When journalists rape

Edit 1 – The base of the old graph in English wasn’t in line with the years referred to so I switched to the Swedish one that Julia used in her original chronicle on Snaphanen.

A couple of weeks ago there was an incident on a ferry where a number of Somali citizens were arrested for gang raping a Swedish woman. For reasons unknown the media decided to label the perpetrators as Swedish. I wrote a straightforward post on the matter but I was still a tad confused as to why the nationality of the perpetrators was omitted. A couple of hours later I stumbled upon this chronicle written by a journalist and author who writes under the pen name Julia Caesar. She has now given me the green light to translate it and publish it on Swedish Surveyor. At risk of sounding sexist I doubt a man could have written a text of this calibre and on this topic. I know I couldn’t.


When journalists rape

The gang rape of a 45-year old woman on the Viking Line Finland Ferry Amorella was followed by yet another rape. Journalists raped the truth and the Swedish public by lying about the ethnicity of the criminals. The 8 suspected perpetrators were alleged Swedes, despite seven being Somali citizens and one being Iraqi.

The 4 suspected criminals that have been arrested are all Somali citizens and Muslims. None have Swedish citizenship. But in the media they were called ”Swedish” in big fat headlines. The Swedish media once again revealed its unscrupulous agenda when it comes to violent criminal immigrants. The perpetrators are protected, the victims are completely disregarded.

Five times more normal that immigrants rape

In a sane society citizens have a right to information regarding who commits exceptionally violent crimes so as to make an educated call regarding the risks they are exposing themselves to. How are Swedish women and young girls supposed to protect themselves against rape if they don’t find out that immigrants are overrepresented five times over? The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention revealed that in their report 2005:17. It is now 10 years old and relies on numbers that are 15-20 years old.

For political reasons no later report has come in. All of public Sweden, including the media and state authorities, are in agreement to silence everything that shows the destructive consequences of mass immigration, Islamization and multiculturalism

Journalists protect serious criminals

Sweden is not a healthy society but a very sick society. The lies fester and permeate more and more sectors of society. Politicians commit the worst rape. The group rape on M/S Amorella is a direct result of the mass immigration to Sweden from Muslim countries and primitive honour cultures that has been going on for decades. The mass immigration policies have amongst other things resulted in our country topping the list of reported rapes in Europe and incessantly leads to more and horrible brutal rapes of Swedish women.

fullbordade_valdtakter_1975-2014“Completed Rapes”

Reported Crimes 1975-2014″

“Data Source: The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention

Tens of thousands of women are sacrificed every year on the altar of multiculturalism. Politicians disregard the victims. The silence reveals their indifference to their own people’s safety. No Swedish government has ever cared about attempting to curtail the rape rates in the only way that could give a noticeable result: minimizing immigration from Muslim countries. To place Swedish women’s security and safety above mass immigration is, of course, racism.

”Funky mood with an international touch”

Are you feeling up for a relaxing day cruise on the Baltic Sea? A little ”funky mood” with an ”international touch”? This is how the ship-owner Viking Line writes on their website:

”M/S Amorella is our daily cruiser that chugs back and forwards to Åbo, every night from Stockholm. You can count on a funky mood with an international touch, good food, an abundance of tax-free bargains, comfortable spa-treatments and Swedish dance bands, every Friday and Saturday in the nightclub”

Eva, 45 (assumed name) was one of those who bought a ticket on Amorella’s Cruise to Åbo the 30th of January 2015. Maybe she felt like a relaxing day cruise. But the trip ended in an unexpected fashion. She was lured into a cabin and was subjected to a gang rape by seven Somalis and one Iraqi.

Four out of five have Somali citizenship

Pettersson’s blog publishes the name of the five suspected perpetrators who have been arrested, three in Finland and one in Sweden.

