Swedish state promises more money to gypsies without Swedish citizenship

I’ve been planning on writing about this topic for ages but there has been so much madness happening I haven’t had the time. Luckily for me The Swedish Weekly has summed up the situation so I’ll send you over to them but prior to doing so, I would like to add the following.

The term gypsy cannot be directly translated to the Swedish derogatory term “zigenare” for it is used by organisations, for example: the UK gypsy council. It is also a legal term in English law.

Personally I believe their culture makes it hard for them to integrate into society. I do not believe that “structural discrimination” is the root of it nor that racism is causing gypsies to organize themselves and beg in every single Swedish town and city. I believe that our lax laws, the governments attempts to provide, and the fact that a lot of Swedes give the organized beggars money causes begging as an occupation to become more profitable.

Word therefore spreads across Eastern Europe that Swedes are naïve and that the police have their hands tied behind their backs due to political correctness and a fear of being labelled racists. Not to mention the fact that when countries in the EU crack down on the illegal settlements and organized begging Sweden appears to be an excellent option drawing more people here in turn causing the situation to become worse.

Originally posted on THE SWEDISH WEEKLY


Sleeping place of a small group of gypsies. Photo taken just outside a train station in Sweden

The Swedish state is pouring money over the many thousand gypsies now coming to Sweden to beg and take part in organized crime. Together with the European Union they will now make sure that gypsies get free health care, education and “a worthy life”.

Since Romania and Bulgaria got included in the European Unions free movement of persons Western Europe, and Sweden in particular, has been flooded by gypsies. They’ve set up camps all around the country, often leaving mountains of trash when leaving for the next place. Their days are spent on the streets begging Swedes for money, often combined with organized crime and harassment. Just a few weeks ago there were also reports about gypsies threatening homeless Swedes and in many shelters for homeless, there are no beds available for Swedes anymore.

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