Eight Swedes (?) detained for gang rape on ferry

Eight Somali men have been detained for gang raping a Swedish woman on a ferry but politically correct newspapers paint a very different picture as you can see below and in, the Local, Swedens news in English.

ALL mainstream newspapers, which the majority of Swedens population obtain their information from, lied or collectively avoided doing their jobs i.e. reporting the truth and double checking facts.

For example:

  • DN – Katarina Lagerwall
  • Aftonbladet – Eric Tagesson, Julia Wågenberg and Martin Schori
  • Expressen – Kim Malmgren
  • Metro – Thomas Lundin
  • Responsible journalists with TT.
  • The Local – Maddy Savage
  • Editors of the magazines and newspapers in question

Seeing as the forementioned individuals decide to throw their journalistic integrity out the window and smear an entire people based on their own prejudices I am going to do the same and generalize about them as a group by stating the following:

“Journalists” responsible will no doubt claim that they are completely devoid of blame.

aftonbladetsomaliSix Swedish men raped woman in cabin

 expressensvenskarSix Swedes detained for rape on ferry


Several Swedish men suspected of rape on Finland ferry


 Six Swedes detained for rape on Finland ferry

Relatively soon thereafter individuals who had been on the ferry demented the medias picture and wrote on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

johanthyrell“My girlfriend was one of those who was on the spot and we found her in the corridor. It took a very long time before the guards came and an additional number of girls had to let them know several times before they showed up. When they showed up they didn’t care that she had her pants down. The female guard stood up while the male guard was sitting on his haunches whilst they were listening to what had happened. The woman was hysterical and broken. I would also like to point out that all the perpetrators were of African origin even though they could very well be born here. Yet another thing that has been noted is that it was chaos on the disco. I would like to dement that as I was there. Because the disgusting crime occured on Finnish water I truly hope, for this womans sake, that the men are sentenced and jailed in Finland so they aren’t sentenced in Sweden seeing as we barely have a justice system to speak of regarding this sort of disgusting crime.”


The perpetrators of the gang rape on the Ferry were NOT ethnic Swedish men, but had Somali background! Spoke decent Swedish. We saw them get arrested. #svpol

Twitter and Facebook hardly count as solid evidence so Exponerat, one of Swedens dissident sites (hate sites in politically correct Swedish lingo) dug up the court documents:

courtdocs1. Prosecutor

2. Suspect: Abdi MOHAMED Ahmed

3. Suspect: Shakir Bjar Mhamed

In Sweden there is a phenomenon which has been referred to as “white-pixelation” which occurs occassionally. Essentially it entails pixelation a face and then lightening it if the perpetrator happens to be of a darker skin color, for example:

I haven’t noticed this too often but I can certify that writing Swede in reference to individuals of non-Swedish ethnicity who are also Islamic State jihadists, rapists and other criminals is exceedingly common. I even added that method to my politically incorrect dictionary. I digress; the situation on the ferry brings a lot of questions to mind:

  • What should the newspapers write?
  • If the perpetrators are born in Sweden are they not Swedish?
  • Are they no longer Swedish when they commit a gang-rape?
  • What if they had all been successful taxpayers who started multinational companies and were perfectly integrated would they be Swedish?

The individuals in question are not ethnic Swedes but Swedish citizens and the headline should be such in my opinion. Otherwise you not only undermine Swedes but the trust citizens have for the newspapers when they find out the politically incorrect truth.

In this case the media should, in my opinion, write that a Swedish woman was raped by 8 Somali citizens. Doing so is unfortunately impossible in Sweden because it would entail portraying Somalis (minority black victims) in a negative light.

The language has become so diluted and infected that the only acceptable group to devalue and look down upon are the Swedes themselves (majority white oppressors), preferably caucasian middle-aged men. This is the marxist reasoning of the “free” Swedish press but the multiultural facade is becoming harder to uphold as the truth seeps out on the social-media and.

Another point which is worth bringing up is that censoring stories in this fashion doesn’t help to integrate immigrants into society nor does it improve race-relations on the contrary, if you were a foreigner why would you want to assimilate and become Swedish if the majority are percieved as having so little confidence and solidarity amongst themselves that they don’t even stand up for their own women being raped by citizens of other countries?

On the bright side a survey from 2012 by the SOM-institute revealed that a mere 24% of Swedes had faith in journalists which was, and will probably continue to be, the lowest of any profession.

UPDATE: 2015-02-08 – None of the 4 currently detained are Swedish citizens, they are Somali citizens and out of the 8 original suspects only 1 had Swedish citizenship, a man of Iraqi origin according to Nya Tider, an online magazine which has labelled “extreme-right” by “trustworthy” newspaper, DN)

21 thoughts on “Eight Swedes (?) detained for gang rape on ferry”

  1. In media’s ambition to be politically correct, they are too ambitious and misses the goal as I see it. If they omitted the word “Swedes”, I think that the article would have caused quite different reactions. Considering the photos with the ferry, most had probably thought that it was either Swedes or Finns. As it is now, the media points out that the perpetrators are “Swedes” and not Swedes or Finns and make it obvious …

    That’s what happens with poorly trained journalists …

    (Who is the ‘Suspect 1’ …? 😉 )


  2. I’d rather say that the journalists are well-trained. They know the ethnicity full-well seeing as the victim, people on the boat, and prosecutors are exceptionally clear but choose to write Swedish nonetheless. The intent is w/o a doubt good i.e. to steer focus away from the ethnicity and avoid that people draw a parallel between the crime and the ethnicity.