  • Abdullahi Barre Barre, born 1992, Sundbyberg. Somali citizen.
  • Ahmed Nur Abdurahman Ahmed, born 1991, Hässelby. Somali citizen. Previously convicted for several property offences.
  • Abdullahi Ahmed Jama, born 1991, Spånga. Somali citizen.
  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdi, born 1990 in Mogadishu, Somalia. Somali citizen.
  • Bjar Mhamad Shakir, born 1987 in Arbil, Iraq. Swedish citizen but may also have Iraqi citizenship. Previously arrested for several crimes such as narcotics crimes, joyriding, theft, assault, robbery, etc.

4 of the 8 suspected rapists have been detained. All are Somali Muslims and have Somali citizenship. Four have been released, amongst them the Iraqi Bjar Mhamad Shakir, but they are still being suspected of the crime.

For the time being the four individuals that have been released are under suspicion, but I can’t go into detail of what that those suspicions consist of because the preliminary investigation is still underway.” – says prosecutor Elisabeth Brandt.

The entire media calls the perpetrators ”Swedish”

The gang rape of 45-year old Eva is followed by yet another rape. Journalists raping the truth and the Swedish people. Swedish journalists see it as their duty to protect violent criminals by deceiving the public with regards to their ethnicity. They habitually omit facts and thus actively contribute to the rape of girls and women.

The weekend entails a news drought and undermanned newsrooms. In that situation a gang rape is more than welcome. The entire Swedish media quickly posts big headlines:

Several Swedish men suspected of rape on Finland Ferry (Dagens Nyheter)

Six Swedish men raped woman in cabin (Aftonbladet)

Six Swedes arrested for rape on ferry (Expressen)

Eight Swedes suspected for ferry gang rape (TT)

All reporting stems from TT (The Newspapers’ Telegram Bureau), which the entire Swedish media subscribes to. Even in the Finnish media the suspects are called Swedes, like in this quote taken from Helsingfors Dagblad:

”According to Ekot the investigation will be transferred to Sweden, because all the men were Swedes.”

But the information comes from SR Ekot in Sweden.

Somali and Iraqi citizens are called ”Swedes”

The radio, State-owned Swedish Television (SVT), all the big newspapers and every little podunk paper screams out that Swedes have committed a gang rape on a Finland Ferry. The bells didn’t even ring in the newspaper offices when it turned out that the men needed a Somali interpreter during the detention in the Finnish district court. The majority of the public who solely consume mainstream media naturally get the impression that their countrymen have committed this horrendous crime.

Why do the journalists consciously lie to the Swedish people? They do it to push their own sick agenda and hammer in the notion that Swedish men are full-blooded racists, Nazis, barbarians and brutal gang rapists.

Above all it’s about Swedish journalist having sworn to protect immigrant criminals under any and all circumstances. Not a single suspected hair may ever be touched on an immigrant’s head. The really bizarre thing is that journalists in the mendacious Swedish media beat themselves on the chest and think they are doing something good and admirable. They imagine that with their lies they will counteract racism and xenophobia.

How can they hate the Swedish people so?

I try to explain the medias lies to a Swedish friend who has lived abroad for many years.

Why do they do this? How can they hate the Swedish people so much that they lie to this extent? They are Swedes themselves? She says.

I try to explain again. The Swedish seed of self-hatred planted years ago. How journalists look down on normal Swedes and think they are better than them and that they can therefore hate all other Swedes without including themselves in the hatred.

Their schadenfreude – exhilaration – when Swedes have committed a crime.

Mechanisms completely without logic

I’m a journalist. I know the talk in the newsrooms. The cynicism. The arrogance. The raw jokes. The superiority. The power trip. The hate that is spewed on everyone and anyone who is perceived as differing from you and your norms. The reluctance to admit that you’re at fault. Journalists never make mistakes. They have a thousand excuses to write as they do. Journalists are always right. They always know best and for the stupid peasantry they have only disdain.

I give up trying to explain. I don’t understand either how journalists with their blatant lies can smear a whole people – their own people. It’s best described as mechanisms completely without logic. Mechanisms that verge on insanity.

