefore changed track and declared themselves world-citizens with a pronounced goal of eliminating the borders of all nations, especially Sweden’s.

All research shows that ethnically homogenous nation states have been superior when it comes to creating prosperity and wealth, as opposed to multicultural clan societies that are characterized by antagonism and insufficient democracy. That Sweden would succeed with the actualization of this utopian (suicidal) experiment seems highly unlikely when everything points to the fact that trust citizens have for each other (which is weak in multicultural societies) is a requirement for the modern-day welfare-state.

When no decrease in immigration appears to be visible in the near future, is there then any conceivable solution to this self-chosen dilemma that the Swedish people and their politicians have placed themselves in?

To voluntarily donate your land to foreign incompatible cultures must seem completely absurd to generations who fought and died for their motherland during the Second World War, but perhaps it is Europe’s inevitable fate to be flooded with people from countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

What are these easily offended and respect craving criminal Arab guys going to occupy themselves with in a future Sweden? Maybe the same thing that many of them already do today, selling narcotics.

If Sweden becomes the first country in the world to completely decriminalize and legalize all narcotics trade a gigantic market would open up and these immigrant gangs would have a head start due to contacts in their home countries and they could quickly establish profitable legal companies and pay taxes like everyone else. Crime would decrease and the gangs, pardon me companies, would compete on the market with prices and quality instead of shooting at each other.

Is it maybe the case that two hopeless projects, like the war on drugs and the multicultural experiment, could be transformed into a profitable unholy alliance?

We know that minus multiplied by minus is plus, at least in math. Or will an unlimited supply of relatively cheap drugs lead to an unsustainable situation with hundreds of thousands of drug addicts, whilst future ethnic cultural differences and their antagonism leads to civil war? In that case lets instead end this text with the moral maxim, which says, ”Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

Dick Taytor

I don’t know about you but these “hate-sites” sure are a terrible threat and ought to be banned immediately otherwise they might just start taking market-shares from the mainstream media, I mean, cause people to become racist and stuff.

The government has unsurprisingly allied with the mainstream media and support them with subsidies and hand-outs courtesy of the taxpayers. This is something the Sweden Report has written extensively about.

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