Islamists celebrate on Swedish street

GOTHENBURG – Islamic missionaries handed out cake and candy to Swedes and other naïve passerbys on Saturday in celebration of the Charlie Hebdo attacks according to ex-Muslim whistleblower, Mona Walter.

The following is translated from her Facebook page.

Hi my friends,

Now I have received exciting information. My sources are definately 100% secure. I have previously mentioned my Muslim background and that is useful now.

On Saturday, cake and candy were handed out by Islamic missionaries. On big signs next to them it said “God is love”. These Islamic spokesmen have been happy and were celebrating really briskly.

What could be the reason for the festivities?

The Swedes and other unknowing people who gladly received these goodies had, in their naïvety, no idea about the reason. The real reason for the celebration is a successful attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The same Islamic missionaries have during friday and saturday invited Muslim passerbys to the mosques in Bellevue and Hammurkullen in Gothenburg, so as to continue celebrating together.

As a Muslim I have taken part in similar celebrations in the Bellevue mosque, then the celebrations regarded a successful attack on the World Trade Center 9/11.

In part you celebrate the successful attack on Islams enemies and in part it is a sort of wedding feast for the slain jihadists that are now martyrs. These martyrs are now in paradise with their 72 virgins, hence the wedding celebration.

Swedes and unaware people have in other words this weekend joined in celebrating a successful attack, a celebration that occurred in the middle of Gothenburg.

Due to this reason and my own experience I have a very hard time trusting Islams spokespeople. They can outwards stand with broad smiles, lifting forth democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion as something that Islam wants to co-exist with and in the next moment celebrate a successful attack on Charlie Hebdo in a mosque nearby and an Islamic Association.

In every faithful Muslim there is a large portion of Muhammed. A will to follow in his footsteps and imitate his actions.

To conclude I would like to point out that one of these Islamic missionaries in Nordstan said straight to my face that if we had met in Syria he would personally and happily cut my head off.

According to Free Times the Bellevue mosque is Gothenburgs biggest with 5000 members and is a part of the hardline Salafi Movement. The picture below is a Facebook status update of one of the preachers at the mosque in question.

muslimer-hyllar-terrordad“Here is a picture of those that were killed.

Some of them are the worlds best paid.

You can see darkness in their faces.

They will be an example.”

Mona Walter was born in Somalia and raised as a Muslim but when she moved to Sweden she decided to convert to Christianity which subsequently led to death threats, and other kinds of verbal and physical abuse but she didn’t give up. On the contrary, she has decided to inform Swedes on Youtube and on Facebook about the Islamists in Sweden and the threat they pose.

Somebody give this woman a medal.

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