Raped and beaten by four Somalis

lindaThe media has used the same tactic that was used to protect the gang rapists on M/S Amorella every single time that immigrants have committed a rape or gang rape. On new years eve 2004 Jenny Lémon, 24, was assaulted with a baton and subjected to a very brutal rape in Gothenburg by four Somalis; Omar Mohamed Omar, Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud, Abdulgadir Mohamed Khalif and Mursal Abdullahi.

Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud, born 1987, kicks her several times in the groin. Jenny Lémon is seriously injured and has to undergo several operations. A friend of hers, Linda, is also severely injured. All except Omar Mohamed Omar are prosecuted but receive very mild punishments.

Aftonbladet set their well-oiled lying apparatus in motion

Aftonbladet set their well-oiled lying apparatus in motion and called the perpetrators ”Swedish”, illustrating with silhouettes typical European profiles. The reader was supposed to believe that the Somali perpetrators were ethnic Swedes. Even Expressen bluffed with regards to the ethnicity of the perpetrators.


Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud changed name to Lamin Abdikarim Ali but didn’t change appearance. In November 2010 he broke into an 84-year old ladies address on Sturegatan in Falun and raped her several times. In Expressen, the man’s lawyer informed us that his client ”felt really bad”.

”Just being aware that he could be guilty of that which he is being accused of makes him feel really bad”

How the 84-year old woman felt after having been robbed and raped repeatedly was not something the journalists were interested in.

Between the rapes of Jenny Lémon, 2004, and the 84-year old woman in Falun 2010, Lamin Abdikarim Ali committed several brutal crimes. Despite the medias protection he was in July 2011, finally sentenced to a noticeable penalty. Svea Court of Appeals sentenced him to 9 years in jail.

Double error and completely morally f***ed up

Journalists defend themselves by saying that they follow the ethical guidelines of the press.

According to the rules a criminal’s ethnicity should only be disclosed if it is ”relevant in the context”. Criminal’s ethnical origin or nationality should not be disclosed if it ”lacks meaning in the context and is disrespectful”. According to the documented understanding of Swedish journalists ethnicity is never relevant – with one exception: if the perpetrator is Swedish. Then the ethnicity suddenly becomes so important that you throw the ethical rules out the window and scream out the Swedish ethnicity in fat headlines.

Even if it had been true that the rapists on Amorella were Swedish the journalists clearly broke the press-ethical rules by stating the Swedish ethnicity. Double error and completely morally f***ed up.

Tried to make them Swedish citizens.

The media works in a different reality than just a few years ago. The truth slips out quickly via the Internet and the social media. Soon the correct information regarding the gang rapists on Amorella were out on the web. Then the media switched to another dishonest strategy.

Dan Malmqvist writes in Nya Tider:

When Richard Aschberg and Victor Stenquist published their article in Aftonbladet it had already been disclosed in social media that the perpetrators were Somali. It is hard to not suspect that they were attempting ”damage control” when both writers instead starting accentuating the men’s alleged Swedish citizenship. They went so far as to falsifying what the authorities had told them”

Words are placed in the prosecutor’s mouth

About the prosecutor Elisabeth Brandt Aftonbladet writes.

”She is now going to request that the errand is investigated in Sweden due to the victim and the suspected perpetrators being Swedish citizens”

”Yeah well, that’s something Aftonbladet will have to stand for then” comments prosecutor Brandt when Nya Tider asks if she really said that.

 NyT: You don’t recognize that you said that?

”No, what I said was in that case that they had their residence in Sweden”

When the media eventually realize that the rapists are Somalis the news quickly disappears.

Where are the prominent feminists?

African immigrants grossly defile a Swedish woman. Who stands up for her? Where are the prominent feminists? Where are they hiding, all the loud-mouthed champions of women’s rights and freedoms?


Where is the Feminist Initiatives party leader Gudrun Schyman? Where is the rape expert Katarina Wennstam? Where are the super-feminists Maria Sveland and Athena Farrokhzad? Former Minister of Equality Maria Arnholm (fp)? Where is Margot Wallström (s)?

