Scandinavian terror* attack foiled – 4 arrested in Bosnia


Bosnian police have arrested four men suspected of building an explosive device intended for terrorist attack* in an unspecified Scandinavian country.

They are suspected of having built the bomb after receiving “a request” from Scandinavia.

Three of the suspects were arrested at the border when attempting to leave Bosnia with an explosive device in the trunk of their car whilst a fourth was simultaneously arrested in Sarajevo according to police.

The arrests followed a co-ordinated operation involving officials from the Netherlands and Sweden.

In recent months Bosnia have arrested a few dozen people suspected of links to global terrorism, including many for fighting in Syria and Iraq or for recruiting and funding other Balkan men to join the Islamic militants there.

Update 1: According to Swedish police – who participated in the organisation – the bomb has nothing to do with terrorism. It instead concerns an order from a criminal gang in southern Sweden. (I’m guessing multicultural Malmö).

Like clockwork Swedish mainstream media has written that the man is Swedish in big bold letters, just as they did when a Swedish woman was gang-raped by Somalis recently.

State-owned Swedish Television (SVT)“Swede arrested under suspicion of terror plans”

Aftonbladet “Swedish man arrested with terror-bomb.” (on the front-page)

Expressen“Swedish terror suspect arrested”

Dagens Nyheter“Swede arrested in Bosnia suspected of terror plans”

Svenska Dagbladet“Swede amongst arrested for plans of terror attack in Scandinavia”

Alternative-media site, Avpixlat, has already managed to dig up the name of this “Swedish” suspect.

Osman Abdel Salah.


2 thoughts on “Scandinavian terror* attack foiled – 4 arrested in Bosnia”

  1. Do any Swedish journalists have any guilt, any qualms, or are they all in on the lie? If they are in on the lie, they want their own destruction and don’t mind taking everyone with them.


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