Swedish children’s movies “too white”


Sweden has made it a point of pride to lead the way in the holy crusade for political correctness, with special attention being paid to the proper indoctrination of the country’s children.

Last month I wrote about the government-mandated “gender-adjusted” history books coming soon. The minister of education, Gustav Fridolin, simply summoned the major school book publishers to declare that they had to adjust their books to fit the correct doctrine rather than be held back by petty details like hard facts. With the government being their primary customer, the publishers were giddy with excitement and enthusiasm.

Prior to that you may have seen the odd note about the traditional Swedish children’s books being censored. Pippi Longstocking’s father is no longer an African king (colonialism!) and Peter-no-tail has had any references to race edited out, to mention a few of the internationally known titles affected by the inquisition.

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