Building the ghettos of tomorrow

When I worked as a door-to-door salesman in Swedish ghettos 4 years ago apartments leased out to the Migration Bureau were the most off-putting. The environment was trashy, dodgy and chaotic and it felt like I was the first Swede they had ever encountered.

In the 60’s and 70’s the government embarked on a socialist venture with the so-called Million Programme, an ambitious public housing programme implemented by the Social Democrats so that everyone could live at a reasonable price. The very same housing projects are today worn and torn. Some are better than others but in many crime is rampant, American ghetto culture flourishes and ethnic Swedes are a rare sight. The result of yesterdays social engineers.

The humanitarian rulers of today are following in the same footsteps and it is maddening to see. Call me cynical and pessimistic but this will prove to be a textbook example of the inherent flaw of a democratic government, namely short-sightedness.

Politicians will claim that they have “solved” the housing crisis that is a direct result of uninhibited immigration from some of the worst shitholes on the planet but at what cost? If you thought Rosengård was bad, think again.


Sweden has a uniquely generous immigration policy. Everybody who claims to be from Syria, and can produce at least a semicoherent story during the brief interview with the Immigration Bureau, is automatically granted permanent residence (the story-telling is important, since 89% of asylum seekers have no ID.)

They may then bring their entire family along, which is also guaranteed a lifetime of full welfare; their support immediately become the responsibility of the state, not the family member who brought them to Sweden.

As you may suspect, this generosity, coupled with an almost child-like naivitee that nobody could possibly lie just to get a higher standard of living, has led to a magnificent population increase in just a matter of years.

Since Sweden’s immigration policy took a turn for the insane in 2010, the tiny country in the north has made it a point of pride to open the doors…

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