Denmark fears Swedens non-existant border policy


Sweden is opening its doors to people who should not enter Schengen

Such was the headline of an article in Politiken, one of Denmark’s leading newspapers. It revealed that Swedish immigration authorities are allowing people on the Schengen black list to settle down in Sweden.

For those of you who were not aware the European Union consists of no less than 28 member states who all share a border control. The border control is called the Schengen agreement and it enables people within the EU to travel freely without ID-controls. The agreement consists of a co-operation against crime and illegal immigration

One of its most important tools is a black list of people who may not enter Europe because their past crimes make them a threat to inner security and the public. The database is called, Schengen Information System (SIS).

This is all wonderful in theory but when 28 member states are meant to work together there are always weak links and in Europe one of these weak links happens to be Sweden. The immigration authorities here have decided not to comply with the list and allow people on it to remain in the country and travel freely in the EU.

Out of 100 black-listed individuals who entered Sweden last year only 2 were detained by the immigration authorities.

33 of the individuals choose to seek asylum in Sweden, a request which must be granted despite them being on the black list due to a loophole in the legislation.

One of the individuals was a Lebanese man. Danish authorities had registered him on the black list a month earlier and had deemed him to be armed and called for him to be kept outside of the Schengen area.

He decided to try his luck in Sweden and the the police asked the immigration authorities to take him into custody but instead of complying the representantive at the airport hailed a cab for the newcomer so he could, alone, go to the migration authorities to seek asylum.

The Danish Police Union have not been blind to the development and decided to write an article warning their officers of the lax Swedish mentality due to yet another extraordinary case whereas an Afghan man came on a flight from Istanbul.

He was a potential threat to security but was given a Swedish visa nonetheless.

Our politicians are simultaneously baffled as to why 1000-1500 war criminals have made Sweden home and that more ISIS-jihadists are coming from one Swedish town than the entire United States. To put things into perspective the town in question has a population of 0.5 million as opposed to the USA which has a population of 316 million.

Danish politicians understood that their counterparts were unlikely to do anything about the problems escalating due to political correctness and a blonde and blue-eyed mentality so they decided to protect their own citizens via an enforced border control to Sweden in 2011.

This legislation was not appreciated by the Swedes because it made them appear in a poor light so two leading neo-liberal Swedish politicians decided to write an article aimed at Denmark and how terribly populistic and narrow-minded they were.

The article can be found in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and is worth a read on google-translate if you would like to gain some insight into how a neo-liberal politician reasons. It calls the border control simplifying todays problem due to it entailing a more harsh attitude towards refugees, foreigners, minorities and people who have different opinions.

Olle and Hans go on to lecture the leaders of Europe and their grave need to read about history and realize that an open and united Europe is the only way to keep up with the emerging economies.

To fulfill their ideal of an “open Europe” must Sweden truly continue allowing war criminals, ISIS jihadists and people on the black list to enter the country?

entrepreneursisisIs the EU doomed to recession unless it welcomes the Islamic States jihadists?

ISIS have already observed the flaws in the Schengen Agreement and are now smuggling jihadis into Europe posing as refugees. In my humble opinion it is therefore high time for Sweden to reform its border policies even if that entails that our politicians have to suck up their pride and do what is in the best interest of their own constituents… for once.

A wise (?) man once said

A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation

– Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)


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