Pegida in Sweden

Originally posted on THE SWEDEN REPORT:


It is said one picture is worth a thousand words. This picture was taken by the No Pegida-movement at the first Pegida rally in Sweden held last night in Malmö.

The couple dozen standing peacefully in the middle are the actual Pegida-people demonstrating against sharia laws in Europe.

The 4000 standing around them hurling insults, firecrackers and other objects being forcefully held back by the police to prevent them from ripping the Pegida-demonstrators to bits are the “good guys”.

According to the media and the government, it is the handful in the middle that are a tremendous threat to people surrounding them as well as the fabric of society itself.

Note the pink Feminist Party-banner (FI) where self-proclaimed women’s rights activists are thus demonstrating in favor of sharia laws.

The St Petri church next to the event participated in the anti-pegida, pro-sharia protest by ringing the church bells with the explicit intent to disrupt the Pegida-speakers.

3 thoughts on “Pegida in Sweden”

  1. So Feminists want Sharia? Spiritually blind and intellectually brain dead, beyond the initial hooks of equal pay for equal work, respect, human dignity and human rights, Feminism is about hatred for humanity through destruction of the female. The story that Eve was the first to be deceived in the Garden of Eden shows much merit through the antics of Feminist doctrine.


  2. The political party Feminist Initiative was founded and is run by Gudrun Schyman who was a member of the Left Party until 2004, formerly known as the Left-Party Communists.

    Feminist Initiative is a socialist party although they are more openly man-hating than the Social-Democrats, Green Party and the Left Party.

    They ally themselves with different marxist and radical left-wing groups who go under the slogans of “anti-racism” and “anti-fascism”. The same banners and slogans Islamists choose to hide behind in Sweden.

    On the Feminsit Initiatives website, with regards to anti-racism, there are some quotes which are quiet telling.

    “We question that Swedishness is based on a white, western, christian heritage” and “Stop the cultural racism. The current racism is often based on alleged cultural differences”

    With regards to their immigration policy:

    “The earth belongs to us all. We have a vision of a free world without borders. Feminist Iniative thinks its everyones right to travel and seek a worthier life in another country.”

    Need I say more?

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  3. It is funny how all these leftist parties like Feminist Initiative have adopted an ultra liberal stance on migration that is in accord with the aims of the global corporate elite. This elite have a ‘vision of a free world without borders’ where the capitalists can import cheap labour from the Third World, thus undermining trade unions and inhibiting wage growth.


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