It’s as silent as the grave. No silence echoes as loudly as the silence of feminists when immigrants rape Swedish women.

Margot Wallström cries for raped women

The 10th of October 2010 Margot Wallström cries in State-owned Swedish Television (SVT). It is a Sunday, and the program isMargot-Wallström-gråter-över-våldtagna-kvinnor-i-Kongo-2010 called Agenda.

Margot Wallström was at this time and until June 2012 the UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon’s special representative in questions that revolve around sexual violence in conflicts. She has met raped women in Congo, and she is crying for them in a reportage by SVT very own Marika Griehsel.

Margot Wallström bursts into tears but pulls herself together and says

Now it’s time to wipe the tears. It’s time we act.”

”We have broken the longest silence in history”

In a big article in Dagens Industri Weekend on the 4th of February 2011 Margot Wallström gets asked whether or not Ban Ki-moon is a feminist.

”Yes, if he hasn’t been then he is on his way to becoming one.”

When she is asked if it is possible to stop the sexual violence in war and conflicts she responds:

Of course it is!”

”These aren’t crimes that should be followed by impunity and amnesty. There must not be amnesty for these perpetrators. The United Nations shall make sure that all doors are closed for them. We won’t allow a career for rapists. They should know that we will follow them and they will be punished in accordance with international law!”

She draws a parallel with the Nurnberg trials and how the rape are regarded as “unspeakable” and says:

”We have broken the longest silence in history”

”That sounds completely crazy”rafibahaduri_179652225

When Margot Wallström was interviewed in DI Weekend approximately six years have passed since the brutal gang rape of Jenny Lémon in Gothenburg. Later in the same year as the interview is published, 2011, eight asylum-seeking Afghanis will rape a 29-year old mother in an asylum home in Mariannelund. It is the most brutal gang rape in Sweden’s history. Seven of them are sentenced to a jail sentence of 4,5 and 6.5 years. Six of them are deported from Sweden for a 15-year period.

Four years later the 45-year old Eva on M/S Amorella will be gang raped by Somali citizens.

When Granskning Sverige in March, 2014, call up Margot Wallström and confront her with the Swedish rape statistics from a report compiled by the UN-organ UNODC from 2010 she laughs and says:

”That sounds completely crazy. I don’t know where you got those numbers from” (approximately 10 minutes in)

A feminist foreign policy does not include Swedish women

Today Margot Wallström is the Foreign Minister in Stefan Löfvens red-green government and she has declared that she intends to set a ”feminist foreign policy”. If someone were to ask her what she plans on doing about the 6000 women who are raped in Sweden every year (The unreported number is estimated to be 10 times higher, in other words 60 000 according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) she would probably put on a confused face. When she finally manages to pull herself together she would probably say that the feminist foreign policy does not include Swedish women.

Then she would say that she as a minister cannot express herself on individual questions. In that case the entire government must think the same way. Seeing as Stefan Löfvens government and all other Swedish governments in the past are agreed on one thing: that it is completely o.k. to sacrifice tens of thousands of women every year for multiculturalism we can assume Wallström thinks its o.k. too.

Her last trump card would be to point out that the tear-dripping assignment with regards to raped women in Congo concerns rape in war and conflict. And Sweden is a peaceful country.

Sweden is no longer a peaceful country

That is precisely where the cookie crumbles. Sweden was once a peaceful country but it is not a peaceful country any longer. Sweden is a country whose citizens have been pushed into war by politicians who have allowed mass immigration from the worlds most underdeveloped and violent countries and cultures. Politicians rape their own people through a yearly mass import of tens of thousands of Muslim men with a backwards view on women.

