The Indoctrination of Schoolchildren


They are too young to comprehend what racism is but they know that it is very bad and that the elderly man playing catchy tunes on his saxophone is funny and makes them laugh. The teacher isn’t visible but perhaps he/she is watching nearby or perhaps encouraging them and chanting along with them. Over and over the children chant to the tunes of the man playing the saxophone.

His name is Dror Feiler and he is an outspoken 63 year-old born in Israel. He emigrated to Sweden in 1973 and is currently a politician for the socialist and feminist Left Party, formerly known as the Left Party Communists until 1990. As times change, names change but Dror remains faithful to his ideology of choice.

Are you still a communist?

“That is a sensitive question. Not just for me but the party and for my relatives. One cannot argue against the fact that communism has led to the death of a lot of people. But that wasn’t the ideology in itself. I feel like a communist anyway. For me communism is extended democracy to economic domains. I call myself a libertarian communist” – Dror Feiler in SVD Kultur, 2010-06-14

Other than playing the saxophone he also riles up crowds and plays the vuvuzela to prevent the Sweden Democrats from speaking in public.

In Dror Feilers and the mobs eyes it doesn’t matter that the Sweden Democrats are the only party with a zero tolerance policy on racism and exclude members who host such sympathies. It doesn’t matter that some of their politicians are immigrants or have another ethnic background than Swedish and it is completely irrelevant that 20% of their voters have immigrant background.


If you do not believe in open borders and want to limit one of western Europes most extreme immigration policies you are a racist and racists are bad. Everyone knows that. Even the schoolchildren at Katarina Södra know that racists are bad.

viväntar“We are waiting for you Jimmy Åkesson in every city and on every street corner! – Dror Feilers Twitter

Åkesson is the party leader of the Sweden Democrats and the youtube-link is how I discovered the schoolchildren chanting political slogans to the tune of him playing the saxophone. The medias silence is deafening but would they remain silent if schoolchildren chanted “No communists on our streets!” to the tune of Jimmy playing the flute?

I think not.

There was some semblance of justice in February when Dror was prosecuted for three cases of disobediance against law enforcement, for disrupting a public meeting and one case of violently resisting the police. The Södertörn District Court have sentenced him but Dror refuses to pay his fines:

“Now that I’ve been screaming with hundreds of others I get prosecuted, I don’t understand the polices actions. I’m not going to pay any fines if I am prosecuted, am I, a Jew, going to pay for demonstrating against fascists?” – Aftonbladet (2015-01-29)

The left-wing newspaper Aftonbladet actively promotes his martyr-role in the article because according to the politically correct worldview him and the minority are the good guys who are waging war against the majority who are the “bad guys”.

I miss the days when I was young, naïve and imagined that democracy looked something like this.


I figured people would be able to speak openly and freely. In my naïve utopia reason and ballot boxes would be used to reject or embrace ideas.

Boy, was I wrong.

One thought on “The Indoctrination of Schoolchildren”

  1. Dirty fucking Jew – if he loves Immigrants that much, then why doesn’t he help them move to Israel? I’ll tell you why – because the Bandit state is Racist and Hypocritical!


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