Veronica Palm, Islamophilia and Socialism

After the terrorist attack in Paris, apologetics are working overtime here in Sweden.

The evening newspaper Aftonbladet had the headline “Terrorism does not happen in God’s name”, Swedens Radio reporter said that the Charlie Hebdo satirists who died weren’t innocent because they had “attacked Muslims with caricatures”, and S(S)VT were quick to clarify that the attacks had nothing to do with Islam:

nothingtodowithislamTHE ATTACK – “NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM”

Hypocrites, apologetics, and opportunists are having what can only be describes as a veritable orgie in Scandinavias most populous country and Björn Söder with the anti-Islamic Sweden Democrats (SD), decided to post the following on Facebook.

facebooksöder“The Religion of Peace” reveals its face

The snide and sarcastic remark wasn’t creative and perhaps offensive to Muslims such as Mehmet Kaplan with the Green Party or Abdirisak Waberi with the Moderate Party but they let the facebook status slide. One politician was not so forgiving.

Veronica Palm is not a Muslim herself but a devout social justice warrior and a high-ranking parliamentarian with the Social(ist) Democrats (S), Swedens biggest political party. She utilizes every opportunity to fight for the “good” cause of the day wether it be anti-Islamophobia, anti-Racism, or Feminism. After the terrorist attack in Paris, she posted the following tweet.

Nonetheless Björn Söders facebook status was so offensive to her that she decided to sue him for hate speech. According to her the status update was a terrible act because it is deeply offensive to all Muslims and that it is important to find out wether similar facebook statuses fall within the framework of hate speech.

What really makes me question her judgement are the following words which she uttered during an interview when she explained why she sued whilst simultaneously stressing how important freedom of speech is. (oxymoron, anyone?)

“We need more love and caring about each other. Not more hate and division” – Veronica Palm

Perhaps I need more experience with Socialists to understand their reasoning but will someone please take the time to explain to me how suing people whose views you disagree with and calling them racists… creates love and caring as opposed to hate and division? Whilst I pondered that question I decided to do some background checking and it turns out that there were calls for Veronica to resign back in 2013 after she nominated Omar Mustafa for a top role within the political party.

“We are so good!” “Omar Mustafa: (S) in Stockholm has decided that at least 25% of those who are able to get elected in the coming election will have non-Nordic background”

Omar Mustafa happened to be president of Sweden’s Islamic Association and has in his role invited homophobes and anti-semites to different conferences. An action which he defended by saying that he distances himself from anti-semitic remarks and the purpose of the invitations was to have a dialogue.

The association itself is a part of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) which, according to Germany’s Secret Service, Verfassungsshutz, is a European umbrella organisation for the Muslim Brotherhood. The latter is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Making things worse for the man in question, Nalin Pekgul, a moderate Muslim politician of Kurdish origin considers him to be an Islamist alongside Mehmet Kaplan. She thinks neither Mehmet nor Mustafa are representative of Swedens Muslims and should therefore never have been voted into their respective parties leadership.

Despite this newspapers such as, The Local, continue to allow Omar to speak on behalf of all Muslims. This happened as recently as, 2015-01-02 and the same thing goes for Göteborgs-Posten, SVD, Expressen, and pretty much all of Swedens major newspapers. It’s one thing that newspapers don’t do proper background checks but you would think that Swedens largest political party would be more rigorous. Alas it seems that that they are doing everything they can to get a more diverse leadership. (sort of like the fire department in Malmö.)

“The problem is that we have to many people in power that represent white monoculture” – Sahlin

The Sociali(st) Democrats have been busily and openly using quotas lately and in Stockholm 4/10 of the candidates had immigrant background. If you take a look at our current government the same thing goes i.e. origin, sex, faith are more important than competence.

This can sadly backfire and become a complete PR-disaster as was the case with Omar Mustafa who was pushed to resign by a number of key figures including one of his promoters, Veronica Palm. I can’t help but think that this was to save her own behind unfortunately the damage control was not sufficient and there were calls for her to resign.

She declined and has has since then developed an unhealthy case of Islamophilia, using every opportunity to defend the religion of peace and calling those who oppose her heartless racists.

“I’m so tired of “Buhuhu they call me racist just because I am in a racist party and say racist things” (in reference to the Sweden Democrats and Björn Söder defending himself against allegations that he is an Anti-semite due to these comments)

I can’t help but wonder if Veronica would praise and defend the following picture if it was printed and published by a Sweden Democrat affiliated newspaper?


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