After 45 years of mass immigration nobody can claim that immigrants from the Middle East or Africa are like us or pretend to believe that they become like us the second their feet touch Swedish soil. There is an abundance of evidence pointing in the other direction. In Muslim culture it is legitimate to rape a woman if she doesn’t cover herself up. In Muslim culture a mans honour rests between a woman’s loins, and a mans sexuality is a woman’s responsibility. Both to satisfy (intramarital) and to guard against (extramarital)

All cultures are equal, even those that rape and murder

In cultural relativist Sweden it is forbidden to consider any culture to be better than another. All cultures are alleged to be equally good, even those who oppress, female genital mutilate, rape, and beat their women and murder their own children. Primitive and primeval cultures are glorified as ”exotic” and ”exciting”, and immigrants are encouraged to keep them and live them out on Swedish soil. How are Swedish women supposed to protect themselves if they don’t get correct information but are instead spoon-fed perfidious propaganda about the blessings of multiculturalism and everyone’s equal value?

That is why Swedish women are raped

Consequently uninformed Swedish girls and women get their lives ruined when their souls and genitals are torn apart via brutal rapes, committed by immigrants who think they have all the right in the world to violate unveiled women.

That is why Jenny Lémon was raped by four Somalis (Muslims) in Gothenburg.

That is why an 84-year old woman in Falun was raped by a Somali Muslim.

That is why a 29-year old mother was raped by eight Afghans (Muslims) in Mariannelund.

That is why a 45-year old Eva was raped by seven Somalis (Muslims) on-board the M/S Amorella.

That is why Swedish girls and women will continue to be raped by imported Muslims for the foreseeable future.

There is one word for these notorious unscrupulous liars, politicians and journalists alike, who bear the responsibility for this war on the Swedish people.


28 thoughts on “When journalists rape”

  1. Thank you for translating this very powerful and well written article by Julius Ceasar. Those of us who do not speak Swedish, must rely on individuals like you to inform us about what is happening in your country. Yet, I now frequent some news sites that write in English about Sweden and concerns of other Scandinavian nations.

    Certainly bad immigration policies, corrupt politicians and dishonest journalists are serious factors in the destruction of the Swedish people, but I see much more going on here. Within this year I plan to present my arguments as to why the native people of Sweden are being raped in more ways than one. The women of Sweden should have international support as stories of their brutal defilements spread. Shame on the Swedish government for not taking these cases seriously! Shame on the Swedish press for lying to their own people about the nature of these crimes! Their efforts to smear the fine men of native Swedish ethnicity as the usual culprits is truly disgusting! Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of Sweden’s sorrows and a dry run for a malignancy that is sure to spread throughout the Western world.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “where are the prominent Swedish feminists?”

    When you understand that feminism has NOTHING to do with protecting women and girls from (real) rape, and EVERYTHING to do with ugly middle-aged puritanical women removing sexual competition, it all becomes clear.

    White middle-class middle-aged feminists agenda is to stop white males having sex with sexually available young white females. This is motivated solely out of jealousy and bitterness. ‘Rape hysteria’ is about discouraging.sexually available young white females from having sex with white males. Their aim is not to stop violent rape, but to inflate the definition of rape and sexual abuse in order to regulate the free sexual market. To stop white men having sex, and to inflate their own pitiful sexual market value. This is why the violent gang rape of young Swedish girls by Somali men is of no interest to them (in fact, I’m sure they secretly get some evil satisfaction from these incidents), and why instead they devote all their efforts to defining willing sex as ‘rape’ or ‘abuse’.

    Most feminists would support the Islamic honour system (and they do implicitly by their silence on Islam), as such a system is actually good for older hags like them.


  3. No, the reason these Swedish women are being raped is not because they are unveiled. They are being raped because they are white, and they are perceived by the nonwhite men –who are also far more aggressive, ethnocentric racist and male chauvinist than Whites are — to be free loot in a society of feminized, brainwashed, weak men who have given up both dominance and protection of their women. They are being raped also as a sign of contempt for the insane white host society, mad enough to elevate its nonwhite wolves to a position of respect and “equity,” and even to import them by the millions, as the UK, Sweden and the rest of Europe have done.

