UN plans to relocate Syrian refugees to Northern Europe


MIGRATION MADNESS: The UNCHR is lobbying the EU to institute a one-year trial for an “orderly relocation” programme which will entail moving thousands of Syrian refugees from southern Europe to richer countries in the north.

The proposal, outlined in a letter to the EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, and the commissioner for home affairs, Dimitris Avramopoulos, is a radical departure from current EU policy, which forces asylum seekers to apply for asylum in their first country of entry, under legislation known as the Dublin law.

The director of the UNHCR’s Europe bureau, Vincent Cochetel, told the Guardian that the program was urgently needed.

“More than two-thirds of those disembarked in Italy moved on without fingerprinting or proper identification,” he added. “At a time of increased security concerns over movements from Libya, this situation is abnormal. Not all those saying that they are Syrians or Palestinians are Syrians or Palestinians. And not all of them are refugees.”

The conflicts in the Middle East has led to a refugee crisis with more than 3 million having fled Syria in the past four years and whilst the majority stay in neighbouring countries – Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan – tens of thousands travel to Europe on top of all the people who are seeking asylum for financial reasons.

Cochetel believes that the people moving across Europe illegally would be reduced if they could legally travel to join family or move to countries where they have language skills or work opportunities.

“Last month Turkey become the largest country of asylum in the world – very few people take notice of this. [The pilot project] will need to be large enough to constitute a credible alternative to what we have experienced so far: massive irregular secondary movements feeding trafficking, leading to human suffering and exploitation.”

I am sure the UNCHR’s intentions are good but this will do little to stem the tide of asylum seekers coming, on the contrary I would argue that this will backfire and increase the number of asylum seekers. Those who aren’t able to come legally will continue using human smugglers seeing as Sweden does not currently do proper background checks nor demands ID:s.

Welfare costs will mount and already struggling economies will be negatively impacted in turn exacerbating tensions between Northern and Southern Europe thus playing right into the hands of Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant nationalist parties.

Whilst Cochotel talks about language skills and work opportunities reality couldn’t be further from the truth in Sweden. Immigrants who are born abroad constitute 15% Sweden’s population yet simultaneously swallow up 60% of the country’s welfare expenditures (försörjningsstöd).

In 2013 Sweden took in almost 20% of Europes asylum seekers despite only having 2% of its population.

With regards to refugees, it takes 7 years until 50% are employed and whilst I am sure that most of them would like nothing more than to get a job, competition is fierce, even for those who speak fluent Swedish and have an adequate university degree.

Sweden is a country with a population of 9.6 million people and between 2000-2012 approximately 1.1 million immigrants were granted permanent residence. In 2012 alone 111,000 immigrants were granted residence and in the past couple of years the number of asylum seekers has skyrocketed.

In 2015, 90,000-100,00 people from MENA are expected to seek asylum in Sweden.

The reasons that so many asylum seekers and immigrants from the third world choose Sweden out of all the European countries is fairly obvious. We have no ID demands or proper background checks for asylum seekers whilst simultaneously having one of the worlds most generous welfare systems.

To take one example: Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a per capita income of $600 per year whilst Sweden is one of the richest, with an average yearly income of $38,639 per year (after tax).

A newly arrived mother of three from Somalia can raise her income from $50/month to $2583/month (tax-free) if she applies for all the benefits available to her in Sweden.

Now whilst PPP was not taken into account in the example above you get the gist. It makes perfect sense for someone poor in the third world to make the treacherous journey up to Scandinavia, hell I would!

In 1990 Sweden had 3 “outsidership zones” (more than 50% of adults unemployed), in 2006 there were 156. The government has since then stopped counting.

This large-scale immigration has happened over a very short period of time and has had a direct impact on every sector of society as costs, segregation and crime rates go up whilst healthcare services and schools get worse not to mention the repercussions this has for an already over-regulated and bubbly housing market. I’ll let the charts below speak for themselves.



Reported rapes 1975-2014

The country has also gotten more segregated due to poor immigrants moving into the same neighborhoods whilst Swedes and well-off immigrants move out. In Malmö, the third largest city, ethnic Swedes are a minority since 2013.

In many countries, such as Italy, this kind of development leads to large-scale street protests but the Swedes are a passive people. Protests have instead occurred via ballot boxes, best illustrated by the Sweden Democrats (SD) gradual rise to power.




