New legislation will force all municipalities to accomodate asylum seekers

After the prognosis regarding upwards 100 000 asylum seekers coming to Sweden this year immigration and integration has become a smoking hot question seeing as the current volumes will entail crippling costs and Swedes becoming a minority in several villages and towns that they have lived in their whole lives such as in Kall.

One woman may come to change things forever.

She began her career as a parliamentarian with VPK (Left Party Communists) but switched allegiance to the somewhat less radical Social(ist)-Democrats and has been Minister of Schooling 1994-1998, Minister of Healthcare and Pensions in 2004-2006 and is now trying her luck as Minister of Integration 2014-2018.

Her name is Ylva Johansson and she is currently preparing a number of proposals which will be revealed in the spring. The details aren’t entirely clear but they will enable “new-arrivals” (see #8 in this PC-dictionary) to obtain taxpayer funded accomodation and jobs faster.

ylvaIf Sweden is going to cope with the big undertaking that we are now faced with we must distribute evenly between the municipalities – Ylva Johansson, Minister of Integration

Lars Stjernkvist (S) and Gunnar Hedbergs (M) are politicians who are drawing up another proposal which entails forcing every single one of the countrys 290 municipalities to build up preperations so as to take on asylum seekers and prepare accomodation, schooling and Swedish education for them.

Ylva has called their proposal “interesting” but she has been firm on one point; all the municipalities will be forced to take on refugees, including the rich ones which have thus far avoided taking responsibility.

Asylum seekers live on welfare for an average of 6-8 years prior to becoming employed

Ylva wants to lower the average to 2 years but strongly dislikes the neo-liberal parties proposal regarding lower wages and would rather manipulate the market and inflate wages with taxpayer kronor.

If her proposal goes through companies who choose to employ asylum seekers will receive generous subsidies and tax breaks which, in effect, not only discriminates against all unemployed ethnic Swedes and 2nd generation immigrants but also make them pay for their own unfair treatment via taxes.

The neo-liberals are, in truth, not much better for they have choosen to support the socialists via the unholy alliance back in December. An agreement which is weathering a storm of criticism and has even been called a coup d’état by conservative French magazine Contrepoint.

The infamous December Agreement was a shock to backstabbed voters and as a consequence the Peoples Party and Christan Democrats are not looking good in opinion polls. They are at risk of getting kicked out of the parliament in the next election.

To counter the voter backlash Jan Björklund, leader of the Peoples Party, has brought forth several populistic proposals such as making residence for asylum seekers temporary instead of permanent and doling out less welfare to family members of asylum seekers. (A Somali woman with 3 children can currently receive upwards $2687 per month if she applies for all the Swedish benefits available)

Ylva strongly disagrees with Jans proposals and she seems to be unaware of the fact that only around 5% of Swedens asylum seekers are refugees by UN standards judging from her quote regarding hell below.

I am very skeptical to that. It doesn’t become easier to establish yourself in Sweden if you have to worry about your wife and child who are left back in hell.

Back in 2013 Sweden took in 20% of the EU:s asylum seekers, more than any other country in the EU, while simultaneously having a mere 2% of the EU:s total population. Unsurprisingly there is not a chance that Ylva or the government will implement sensible policies that will lead to less asylum seekers choosing Sweden.

I want the other EU-countries to to take a greater responsiblity but we cant accomplish that by making it harder or more difficult for people to come to Sweden.

Nonetheless I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would say this but I believe that Ylva Johansson might come to be Swedens best hope. My statement is no doubt controversial but here is the thing; where do the wealthy and those in power live?

Why in the very same municipalities that will be forced to accomodate a hefty portion of the 400 000 asylum seekers expected in the next 4 years thanks to Ylva Johansson proposal.

A wise man once said:

The mental blockage and severe denial that haunts the political class and the media elite probably stems from the fact that they live in ethnic white enclaves, far from the multicultural stew they cherish so much. They never wake up from gunfire in the night, nor are their cars burned. Their children go to nice schools where they never get robbed of their cell phones or hassled for being blond. When all you, personally, ever see is exotic restaurants opening down the block, it’s easy to be open-minded and all-welcoming.

The Sweden Report (?-?)


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