Green Party coerced a black woman into becoming a multicultural mascot


In a recent article Expressen reveals that a black woman is choosing to sue her former employer, the Green Party. According to her accounts she was coerced into showing off her “multicultural appearance”.

The woman worked for just under a year as the current Vice PM:s secretary and advisor during the election campaign. Post-election she was offered a job as press secretary but was deemed a security risk due to her having debts of 22,000 USD meanwhile the Minister of Urban Housing, Mehmet Kaplan, was given the green light despite being labelled an Islamist.

Now she has decided to sue the government for 61,000 USD.

She claims that they knew about her debts previously and that she has been discriminated against due to her skin color, sex, and origin. Expressen have published parts of the law suit and it says the woman was supposed to show off her “multicultural appearance”.

“XX felt violated because she was asked to contact men of African origin, but to accommodate the party she did as they asked. Her superiors and party colleagues didn’t have a very big network of people from different ethnicities” – extract from the lawsuit

The Green Party is one of the most extreme political parties in Sweden. They advocate open borders and are fierce advocates of third-wave feminism verging on misandrism. This became clear during the election campaign when the current Vice PM, Åsa Romson, held this speech which has been dubbed:

“We in the Green Party hate white Swedish men”


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