Prime Minister scared off by immigrants in multicultural ghetto


2 people died and 15 were injured after men armed with Kalashnikov’s opened fire in a restaurant called Vår Krog och Bar. The incident happened in Biskopsgården, one of Gothenburg’s immigrant ghettos. Ten ambulances were sent to the scene and there was some problems at the hospital with a mob gathering outside.

Since then 3 known criminals with backgrounds in the Middle East have been arrested. During a vehicle control in Biskopsgården the police found automatic weapons in the trunk of the car. The police aren’t sure  if the arrested men are in some way directly or indirectly involved in Wednesday’s shooting.

The media made the wise decision not to write that they were Swedish in bold letters this time around (unlike on Amorella) which was probably a good call considering that their names quickly surfaced on alternative-media outlets:

Sakeriye Ali Ahmed, born 1996-09-24
Jonis Faisal Adan, born 1995-01-13
Adam Abdi Abdulahi, Danish citizen, born 1987-12-28

Whilst shootings aren’t uncommon in multicultural exclusion-zones this particular incident was somewhat more brutal than normal so the international press have taken notice and Swedes themselves are a tad concerned about the consequences of uncontrolled mass immigration from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

“A lot happens here now. The old used to go down to the square and buy the newspaper. Now they don’t dare go out, they are just waiting to get laid in the coffin.” – says Sandra who works with the elderly to Sweden’s Television.

Another citizen of Biskopgsården told tabloid newspaper Expressen that they have become normalized to the violence and that murder, shootings, and gang-related bombings are commonplace. Others who have been fostered in the welfare state are completely unfamiliar with the concept of personal responsibility.

“It’s the government’s fault because they don’t fix jobs for immigrants” – Mohammed tells SVT:s reporter

“-But don’t individuals themselves have any responsibility”? – the reporter asks.

“No, I don’t think so.” he says.

The former-welder and current Prime Minister Stefan Löfven decided it was high time to travel to Gothenburg and from what I’ve gathered he prepared himself by reciting feel-good socialist buzzwords in the mirror all morning.

A society can only be safe if people feel trust, and not distrust, towards each other. Youths should get a good schooling, they need to get educated. Schools must get resources and people need jobs. We must build a society that builds on trust, community and solidarity” – Löfven said

He even decided to pay his respects to the deceased and grace the ghetto with his presence but things quickly turned sour as you can see in the video below.

From what I can tell they perceive him as being a coward for coming with so many bodyguards and think that it is a PR-ploy. Löfven looks terrified and sad (first time in multicultural neighbourhood?). When the immigrant youth towards the end get pissed off and ask if the Prime Minister even knows the name of the deceased he walks away, with his tail between his legs.


4 thoughts on “Prime Minister scared off by immigrants in multicultural ghetto”

  1. In Germany, media reported a shooting in Göteborg. No big story, just that it wasn’t a terror attack but a criminal act. No comment about the background of the offenders or victims. So it was clear that it was about migrants 😉

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    1. Must be problematic for our beloved media. If they write that they are Swedish, people may think they are covering-up and if they don’t write anything at all people connect the dots which is the opposite of what the media wants.

      Aint easy workin’ for the lügenpresse.


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