As you can see there are silent protests but development is slow due to a number of factors, the SD’s dodgy past, an extremely biased left-wing media which sweeps the problems under the rug, and a consensus mentality on immigration amongst Swedes.

Those who stray from the consensus risk being ostracised and branded as racists by friends and family.

Cracks are starting to show in this mental blockade with more and more people voicing dissent and Benjamin Raphael Teitelbaum, professor of Nordic Studies at the University of Colorado predicts SD can easily get over 20% in the 2018 election. I am inclined to agree with him but due to the December Agreement it is questionable as to wether or not that will have any impact on the current policies.

Major discrepancy between the politicians and the people

Dagens Samhälle recently asked all of Sweden’s city councils how they viewed their municipalities reception of immigrants and refugees. 79% answered that the quality was good despite all the alarms and warnings regarding increased segregation and a growing number of problems for the municipality.

“We can’t control the number of people in the world who are suffering and need support” – said Ann-Katrin Järåsen (Social-Democrat) in Torsby

When the situation in the world is tough Sweden shall help out, we shall be that type of country even if that means strains on our society” – says Per-Samuel Nisser (New Moderate) in Karlstad

“We simply have to take our humanitarian responsibility and help out!” – says Meeri Wasberg (Social-Democrat) in Haninge.

Only 1 in 10 of the politicians wanted to take on less refugees in sharp contrast to the Swedish people who were asked the same question by the SOM-institute one year ago. 44% thought Sweden should take on less refugees and 61% were worried about taking on more refugees.

The Humanitarian Superpower

Without consulting with the constituents the politicians have decided that the country is going to be a “Humanitarian Superpower” no matter the costs and Swedish EU-politicians such as Cecilia Wikström are currently lobbying for European countries to follow suit. In a recent article in The Local it becomes clear that she is pushing for a socialist quota system which makes sure that all the member states share the burden.


“I, and many others with me, believe that it is a moral obligation for the EU to establish legal and safe routes to Europe for the people who need to escape war and persecution. We can do this for example by issuing humanitarian visas at EU embassies or consular offices in temporary refugee camps around the world.

It should also be mandatory for all the 28 Member States in the European Union to participate in the UNHCR’s resettlement program and thereby increase the number of quota refugees who are admitted to the EU.

Today there are 15 Member States that do not receive any quota refugees at all, while Sweden receives 1900 and Germany more than 5 000 per year. If the remaining 26 member states were to follow these examples, we could spare 100 000 people the dangerous boat ride over the Mediterranean and offer them shelter in Europe.

[…] Together we can bring European solidarity to a new level. Europe must become a humanitarian superpower.”

Up 1 million migrants ready to leave from Libya to Europe

Last but not least the EU:s border chief, Fabrice Leggeri, has said that he expects asylum seekers’ crossings to skyrocket in 2015 and has urged the governments to ready themselves to “face a way more difficult situation than last year” when only 173,000 asylum-seekers were rescued in the Mediterranean after setting off from African shores.

“We are told there are between 500,000 and one million migrants ready to leave from Libya.” Leggeri told Italian news agency Ansa. “We have to be aware of the risks”

Due to the Libyan state being engulfed in chaos there is currently a three-way power struggle pitting government troops against different Islamist groups including Islamic State affiliates. This has raised fears that terrorists are mingling with the hundreds of migrants crossing by boat every week.

“We have evidence that migrants have been forcibly boarded on vessels at gunpoint,” Leggeri said. “I do not have elements to say they were terrorists but there are worries among states.”












8 thoughts on “UN plans to relocate Syrian refugees to Northern Europe”

  1. This is madness do what Australia does (Australian Policy) TURN BACK THE BOATS TO THE POINT OF ORIGIN and (my idea) jail the boat owners for fifty years and then we will see if they take them across the sea to Europe, that has stopped boats coming from Indonesia. If you do this the problem will be solved, Italy and Greece must immediately return boats to the point of origin and have Frontex as a guarantor of the safety of the EU countries. Sure Germany has plenty of money for non Europeans coming to Germany but for Greece and other Eu members austerity what hypocrites they are. Europe is a laughing stock outside of Europe.


    1. The picture in question is off the coast of Lampedusa. Since the fall of Gadaffi there has been no central government capable of upholding the border hence a gold-mine for people smugglers.

      As you can see from the picture the men in question are not Arabs or Libyans. They are predominantly sub-saharan Africans (economic migrants) who travel to Europe via Libya for the welfare, housing, education etc. provided by gullible Europeans.


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