Behead an Infidel, get a job – Part 2

Swedish terrorists who travelled down to Syria and Iraq to slaughter infidels for the Islamic State were given trainee jobs by the local government in Örebro.

Two weeks ago the Sweden Report wrote this post regarding a local politician proposing jobs and therapy for jihadists who had come home after a period of time in Syria and Iraq. What would have been greeted with outrage by the central government in most countries was met with support by the Swedish national co-ordinator against extremism, Mona Sahlin.

Nonetheless, I assumed that some individual working with the local government in Örebro would stand up and say something along the following lines:

“Hell no, what kind of message does this proposal send to unemployed immigrants!? Don’t integrate, study or work hard just join the Islamic State and you won’t get deported or charged. Instead we will give you a job, therapy and some pocket money as long as you don’t record yourself slaughtering and raping infidels in the name of Allah. Oh and if you are going to indulge in the latter make sure to murder anyone who might become a witness. Cheers!”

When I woke up from my fantasy I found that reality was a bitter pill to swallow. Turns out that several terrorists had been given trainee jobs by the local government via an organisation called Partnerskap Örebro.

“In the fall of 2013 we found out that 12 guys from Vivalla had gone down to wage war. Some stayed in Turkey, others went to Syria. We talked to the police when they returned to Sweden, but there was no suspicion of crime against any of the guys. So therefore we wanted to help them” – Thomas Gustafsson with Partnerskap Örebro

syria Perhaps the victims had difficulties calling the Swedish police from six feet under?

If the terrorists from Vivalla decided to abide by the Geneva Convention they can’t be charged because waging war for the Islamic State isn’t illegal in Sweden. If they on the flip side committed atrocities, they probably won’t see a day behind bars because of how difficult war crimes are to investigate.

The place the Örebro jihadists all stemmed from happens to be one of Swedens 55 no-go zones i.e. Vivalla. A place where people don’t dare put up Christmas decorations, where busses no longer drive, and where any criticisism of the Islamic State is met with death threats.

This all makes me wonder who the more dangerous party is; jihadists or those coddling them?

A wise man once said:

You’re an idealist, and I pity you as I would the village idiot.

Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999)


One thought on “Behead an Infidel, get a job – Part 2”

  1. This all makes me wonder who the more dangerous party is; jihadists themselves or those coddling them?

    – The latter, since they don’t realize they are in the long run dangerous to themselves and everybody in their surroundings. A collective version of an oblivious self-destructiveness and they are happy to share …


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