“Yes, but we are Arabs. We cannot live here in this kind of weather!”

MIGRATION MADNESS – 30 Syrian asylum seekers decided to occupy a bus for two days and stage semi-nude protests after being transported from Malmö to a small Swedish village called Grytan outside of Östersund.

Upon arrival they refused to leave the bus and demanded that they be returned to Sweden’s third largest city which now has a minority Swedish population i.e. multicultural Malmö. The reasons for refusing to stay in Grytan weren’t entirely clear and ranged from being unable to compose music to being given faulty information:

“I am 75 years old and come from the Middle East. Then I get sent to a place that looks like this,” a man from Syria told Östersunds-Posten, pointing to the icy road. “It is dangerous for me to be here.”

“Normally I play music and write songs. That’s not possible here, I become completely dead inside from living here”

“Yes, we don’t demand much. But now we must live 8 in each room, people with different backgrounds and ages. It is cold outside and cold in the rooms. I doubt that for example Germany treats its refugees like this”

“Either they take us out of here to a better establishment, or we start a hunger strike” – laments a displeased Muhammed.

One of the immigrants describes the village as being isolated from the service he had been expecting to get. This came as a surprise to one of Sweden’s Radios reporter who pointed out that she comes from Östersund to which one of the asylum seekers responded:

“Yes, but we are Arabs. We cannot live here in this kind of weather.”

Once the dialogue police were called to the scene they refused to evict the protesters most likely due to fears that Swedish journalists would start whining about inhumane treatment of refugees.

“One has to be cautious. This regards people seeking protection and removing them from the bus isn’t suitable. We hope to be able to solve this with dialogue. When a decision has been made by Swedish Enforcement Authority, we can assist” – said officer Bengt Stadin with the Jämtland Police.

The Migration Board was contacted by the media and one of their spokesmen, Fredrik Bengtsson, said that asylum seekers can live wherever they like in Sweden but that they would then have to take care of their own accommodation which makes sense considering the restrictions on building and uncontrolled mass immigration has led to a housing shortage and in turn the housing bubble i wrote about here.

“We have seen cases where asylum seekers have certain ideas of what awaits them in Sweden and when that doesn’t match reality, then problems arise. They don’t feel what they see here meets their expectations. We’ve had a large amount of people come to Sweden this year and so we can’t place them where they want,” Bengtsson said.


The standoff continued for two days until Friday when the protesters finally agreed to vacate the bus after Swedish officials apologized and caved in to their demands regarding being moved within 3 months.

One would think that this dramatic chain of events would end there but alas the asylum seekers have decided to protest in the mess hall until they obtain a written contract certifying that they will receive paid for apartments in Malmö or Stockholm within 1-3 months courtesy of Swedish taxpayers. They have threatened to leave and seek asylum in Norway or Finland.

Considering past experience I think it is safe to say that the authorities will appease these new Swedes in any way they can and I can’t help but think that maybe these are the same asylum seekers that arrived in a private jet a couple of weeks ago.

To make the situation more absurd the bus driver in question was not only forced to celebrate New Years Eve alone in a hotel room but he also claims he had his laptop stolen by one of them.


“Yes, now I’ve managed to sleep for 2 hours. And here I stand without a bus. Because the immigrants have occupied it and refuse to leave. Not only that but one of them has stolen my computer which has my whole life on it. But even so I wish everyone I know and everyone I don’t a really happy new year”

After pictures of the asylum seekers emerged several people on twitter noted that the refugees in question didn’t seem quiet as destitute as the Swedish media likes to portray.

fogelklou_0“We Swedes are either generous or all refugees can afford new winter jackets” 2096kr = 265$

Grytan-gate has received much attention in the last couple of days and has brought out the creative side of several Swedes

östersundbroschyr“The love of winter” – Tourist Brochure parody from user freddolino in the online forum Flashback

wtfwasithinkingUser VMiLavemang made a little cartoon

“I saw an ice patch and got scared, therefore I undressed. Now I’m soon off to molest little girls in the village.” – left

“What was I thinking when I decided to join this photo-op” – journalist in middle

“$10k for asylum in Sweden and I didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt”– right

Many former refugees have expressed disgust at the incident on twitter and one Lebanese woman actually travelled all the way to Östersund to yell at these so-called refugees which can be seen here.

One might think that those fleeing the Islamic State wouldn’t necessarily mind temporary stay in a rural village seeing as they are getting a safe haven, free accomodation, food, welfare, not to mention guaranteed permanent residence in Sweden. Others might claim that these individuals have been promised more lavish establishments by human smugglers and that they are not real refugees but I will avoid further speculation considering the internet here is being patrolled by the thought police.

