Christian Democrats have elected a new leader


28-year-old Ebba Busch Tor is now taking over the Christian Democrats. She will thereby become the youngest leader of the smallest political party in the Swedish parliament but it’s going to be an uphill battle.

The threshold to enter parliament is 4% and in the 2014 election the Christian Democrats got a measly 4.6%. She had better bring her A-game to the 2018 election judging from the latest poll.

1 Storlek_mar15

In 2008-2014 the parties representatives held high-ranking posts in the Alliance government consisting of the New Moderates (M), the Center Party (C) and the Peoples Party (FP) and the Christian Democrats (KD).

Whilst KD are traditionally conservative they are today neo-liberal and don’t differentiate much from the rest of the Alliance in other words: open borders, pro-abortion, pro-multiculturalism and slightly less taxes and quotas than the socialists.

Sara Skyttedal; the Christian Democrats last hope?

There are voices within the party who are critical of uncontrolled immigration from the Middle East and North Africa. One such dissenter is the leader of KD’s youth wing, Sara Skyttedal. She has written several articles on the threat of Islamization and has advocated restrictions on the irresponsible migration policies that are currently in place. This has led to much praise from conservatives but fierce opposition from the looney left.

The party have forced her to toe the line and state clearly that she doesn’t want to limit immigration despite this being one of their only hopes at attracting the voters who are abandoning ship for SD.


Sara Skyttedal, leader of the Christian Democratic Youth Wing.

The Alliance is currently passively supporting their rivals that are running the Donald Duck government i.e. the Social-Democrats (S) and the Greens (MP) so as to exclude the Sweden Democrats (SD) from any influence. This may sadly prove to be the nail in the coffin for the Christian Democrats due to voters feeling betrayed by the December Agreement.

62.2% of voters did not choose a socialist government but got one anyway.

Another problem for the Christian Democrats is the name and specifically the “Christian” in Democrats. Now this may seem strange to you but Sweden is one of the most secular nations in the world and the majority are atheist. People want to differentiate themselves from religion and the name is off-putting.

A parallel would be the Green Party (Miljöpartiet) who by far have one of the best names in Swedish politics despite their third-wave feminist and socialist ideology. Miljöpartiet literally means Environmental Party and who doesn’t care about global warming, nature, polare bears etc.?

The Greens benefit greatly from the name especially amongst young and naïve voters who don’t realize that they are voting for a green reincarnation of the Left Party, formerly known as the Communist Party.

Update: This tweet sums up Ebba’s immigration policy.

“Sweden has and shall have a generous and (solidarity) refugee reception. We shall not limit the number of people we can accomodate”

What this means in practice is that the Christian Democrats have the same immigration policy as the Social Democrats. Taxpayers can look forward to financing accomodation, education, welfare, and healthcare for 80,000+ asylum seekers/year.

In other words; Ebba Busch Tor wants open borders.

2 thoughts on “Christian Democrats have elected a new leader”

  1. “Sweden has and shall have a generous and (solidarity) refugee reception. We shall not have a roof on how many we can accomodate”
    This will be very destructive to the existence of Sweden and her people, RIP.


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