Minister of Migration attacked by asylum seeker with fire extinguisher

Regional newspaper, Kristiandstadsbladet reported that a man who had been living at the home for a couple of weeks grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed foam all over the minister who didn’t get a chance to react.

A guard from Sweden’s Security Service (Säpo) swiftly wrestled the prankster to the ground.

Little detail has been released about the perpetrator but it may very well have been and I’m paraphrasing the Minister from last year; the Zlatan of 2030.

Morgan’s nickname “only 1%” stems from his statement in Swedens Public Service Radio that the 100 000 asylum seekers who are migrating to Sweden in 2015 are “a mere 1% of the population” and therefore a minor issue for Sweden.

UPDATE: The asylum home he visited also hosted so-called “refugee children” according to the mendacious media. What many don’t know is that “children” is in this context Orwellian Swedish for young men between the ages of 18-25.

Don’t believe me?

Here is a picture of Prime Minister Löfven with “refugee children”.


Fun Fact:

The Minister of Migration is the one who inspired me to start this blog and my very first post – Morgan “only 1%” – Johansson – is dedicated to him.


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