I will however say this: Grytan-gate is symptomatic of this nations irresponsible immigration policies.

A wise (?) man once said:

It sometimes feels like a strange movie, you know, it’s all so weird that sometimes I wonder if it is really happening.

Eminem (1972-?)

Would you like to read about:

Asylum seekers coming to Sweden in private jets?

Why the GDP increases each year despite the massive immigration and welfare?

How a Swedish Fire Station recruits rapist immigrants to fill quotas (yes, I am serious)?












23 thoughts on ““Yes, but we are Arabs. We cannot live here in this kind of weather!””

  1. Thank you for a great site. I’m happy to have found a site with so much written in English. So many people refuse to believe what is going on in Sweden, now I can link to your site. I will bookmark it and come back often. The truth must come out, the deniers cannot keep denying forever.
    These refugees, luxury migrants are unbelievable in the way they demand different things. I couldn’t help laughing when I read they threatened to leave and go to Norway or Finland, or go on a hunger strike. Please, I think it’s a toss up who is most ridiculous, them or the Swedish officials (all ranks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you like it and you can let your friends know that I am not some right-wing nutter (at least thats what I like to think)

      The threat of moving to Norway and Finland was truly tragicomical.

      I was previously frustrated at all the migration madness but in the end you learn to accept it and laugh when reporting on it because thats what Swedens immigration policies are, laughable.

      The culprit is without a doubt (in my mind at least) the Swedish media and politicians. “Refugees” such as those protesting on the bus or arriving on private jet are merely a symptom.

      Have a great day and if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about don’t hesitate to let me know!


  2. This story starts like a screwy comedy, but ultimately it’s a tragedy for Sweden. These men are working together like members of an organized crime gang; they are masters of deceit, manipulation, intimidation and threat-making. Woe to the good people who must deal with them.

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  3. “Yes, but we are Arabs. We cannot live here in this kind of weather.”
    “Don’t you know we are different? ignorant Swede.”
    “I realize you are different, SORRY!!”
    “different? racist! we’re here because we’re all one Race the Human Race and so denying us asylum is a crime, ignorant Swede. So is making me live in this cold, ignorant Swede.”
    “I AM SORRY BENEVOLENT ISLAMIST – if my bum isn’t enough, my neighbor next door is a very pretty blonde-haired blue-eyed girl, good luck enriching her!”


    1. And yes PLEASE go on a hunger strike and don’t eat for at least a month. I read that people can survive without food for 3 weeks.


  4. Why don’t they go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them. Europe must wake up and relize they are no good for her.

    How has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up before it’s too late.

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    1. Angus not all people are the same ..in all the world there’s good and bad.the main thing Sweden should be worrying about is not to allow those Syrians who are living in Lebanon for many years and have a job an apartment and they are traveling to Sweden with a fake name and lie that they are coming from Syria which I don’t think this is right.. The only ones who deserve this are the Syrians coming from Syria because they are in need more than those liars coming in


  5. First of all I AM SYRIAN LIVING SYRIA
    But you must understand that most syrians grew up thinking that Europe is the promised land and compared to syria now maybe it is
    and you have got to understand that some emigrants are not really in danger of death in Syria but it is true that there are no jobs or work there and education is crap
    And please stop calling us muslims and terrorists etc…
    On a side note , by saying that they are arabs they mean that they cannot live in such cold conditions anyway, just act humane a little and show forgiveness
    waiting for a reply…


    1. LoL are you serious
      I am a muslim
      You can’t give a verdict on all muslims like that
      Anyway I’m thinking of moving to sweden myself later this year
      And I hope that I won’t be condemned because of my skin color or my race
      I’m trully sorry that you can’t open your mind to understand that there are bad people and good people in the world


    2. Anyone who believes that people who do not belong to his so called religion, needs to either convert to that religion or be killed, can’t be a good person. Sorry. And that is the entire basis of Islam. So if you are muslim then that is what you believe. If not then you are apostate and welcome to sanity. And spare me the whining about your skin color. Islam is not a race


    3. Thank you for your comment!

      I completely understand why Syrians would grow up considering Europe to be a promised land, I would too and I don’t judge you.

      First-off I haven’t called Syrians Muslims and terrorists in this post or any other for that matter.

      Secondly: I am critical of the immigration policy we have not immigrants per se unless they have commited exceptionally violent crimes. That does not mean that I judge everyone in that group but the individuals who have commited the crime.

      For example: You have a right to be pissed at the Swedish men who raped a Syrian woman but it’s not o.k. to hate all Swedish men because of what those rapists did.

      Our crazy immigration policy is putting so much pressure on Sweden and to really make you understand here are some real quotes from a Syrian refugee who has been stuck in an asylum home in Sweden.

