Sweden Gets a Homeopathic ER

Odd story which regards Swedens first homeopathic emergency room.

SVT have also written a short piece and there are three points which I reckon are worth bringing up:

  • The new emergency room is entirely private and does not recieve government support.
  • Healthcare personell with a medical degree may only handle homeopathic remedies in extreme exceptions according to the National Board of Health and Welfare.
  • By Swedish law a healthcare method needs to be safe and actually work.

Debunking Denialism

Homeopathic ER

Millions of people have seen the “That Mitchell and Webb Look” video where comedians enact the absurdities of what it would be like at a homeopathic ER. A man with suspected internal injuries is rolled into accidents and emergency department and given extremely diluted substance. However, did you know that Sweden got its first homeopathic ER just a couple of months ago?

It is part of the Salve Health Center situated at the Maria Square in central Stockholm and it opened its doors in early January of this year. Behind the initiative stands three women: Carita Bramstedt, Päivi Barsk and Viveca Wilhelmsson. All of them either run their own homeopathic practices or “education” programs in homeopathy. In this post, we will look at who these people are and their goals, science-based objections to both their individuals claims and the homeopathic ER, their responses to criticisms and recent events.

Who are…

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6 thoughts on “Sweden Gets a Homeopathic ER”

  1. Fredrik, you disapoint me very much. I liked your intervju on redice. But when it comes to homeopathy i can clarly see that you have NO knowledge, and yet you wright so much. That is not a very wise thing to do. But you are also very young and we can´t expect you to knoww everything, Right?


  2. The elite has a newspaper called “The Economist”. At one time they recommended the best homeopath. How come? If it doesnt work? Maybe they know more than you do on this topic, perhaps?


    1. http://www.economist.com/blogs/schumpeter/2014/03/homeopathy





      The conclusion that -The Economist- draws in all those articles is that it has not been proven in any serious scientific study that homeopathy works but the reason some people swear by it is the placebo effect.


  3. By the way, that Academy Viveka Wilhelmsson is the teacher for is the BEST there is in Sweden. She has studied under a world famous Greek Homeopath, George Vithoulkas who got the Alternative Nobelprice in 1996. But even before that she was a skilled homepath. She is running George Vithoulkas Internationel school here in Sweden, and it is his education material, tests and everything. When it comes to money, that course is several hundred thousand Swedish kronas cheaper than others for the same level of education.. I went to that school for one year in 1996 and it was just great. Very cheap compared to others and very high standard on the education. You don´t simply know what you are talking about. Homeopathy is medicin for the new millenium. To critizise it as you do is backwards. Either you are with or against humanity, and I think you Fredrik know what I am talking about. I think you are fake against many things, including migration, right?


    1. I don’t doubt that you, Viveka Wilhelmsson, and George Vithoulkas truly believe that homeopathy works. It wouldn’t surprise me if homeopaths are much better at talking to their patients and instilling a sense of trust as opposed to doctors who tend to be stressed and impersonal.

      Personally, I don’t believe that they work judging from what has been written on the subject but I don’t mind that people choose to go to homeopaths because they don’t take up the limited amount of spaces available at hospitals and perhaps the placebo effect works for them.

      If, on the other hand, taxpayers had to sponsor homeopathic remedies I would be highly critical but as it is now, Swedish citizens are able to spend their money on alternative cures that they believe in. Fine by me, even though I personally wouldn’t do so and if you truly believe in it then whats the problem? Your survival chance would then be much higher than mine.

      Regarding migration, I don’t see how it is relevant to this subject but if you must know I would prefer an Australian-type point system where Sweden only takes in the labour which is in demand thus guaranteeing we are not importing unemployed people which strain the welfare system.


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