    Consider this typical headline, for instance, in USA Today: “Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: ‘Staggering disparity’” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/11/18/ferguson-black-arrest-rates/19043207/. The headline should have read instead, “Racial gap in U.S. violent crimes: ‘Staggering disparity.’” Or worse yet, “White America Does The Crime, Black America Gets The Time” in the Swedish-like Huffington Post.

    Then consider that if one takes the time to analyze FBI crime statistics — still, in the United States alone, broken down by race — it becomes apparent that American Blacks murder at seven times the rate of other races, and rob at eight times the rate. As to forcible rape, FBI statistics show that of reported 14,611 cases in 2011, 65% were by “whites” and 32.9% by blacks http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/table-43. Since whites are 66% of the population and blacks are 13%, that alone would show a propensity to rape two and a half times as large among Blacks as it is among Whites — but even that is a gross understatement and a result of manipulated statistics.

    The “white” category includes “Hispanics’ — and anyone who reads any local press in the United States knows the inordinately high number of rapes that are committed by the “Hispanic” imports, primarily the illegal ones. If the “Hispanics” were counted separately, the disparity of rape rates between Blacks and Whites would be at least double or triple the 2.5x showing now.

    Until we perceive that this is one worldwide problem identical in all White countries, until we stop pretending that this a problem of Islam rather than a problem of sabotage of all White societies by their ruling elites that leads to their Eloization under domestic or imported Morlocks, no solution can possibly be found.

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  4. Another somali gang rape, a few days ago in Finland. Five youngsters, 15-18 years age, were arrested, this link is originally on finnish language, I translate by Google, not perfect but understandable anyway: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fi&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fpaavotajukangas.com%2F2015%2F03%2F12%2Ftapanilan-raiskaajat%2F&edit-text=

    Original link: http://paavotajukangas.com/2015/03/12/tapanilan-raiskaajat/

    Pictures of the gang raping somalis, plus a mother, crying and shouting in court room, had to be brought out by police:

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    1. In Sweden gang-rapes are a relatively frequent phenomenon now so people are unphased. The same thing goes for the court bombing in Malmö, the shooting in Gothenburg, IS recruitment etc.

      Has this normalisation occurred in Finland as well or did the case you are referring to cause an outcry?


      1. Gang rapes are not common in Finland, but when they happen, muslims are over-represented as the perpetrators (as they are in “normal rapes” as well).

        Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland, is notorious for hiding out the ethnic details of rape incidents and street robbings, if the suspects are “visible immigrants”. However, if an ethnic Finn commits a crime that is usually associated to immigrants, they will make it loud and clear that the criminal is a home-brewed Finn. Two of the biggest tabloids, Ilta-Sanomat and Iltalehti, are less politically correct though.

        As for your question about a public outcry, I haven’t seen any. There were some rumblings on internet forums and social media but that’s it. Most people seem to avoid confronting such issues, as they are supposed to not think negatively about immigrants. Also, we have far less immigrants than Sweden, so it’s easy to avoid seeing the negative effects of immigration.


  5. Growing up I always thought of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden in particular, as shining beacons of tollorence and liberty. Having recently discoverd all these terrible statistics and articles about mass immigration and rape in Sweden it’s truly saddening to see such a great county being so abused and exploited, in the most part by it’s own political elite. Guaranteed none of these politicians and journalist who seem to love immigration and multiculturalism so much actually live in any of these dangerous immigrant ghettos. The high levels of violent rape are a clear indication of the lack of respect and total contempt these muslim immigrants have for our culture, values and women. What did people think was going to happen when they imported hundreds of thousands of people from cultures which do not respect women or the democratic process? That just by being in a western liberal country their whole world view would change? Historians will look back in 100 years to Europe now and view it in the same way we view the cultural revolution in China, a poorly planned, badly executed feat of social engineering that resulted in the destruction of a culture and the subjegation off a people by politicians hell bent on creating a utopia. Utopian thinking always seems to result in the opposite when it’s put into practice though. I hope Sweden can make the most of this terrible situation and stop with all the immigration before it goes bankrupt or the ethic swedes are forced to vote for an actual racist far right party just to stop the leftist madness.

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