    Regarding Suspect #1 it’s merely a typo on my part

    says 1. Prosecutor, 2. Suspect, 3. Suspect.

    From accounts on the boat all 8 were of Somali origin but 4 have now been freed which implies that they are no longer suspects and the charges have been dropped.

    It may indeed have been easier to write 8 people suspected of raping a woman on a ferry instead of placing any form of emphasis on the term Swedish but it is a fine line they are crossing.

    The editor of Expressen blogged a day or so after the ferry incident that they follow ethical guidelines one of which denotes:

    “Do not accenuate peoples ethnicity, sex, nationality, profession, political affiliation, religion, or sexuality, if it is irrelevant in the situation and is disrespectful”

    The irony of course is that by writing “Swedish” they may be drawing attention away from the Somali ethnicity of the perpetrators but they are in effect undermining and acting disrespectfully towards the Swedish ethnicity.


    1. The Swedish mainstream media are quite talented in what propagandist call ” card stacking ” and that’s one-sided storytelling. Never tell the victims story, and always protect the criminals that are from the MENA region.

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  3. “Do not accenuate peoples ethnicity, sex, nationality, profession, political affiliation, religion, or sexuality, if it is irrelevant in the situation and is disrespectful”

    Seems to be a new (north?)european guideline, because journalists in Germany spread and follow literally the same rule.

    Question is if it’s really irrelevant in this situation to point out the ethnic background of the perpetrators. It masks the possible motive behind the attack: a different kind of sexual moral in immigrants from certain countries. Somalia is known for the bad situation for women there, including FGM and rape.

    Integration means not only to teach the language but also the rules and the law. If it’s obvious that Somali men are more likely to commit rape then it has to be met by appropriate counteraction.


    1. You may very well be correct but that line of thought would contradict the Swedish truism:

      “all people have equal value”.

      What I like to do is just accept that there are certain buzz-words which are holy and form the basis for the Swedish mentality and discourse. I then go on to accept that they are absolute truths, irrespective of wether or not that actually is the case.


      1. So what you don’t like are comments on this weirdness? Just stating it?
        I’m native swedish, own a swedish passport.

        You bring me to the conclusion that I have to vote for the first time in a swedish election to stop this sellout.

        There is so much I miss here about Swedish culture and its hard to take that a swedish minister can’t see any swedish culture.
        I could tell her what I miss, what Sweden means to me.

        Maybe she should be deported for a while to figure out what homeland means. She would come back with a clear idea of what her homeland consists of and why it is far better to belong to swedish culture than to any one other.

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      2. I have also drawn the same conclusions as you i.e. in some countries women are treated worse so people hailing from there are more likely to commit these sorts of crime than say… Chinese people.

        I also agree that the politicians who despise Sweden and its culture ought to be deported temporarily.

        I assume you are an expat so just to clarify; what I wrote in my earlier comment was merely explaining how a lot of Swedes reason.

        i.e. “Allas lika värde” affects the way people here reason when it comes to these sort of issues.

        I wrote about that in the link below if you are interested.



      3. ‘all people have equal value’ a completely meaningless phrase.
        The value input from the Government in providing health, education, working conditions etc, equally, is vaild. However some are born to hang, others to fend for themselves and suceed in life, many in between just jog along getting by. The value that can be expected from it’s population is that their overall contribution to society will compensate for the idiocy of Governments. The idiocy that has led to Sweden and other ‘liberal’ nations. destroying their cultures and traditions in the name of democracy and the insane rush to multiculturism.

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      4. If you wish to replace a population or get rid of a people the phrase is far from meaningless on the contrary it is useful because if you indoctrinate everyone with it the logical conclusion people will draw is that that all humans are the same and are in effect interchangeable.

        It’s really just another way of pushing the concept of Tabula Rasa.


        This is, as you and I both point out, not the case and will inevitably lead to the problems you noted above. Not to mention the fact that ethnic/native Swedes will inevitably become a minority in their own country. (2040-2050 last I checked)


  4. They should always inform if a suspect is something else then a natural swede or finn. I hate when media hide these facts even they know. If a Somali decent scumbag rapes, they should always inform it is a Somali who is charged – no matter is he swedish or finnish citizen.


  5. Yes, I’m an Expat from Stockholm, lived in today so called No-Go-Areas like Tensta and Rinkeby. They were already in the 80th occupied by non-Swedes up to 90%.
    There were streetfights those times, and much of hatred against those “aliens”.

    I want to visit those “Hoods” again, Tensta, Rinkeby, maybe Kista or Mälarhöjden, Kungsholmen, and also T-Centralen. To get an own picture of it all.

    And, well, yes, I will do it in the evening, in daylight our german No-Go-Areas seems peaceful, too.

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  6. Stackars Sverige! Det är ett slags nationellt sjâlvmord. Tyvärr är det likt i många andra länder i Europa. Men Sverige lär vara mest extremt i detta hänseende.


  7. Orwellian control of the language & dialogue can manipulate the masses with deception, by deceit. The truth is the truth is the truth.


  8. This is a disgrace. Journalists who lie to the public should be immediately dismissed from their positions. The ethnicity of the African perpetrators should have been immediately exposed. By hiding the truth from the public they are doing their own fellowmen a huge disservice and that is a blatant act of betrayal against their own people. Shame on all those reporters who veiled the truth. Wake up Sweden! What is happening to your beautiful country? Deport these Africans who apparently have a ravenous, insatiable appetite for your beautiful, Caucasian, blue-eyed citizens. It will soon land on your front door if you continue to turn your heads and bow down submissively. Regain your honor and take to the streets to demand DEPORTATION!


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