Swedish Surveyor on Red Ice Radio

I’m not much of a public speaker and I prefer writing any day but in the video above I attempt to explain why i have created this website. We talk a lot about some of the problems Sweden is facing. I personally feel that the second hour is better but it is only available for members on http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/01/RIR-150102.php

7 thoughts on “Swedish Surveyor on Red Ice Radio”

    1. if I had revealed my name or specific background my friends, family members and loved ones would be at risk.

      If you speak to someone who hosts views which are not accepted or if you write things which are politically incorrect you are guilty by association. You can get charged for hate speech if you aren’t careful and you will have an impossible time getting a job and will risk being ostracized by society.

      We talk about these things in the second hour of the show.

      Glad you enjoyed the discussion!


  1. Or you could be more vague of you are concerned. For example you could say you are x percent Swedish and x percent Eastern European (for example), if you don’t want to list the specific country(s)

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