The confessions of a Swedish journalist

anne-charlotteAnn-Charlotte Marteus, a journalist for the tabloid newspaper Expressen, has in this recent article confessed that she helped build the so-called “opinion corridor” that has stifled constructive and intellectual debate on immigration whilst simultaneously ostracizing and branding innocent Swedes as racists and xenophobes.

For years Swedes have to no avail been fretting and warning about the consequences of the countries extreme and unsustainable immigration policies. Economists such as Tino Sanandaji are routinely dismissed and disregarded thanks to journalists such as Ann-Charlotte Marteus. In one of her latest articles she explains how she for the past 13 years has helped mould and shape the infected political climate which prevails today.

[…] The assignment for me as a hallway worker was two-fold. First and foremost to warn about the Sweden Democrats and yell at all the hillbillies that were considering voting for the party. Secondly, to demolish anyone using terms that could normalise the Sweden Democrats rhetoric; attack every son of a bitch who used words or facts that could be interpreted as racism or semi-racism. Or a precursor to semi-racism.

That included any any and all texts that questioned Swedens ability to handle large-scale immigration in a short period of time. I didn’t sort those types of texts under “labour market”, “housing”, “welfare”, or “education” i.e. politics. I sorted them under moral crimes such as: “racism”, “egoism”, “evil”.

Under my time in the corridor I received a lot of racist e-mails but then other e-mails started coming. Sad, concerned messages from decent people. One was especially touching. It was low-key: “Ann-Charlotte, if I am afraid that the immigration policy doesn’t work but I don’t want to vote for the Sweden Democrats, what should I do? Who should I vote for? Please, answer.”

I didn’t answer. Discussing with someone who went around thinking about volumes was taboo. […]

Ann-Charlotte is one of the few who has come clean and kudos to her for doing so. The damage has unfortunately been done. If you aren’t Swedish you probably can’t comprehend how infected the immigration debate is and how treacherous many of the journalists have been. Pushing their own agenda and beliefs under the false guise of objectivity whilst simultaneously crushing any and all opposition. They will have to live with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives.

To truly understand their devastating impact I sincerely recommend reading the open letter below which is adressed to Ann-Charlotte. It was written by Chang Frick, a journalist who helped found the popular news-site Nyheter Idag.


Dear Ann-Charlotte,

You chose to speak out regarding how you helped build the opinion corridor. I understand that it is unavoidable, it is no longer possible to make a career that way. It is simply to thin and crowded. People have long ago demanded something else. But you won’t be let off the hook that easily.

There are those who have been affected by the opinion corridor. I am one of them. I was officially labelled a lesser human being, not for the opinions I host, but because I could no longer stay in the Moderates and decided to join the Sweden Democrats. This was before 2010, and even then I experienced that there was no space for me and liberal-conservative ideas. Or maybe I should say libertarian ideas. I have commited the criminal action of previously being a member of that political party. The political party that now has 19%, if the latest opinion poll is to be believed.

I’m guessing that there are a couple of things that make the two of us different. One of those things is that you probably haven’t had a refugee family living with you. Mother, father, and child in a small crowded apartment. I have, they were from Iraq. I don’t think that you, or your colleagues, have used the last of your money to help a refugee. I have, when I was in the army.

I don’t think you have ever socialized with people who live in Rosengård or other outsidership-zones on a daily basis. I have, I live in one of those areas right now, I don’t think you do. I don’t think you have been beaten up or bullied in your youth for having the wrong parents. I have, mom is a Jewess from Poland and dad was a Swedish gipsy.

But I know one thing that you have done. You have labelled people like me as racists. We are the angry, young, men who aren’t given any room to express ourselves, because you want that spot. You and your colleagues. You who love for the career. Nothing has changed either, on a daily basis I hear that I am a lesser human being. A racist. And you, you still prioritize your career.

When I was labelled a racist it wasn’t for anything I said or did. It was solely for not seeing any other option than leaving the Moderates for SD even though I knew they were imperfect. But I couldn’t be a hypocrite, not like you and your colleagues. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t stand feeling dirty. Thats why I left the warmth.

I’ve had stones thrown at me through car windows and death threats sprayed in my stairwell. I’ve been kicked and hit at public square meetings, right in front of your journalist colleagues who chose to look the other way. I saw that they were ashamed, but they didn’t dare write about what happened. Not then.

It’s gone so far that I’ve become accustomed to being called a racist. It’s almost starting to become a compliment, a receipt that you haven’t sold yourself to the idiocy. That you dare stand for something. That you care about something other than the surface and the career.

The opinion corridor is the most Swedish thing we have. Sweden is a cold country where you don’t talk to your neighbour, where we are quiet on the subway. A country where one distances oneself and condemns those who are different. But on the surface, we are bloody perfect. Fake smiles, artists against nazis and a humanitarian superpower. I couldn’t stand being tolerant, the only thing you can talk about. Tolerance, values and other intellectual prostitution.

People like you want to open this countries borders. People like you don’t have to face the reality I have had to face. I have tried so many fucking times to help that kid from Afghanistan, or those from Iraq who were highly educated and should have gotten a job from day one in this country. But what they got was welfare and they got used to it. Now they don’t know know anything else and live in a neighbourhood where 50% vote socialist.

It’s this system you’ve defended. More projects, more tax money, more welfare. All the while distancing yourself from the trash. People get angry because their tax money goes to this circus, just so you can feel benevolent. And you call yourselves liberals.

Thats why I started writing. Because of people like you. We have a thread on the forum Flashback where every news about the medias inevitable demise is posted. Every reader I manage to steal from you is a victory. Thats how we liberals work, we outcompete you. In the political and medial arena, you have gotta go. Far away.

And we are about to succeed. That is why you wrote like you did.

P.S. Sorry about the harsh tone, but it isn’t exactly like the label I’ve gotten from people like you will disappear tommorow. Nor will I or the the 100,000’s affected get an apology or any form of justification. Or am I wrong?


Chang Frick is correct. Day-by-day the established newspapers are dying a slow death despite the government blowing artificial life into them. People simply don’t wish to buy them and turn to alternative-news sites instead. The eroded trust became clear in a recent opinion poll.

Only 11% trusted Expressen, the newspaper Ann-Charlotte works at. The others were not far behind.


A wise man once said:

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

Malcolm X (1925-1965)


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