Sweden – A new paradise for Romani beggars

Thanks to the European Union and freedom of movement that follows with membership Sweden has been flooded with gypsies from Eastern Europe.

Most member states have cracked down hard on the phenomenon of organized begging with legislation and forceful evictions so the Romani (colloquially known as Gypsies) who are engaged in this venture have moved their business to the country where it is most profitable.

A country where political correctness has made it impossible for the police to do their jobs, a country where any measures aimed at preventing the phenomenon are regarded as inhumane/xenophobic/racist, a country where the people are naive and easy to manipulate. Rumours of the “Humanitarian Superpower” in the north has quickly spread and the result is very predictable.

There is no point in blaming the gypsies for they have engaged in this sort of business for generations and it is a part of their culture not to get a 9-5 job or become a part of society as we know it. (There are exceptions, of course)

The blame lies solely on the Swedish journalists and politicians who are actively working to make this new phenomenon permanent by giving them benefits and housing. The bill is paid for by the Swedish taxpayers but that’s socialism in a nutshell ain’t it?


Due to the gypsies living in what we percieve to be dreadful conditions in their homelands Swedish politicians and journalists have repeatedly accused the Romanians of racism, discrimination, and xenophobia towards the gypsies who in their eyes suffer from “structural-discrimination”. This may seem odd to you, my dear reader, but in the cultural relativist mindset of a Swede there can be no other explanation.

The Sweden Democrats aren’t as politically correct and are apalled by the development (along with the majority of Swedes, I might add) and believe that other factors are at play than the cultural marxist theories that the mainstream media and politicians are rambling on about.

The Romanians (probably) find the Swedish attitude hilarious but they may not be as amused by the vilification and accusations of racism so Romanian Television has aired the following.

Sweden – A new paradise for Romani beggars

“We in the newsroom cannot speak Romanian, so we publish the following translation with the caveat that there may be inaccuracies in it.” – SD news-site

”Sweden seems to be the new paradise for beggars from Romania. They have discovered that the laws are milder and the people are more generous. They don’t make more than 20 dollars a day, but eat for free at soup kitchens and similar places.

How many are you?

-Around 500. Spread out everywhere.

In Stockholm its now night, and temperatures have sunk to below 0. The beggars have tucked themselves in for the night in a sheltered spot.

Are there many beggars on the streets?

They are everywhere, even in Denmark. Everyone is spread out like rats.

Most of them say that they haven’t come here to beg, but have heard that it is easier to find a job in Sweden. Only after they arrived did Constantin and has family realize that reality is different.

Even if they are very loud there is nobody who says anything (in Stockholm). Constantin has noticed that even when the police move among them they rarely say anything.

Why not stay in Romania, isn’t it better there?

In Romania… (shrugs shoulders)

Do you stay here all day?


Have you gotten anything?


Thousands of beggars have come to Sweden during the past 3 years. 90% are from Romania.”

I have a feeling that gypsy beggars from Romania are going to become a permanent sight on Swedish streets which is truly wonderful. This way Sweden will become even more diverse and multicultural whilst the racist Romanian government will get what they deserve, a prejudiced mono-cultural society. In no time at all the gypsies could be granted citizenship and Sweden will become culturally-enriched with new citizens, working 9-5 and paying taxes to the Humanitarian Superpower.

More on this topic:

Swedish state promises more money to gypsies without Swedish citizenship

For the record, the reason I am using the term gypsy is not because it is derogatory but because Romanians in Sweden have protested at the fact that gypsy beggars have flooded the streets. The reason they have protested and complained vocally is not only because they have a gut-feeling regarding what the long-term consequences are going to be but also because they have started being regarded with suspicion because in politically correct Sweden only the term Romani/EU-migrant is allowed and many Swedes don’t know the difference between Romani and Romanians.

The misdeeds of one group leads to prejudice against another.

Oh and the Swedish term “zigenare” is, from what I’ve gathered, more inflammatory than the term Gypsy which is a legal term in the UK and is also used by the UK Gypsy Council.

7 thoughts on “Sweden – A new paradise for Romani beggars”

  1. It looks exactly like the situation they left:

    Wasn’t it the purpose of the leftists to let Roma come to us because they live under miserable conditions in their homelands? What do they have to offer to those people? Nothing. But for themselves the pleasant feeling to be a do-gooder.

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    1. Indeed, it’s the same everywhere they live and the left don’t realize that Gypsies self-segregate and that we are just importing Romanis problems. The left and the feminists feel like do-gooders when they give the “poor and maltreated” money and Swedish men have been castrated so they don’t have the balls to kick them out of the country or tear down their camps like in France. The longer they wait the more unsustainable the problem becomes.

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  2. Non-Swedish Swedish traditionalist here(I can live with the irony). What I find mildly amusing is that when the beggars take a break they leave their begging bowl outside so the meter keeps running(so to speak). So the Swedes can be trusted not to steal the money but at the same time have their money stolen. The contrasts. Makes me shake my head. You Swedes need an intervention.

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    1. I didn’t notice that, good spot!

      What really strikes me is the double-standards within the “establishment”. Swedish homeless people would get evicted within seconds and are treated like shit in general. They actually protested last week by starting to build a camp outside of the local government building in Malmö and guess what? It only took a few hours before the police roughly escorted them away. There have also incidents where they have been beaten up by gypsy beggar gangs for competing on “their turf”.


  3. This same shit is going on in Norway were I live, in main street there are at least 15 beggars and on sunny days even more of thee ‘victims’.

    As a woman it used to be safe to wait for the bus late in the evening but now they start swarming around you at the bus stop. When you don’t give anything, they stand in a group around you and trying to intimidate you to get some cash out of your hands.

    During the day these Romanian gangs let sad, old, women who knit their hands off. I’ve seen it myself that one of these women hadn’t sold enough of her knitting’s and got scolded by her ‘pimp’.

    These ‘people’ are leeching on our feelings and making a filthy mess of the spots where they are sleeping. These beggars degrade the look and the atmosphere of the town and the worst of all: the feeling of safety.

    My husband and I where looking for a house in this town but because of the beggars we are moving out of town…

    Thank you open border policy…


  4. A few days ago my friends and I went to Folkets Park in Malmö to enjoy the Eid celebration. We sat down on a grass with our drinks. And right after a few minutes gypsies start gathering around us trying to take our unfinished drink bottles (in Sweden you get paid for recycling bottles). When we explained them we are still drinking they went on waiting standing up on our head to finish. I kinda felt forced by them and this whole thing felt totally unpleasant. We ended up giving them some cash so they leave us alone 🙂


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