Sweden’s 38 000 mutilated girls

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femalecircumcisionThe Swedish welfare agency Socialstyrelsen estimates that some 38 000 girls have already been subjected to severe mutilation of their private parts, with another 19 000 being “in danger” of the procedure.

The procedure is the removal of parts of the female anatomy, so that no pleasure can be derived from sex as an adult. The procedure is usually done with a razorblade or simple knife without anasthesia. More info on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, can be found on WHO and Wikipedia.

This barbaric practice is common in Africa and has followed the tide of immigration to Sweden. FGM is of course illegal, but since Sweden has a knee-jerk response to drop anything questioning the religious customs of any immigrant, virtually no enforcement or tracking is in place to protect the girls. The report linked above is an estimate, since noone has the guts to actually address the issue. When local health workers try to sound the alarm about the rise in FGM, the decision-makers wring their hands and start mumbling about “personal integrity” to avoid the risk of being portrayed as “racist” in the media.

The result is that absolutely nothing is done to protect these girls from lifelong mutilation, right here, in a presumed civilized country governed by just laws intended to shield children from exactly this type of thing.

Meanwhile, the main issue being discussed by the “feminists” in Sweden is the need for affirmative action to force more upper-class women into the board of directors of the country’s publicy traded corporations.

Because that’s where the dire and urgent need for action is.

Behead an infidel, get a job

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Like local politicians everywhere in Sweden, the ones in the municipality of Örebro are grappling with a surge of radicalized young men going to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq.

With luck, they catch a stray bullet and never return. But since Swedish politicians are too cowardly to ban these “terror vacations,” the ISIS warriors can come and go as they please without fear of being held accountable for the atrocities committed abroad.

So, what to do with a horde of fanatical, battle-hardened terrorists suddenly popping up in the midst of a frail civil society? Why, coddle them of course.

“We have discussed how to work with these guys who have returned so that they don’t go back again, and that they should get help processing their traumatic experiences,” says local politician Rasmus Persson. They are also “discussing the options for helping these young men get jobs”.

The open unemployment rate for Örebro is consistently above the national average and currently hover around the 10% range. Many more are tucked away in various stopgap-measures, such as temporary trainee jobs and dead-end job training. Youths and immigrants in particular are vastly overrepresented in this region, as there simply aren’t that many unqualified jobs available.

Örebro unemployment rate

So now ISIS has an awesome recruitment tool: Come to Syria and participate in the carnage, rape a few sex slaves and gain fame for beheading a few infidels before the camera. Then, when you’ve had your fill, you simply hop on the plane back to Sweden, where do-gooders are falling over backwards to welcome you home and get you set up with a job and apartment. Go straight to Go and collect $200.

Yes, this will discourage future ISIS recruitment for sure.

Islamists celebrate on Swedish street

GOTHENBURG – Islamic missionaries handed out cake and candy to Swedes and other naïve passerbys on Saturday in celebration of the Charlie Hebdo attacks according to ex-Muslim whistleblower, Mona Walter.

The following is translated from her Facebook page.

Hi my friends,

Now I have received exciting information. My sources are definately 100% secure. I have previously mentioned my Muslim background and that is useful now.

On Saturday, cake and candy were handed out by Islamic missionaries. On big signs next to them it said “God is love”. These Islamic spokesmen have been happy and were celebrating really briskly.

What could be the reason for the festivities?

The Swedes and other unknowing people who gladly received these goodies had, in their naïvety, no idea about the reason. The real reason for the celebration is a successful attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The same Islamic missionaries have during friday and saturday invited Muslim passerbys to the mosques in Bellevue and Hammurkullen in Gothenburg, so as to continue celebrating together.

As a Muslim I have taken part in similar celebrations in the Bellevue mosque, then the celebrations regarded a successful attack on the World Trade Center 9/11.

In part you celebrate the successful attack on Islams enemies and in part it is a sort of wedding feast for the slain jihadists that are now martyrs. These martyrs are now in paradise with their 72 virgins, hence the wedding celebration.

Swedes and unaware people have in other words this weekend joined in celebrating a successful attack, a celebration that occurred in the middle of Gothenburg.

Due to this reason and my own experience I have a very hard time trusting Islams spokespeople. They can outwards stand with broad smiles, lifting forth democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion as something that Islam wants to co-exist with and in the next moment celebrate a successful attack on Charlie Hebdo in a mosque nearby and an Islamic Association.

