Sweden invite Saudi rulers to “gender awareness” class

Originally posted on the Sweden Report

There has been a debate in Sweden going on for a while about the renewal of a broad trade agreement with Saudi Arabia. The rub is that the agreement includes the sale of military grade radar systems, which is making the Leftists hit the ceiling and demand the agreement be terminated.

Exporting anything more dangerous than a pillow packaged in styrofoam peanuts is of course tantamount to personally carrying out genocide. So their long-term ambition is to shut down all military production, but in the short term the Lefties are putting their foot down hard — and that includes the Green Party (MP) half of the government.

It is in this context that business magazine Dagens Industri interviewed the head of the responsible committee, Secretary Reidar Ljöstad. Contrary to the Leftist posturing, the extent of the agreement is remarkably small once you look at what actually happens on a day-to-day basis. But there is one area where the alert Swedes have been quite vigilant. They have repeatedly extended invitations to gender awareness classes for the Saudis.

“They have been invited to gender awareness classes..?” the incredulous reporter asked.
“Sure, several times. There is a standing invitation,” said Ljöstad.

Yes. The government of one the most, if not THE most, patriarchical society on earth is being offered gender awareness education. The country where goats and camels enjoy higher status and protection than women.

Strangely, the Saudis have thus far declined.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Originally posted on the Sweden Report

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