10,000 migrants stuck in asylum homes all overweden


“I hear news that they want to take on 50 000 or 100 000 refugees in 2015. But haven’t they done any thinking?”

The screenshot above is from a tv-show called Uppdrag Granskning and Samir (pictured above) is a Syrian asylum seeker stuck in a closed-down mental hospital which has been converted to an asylum home. Due to mass immigration and excessive regulations on the real estate market there aren’t enough flats and prices have skyrocketed over the past few years.

At present 40,000 flats are built per year are built whilst 100,000 asylum seekers are migrating.

The equation doesn’t add up and consequence is that 10,000 migrants are stuck in asylum homes all over Sweden.


Housing earmarked for immigrants

Supply (green) vs Demand (red)

Samir is an asylum seeker who has been granted permanent residence and he has been stuck in the asylum home Restad Gård for over a year along with 140 others.

The government is supposed to help him via the so-called “etableringspaket”, a starting package for immigrants who have recently arrived to Sweden. Samir describes the kafkaesque situation he is in. To get access to the starting package he needs a flat. To get that he needs an income. But to get an income he needs to get the starting package. Catch-22.

-“I don’t know what to say. I am surprised. There are no homes? I don’t understand. I hear news that they want to take on 50,000 or 100,000 refugees in 2015. But haven’t they been thinking? Do they know about the housing shortage?

-“There are children who have come here from other countries where you don’t speak Arabic. But instead of learning Swedish they have now learnt Arabic. That makes me think that something is wrong.”


“Forests need to be cleared”

When the documentary team confront local politician, Marie Dahlin, she explains that there are lots of jobs in Sweden for all the unemployed immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa that have recently arrived, don’t speak the language, and don’t have an education.

-To start off with we have lots of forests that need to be cleared and lots of unploughed soil.

Clearing forests – thats what they are supposed to do? the reporter incredulously asks

No, all people aren’t going to clear forest but there is arable land that we can still plow and someone can live there. We know that there are humans that need care and help. We need more people in healthcare. We need to build apartments and we need construction-guys and construction-gals who build, only the imagination sets limits. We have lots of recent-arrivals (immigrants) who we will need and they will need us. We need scientists, we need rocket-builders, we need everything. – says Marie Dahlin.

The journalist was not impressed by the socialist politician nor her logic but the blame doesn’t primarily lay on a naïve politician who works at the local level but instead higher up in the parliament.

MP wants to build modular-housing.

The reporters went on to interview Erik Ullenhag, an MP for the People’s Part, one of multiculturalisms and mass immigrations greatest promoters. His proposal was to solve the housing crisis with modular housing. The sort of temporary sheds you see at construction sites to provide crude offices for foreman.

Some of us are a little more sceptical of this solution.

The documentary show is called Uppdrag Granskning and if you are a Swedish speaker I highly recommend you watch this particular episode.

The episode is freely available on SVT’s website, unfortunately there are no English subtitles.

EDIT: I previously falsely wrote “refugees” for migrants and asylum seekers. Less than 10% of asylum seekers that come to Sweden are classified as refugees according to the Geneva Convention. I base that percentage on the Migration Bureaus own statistics available here.






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  1. THIS one really takes the cake! “..people in healthcare, construction-guys and construction-gals, scientists, rocket-builders, everything..”

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