Researcher raises the alarm – too many white protagonists in Swedish childrens books


Literature researcher Åsa Warnqvist yesterday warned state-sponsored Swedens Radio that only 5% of Swedish picture books that were published in 2014 had a black protagonist. She has come to this conclusion after having spent days sorting childrens book characters by skin color, at the taxpayers expense.

Åsa who works as a researcher at the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books has dubbed her method the “Warnqvist-test”.

“The first criteria is that the picture book should depict at least one black person. The second is that the person should be an active subject in the story. The third is that the person should not be a secondary character in a white persons story” – Warnqvist

59 – approximately one fifth – of the 244 books that depicted people contained a person that Åsa Warnqvist defines as dark-skinned, and out of them 16 fulfilled all the criteria in her test.

The basis for the survey, you write that only 5% of the books have a dark-skinned protagonist. Is that little compared to the population at large?

“It is of course difficult to make such comparisons, but in 2013, 20.7% of the population had foreign background and 15.9% were foreign born. Many of them are from the Nordic countries but there are many in Sweden who do not have representation in children’s books, that is completely clear.” – Åsa Warnqvist

Whilst I am sure her motives are good I find that this sort of research and journalism are more suitable in the Onion but alas this is just your run-of-the-mill article from Sweden’s Radio who caused quiet a stir a couple of weeks ago. Their journalists thought it was a good idea to count the skin color of executives at top Swedish companies.

They came to the conclusion that the company boards were too white and started trending #vitabolag (white companies) on Twitter.

The response to their investigative “journalism” was met with scepticism and many, surprise-surprise, want the Swedish equivalent of the BBC to become privatised so taxpayers aren’t forced to sponsor their left-wing propaganda.

“Would like to know which specific skills we immigrants possess because of our foreign surname or pigments

Is it just me or do these self-proclaimed anti-racist journalists have an unhealthy fixation with skin color?


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