      “There are no homes? I don’t understand. I hear news that they want to take on 50,000 or 100,000 refugees in 2015. But haven’t they been thinking? Do they (politicians) know about the housing shortage?” – Samir

      Here is another quote from a Syrian refugee who has come to Sweden and lives in Södertälje. He is angry because Sweden does not do background checks on the people saying they are refugees which has led to Islamists coming here.

      “What’s with the Swedes? Why does not the government do anything? Why are these people not in jail? Will they really get to threaten us and get away with it? Anyone wishing for an Islamist state in Sweden will also demand that we all bow down to Islam or die, whether you are a Muslim who refuses to follow the extremists, Christian or atheist. That’s what we have fled!”

      -They continue to interrupt each other and spew bile over Swedish migration policy; they are both angry and afraid, as they perceive it, that Islamists alike “may do as they please in Sweden” and “that anyone can come here, even mass murderers”.”

      “My cousin got married in Skåne a month ago, my second cousin from Södertälje was present at the wedding. At a nightclub afterwards he saw his brother’s killer, an al-Nusra member. Is that how it’s supposed to be?!”

      I have no problem whatsoever with real refugees being accepted but there are limits and it’s not too much to ask that they don’t protest on a bus for several days and dress semi-nude, demand free apartments in the city etc.

      What do you think is more humane if you have 100 dollars?

      Providing food, medicine, and shelter for 10 Syrians in Syria or accepting one Syrian to Sweden?

      Here are some more stories about what is going on here in Sweden NOT due to Syrian refugees but due to our stupid government.

      10,000 refugees stuck in asylum homes all over Sweden: http://wp.me/p5kvLL-FH

      “It’s literally the worst country in the world to get immigrants integrated into Sweden” – quote from the following video by Kurdish economist:


    4. As I can see…they being ungrateful and very very demanding , a genuine refugee don´t act like that . If ” refugees”are not able to work or contribute somehow and want all for free , at least should try their best to adapt and be respectful . I really want to know your opinion about I said , because is not only in Sweden….etc , do you know what happened in Uruguay few days ago? … anyway, sorry if I´m wrong
      ( and my poor English )


      1. They are undoubtedly economic migrants. Sweden does not border with Syria hence they have travelled through several safe countries to get here.

        I highly doubt that they will assimilate, and why should they? The government does not attempt assimilation but rather encourages integratioe and there are so many coming in at once that they can form their own communities

        What opinion are you referring to, and by Uruguay I presume you mean the Syrian migrants who complained about their living conditions?


  6. I see your point and you are right but there are some points that seems to elude you
    Anyway I’m with you on the point on background checking and I thought Sweden did have a background checking procedures
    Anyways about the 100 dollars that will provide medecine , food and shelter ..
    If you send it to Syria it will not reach the people who truly need it !
    I really hope that the Syrian people who did move to Sweden understand that this is a new start in life and not to be taken lightly
    anyway I read a comment earlier about why some arab countries do not accept asylum seekers , well basically they are Aholes (pardon my french) they speak about brotherhood and equality and all they do is spreading hatred and violence to other arab countries
    I remember when we Syrians lived in harmony and tranquillity before this war
    Thank you for your hospitality please have a little more patience and try to understand that it is not so easy to be in danger of kidnapping or dying in your home
    If anybody wants to chat here is my Facebook (Kaream Seek)


  7. Hey, your site seems nice as it tells the truth. I am from Bulgaria. I totally do not understand why the people do not protest – this is an invasion and will become very very scary – they will not integrate. I understand the politicians – Germany compensates for WWII. As always, Germany ruins Europe. All this censorship is a suicide to free society and to Europe. Just a question – if you are poor, sick, hungry – I hope I do not understand it – but will you not stay in the first possible country and be grateful? And why so many of the migrants are young men? Army?


  8. Unbelievable, these people are getting shelter, clothes and more. It may sound hard, but muslins are difficult. They must understand that they are the ones that have to adapt to the countries receiving them. Very difficult and violent religion in my opinion. glad that we Brazilians, don’t have many muslins in our society. The ones we have, are completely adapted to our culture and most of them become Christians. Open your eyes Europe while you can, I’ve been watching the news and most of the migrants are well feed males and their faces show a predisposition to violence


  9. Thanks Swedish Guy for this website. Here in the USA some of us follow Sweden with each news worse than the last, shaking our heads, pitying you the normal Swede and with growing burning hatred for your “leaders” and their treasonous betrayal of your country to the Globalists. (Naturally the above goes for all the West Euro countries being now invaded)

    Best of luck and bravo for the very nice website
    -Anton Chigurh


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