In every faithful Muslim there is a large portion of Muhammed. A will to follow in his footsteps and imitate his actions.

To conclude I would like to point out that one of these Islamic missionaries in Nordstan said straight to my face that if we had met in Syria he would personally and happily cut my head off.

According to Free Times the Bellevue mosque is Gothenburgs biggest with 5000 members and is a part of the hardline Salafi Movement. The picture below is a Facebook status update of one of the preachers at the mosque in question.

muslimer-hyllar-terrordad“Here is a picture of those that were killed.

Some of them are the worlds best paid.

You can see darkness in their faces.

They will be an example.”

Mona Walter was born in Somalia and raised as a Muslim but when she moved to Sweden she decided to convert to Christianity which subsequently led to death threats, and other kinds of verbal and physical abuse but she didn’t give up. On the contrary, she has decided to inform Swedes on Youtube and on Facebook about the Islamists in Sweden and the threat they pose.

Somebody give this woman a medal.

Swedish Gestapo

My friendly neighborhood competitor sure has a way with words!

Originally posted on THE SWEDEN REPORT:

Without as much as a whisper in the media, the Swedish intelligence agency SÄPO quietly switched employers on New Year’s day. I would have missed it myself, if not for some alert Facebook users sounding the alarm.

SÄPO, Säkerhetspolisen, translates to “Security Police” and has been the covert backbone of Swedens police force protecting the citizens against terrorists and extremist plots for decades. Like all police, they were at least in theory unpolitical, with citizen safety being the only concern.

Well, not anymore. On Jan 1, SÄPO was separated from the regular branches of the police. They no longer answer to the public, but instead report directly to the minority government.

This is a common structure in dictatorships. The regular, uniform-clad police handle regular crime, while the security forces move in the shadows to protect the interests of the government rather than the people. Nazi Germany is a well-known example, where anyone opposed to the Führer was sure to be under close watch and eventually “disappear” if getting too vocal.

Now, before the tinfoil-hat crowd gets too worked up, this is not the situation in Sweden today. There are no jackbooted death squads dragging people away in the dead of night.

However, it is concerning that a democratic government would choose to adopt the same framework favored by dictatorships. Why the change?

It is also concerning in light of the vastly expanded authority of SÄPO to conduct surveillance against the citizenry. The hotly debated and contested FRA-laws grant SÄPO unlimited access to all phone, web and postal traffic, the right to place cameras and audio bugs in “non-public settings” and other goodies for anyone not concerned with personal freedom and integrity.

The law was also recently changed so that SÄPO can, at its sole discretion should they deem the matter “urgent,” call upon the military to fight domestic targets. The only prerequisite is that the targets are classified as “terrorists”. Which is not that far of a stretch from Prime Minister Löfvens claim that nationalist party SD is “antidemocratic” and “fascist”.

Again, I want to stress that there are no signs of political oppression today beyond the civil stigmatization. Political dissidents get shunned, excluded from unions and subjected to hate crimes by extremist left activists. But they are still allowed to speak freely, and there are no government agents busting down doors for thought crimes.

So why bring out the toolbox that enables it?

Veronica Palm, Islamophilia and Socialism

After the terrorist attack in Paris, apologetics are working overtime here in Sweden.

The evening newspaper Aftonbladet had the headline “Terrorism does not happen in God’s name”, Swedens Radio reporter said that the Charlie Hebdo satirists who died weren’t innocent because they had “attacked Muslims with caricatures”, and S(S)VT were quick to clarify that the attacks had nothing to do with Islam:

nothingtodowithislamTHE ATTACK – “NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM”

Hypocrites, apologetics, and opportunists are having what can only be describes as a veritable orgie in Scandinavias most populous country and Björn Söder with the anti-Islamic Sweden Democrats (SD), decided to post the following on Facebook.

facebooksöder“The Religion of Peace” reveals its face

The snide and sarcastic remark wasn’t creative and perhaps offensive to Muslims such as Mehmet Kaplan with the Green Party or Abdirisak Waberi with the Moderate Party but they let the facebook status slide. One politician was not so forgiving.

Veronica Palm is not a Muslim herself but a devout social justice warrior and a high-ranking parliamentarian with the Social(ist) Democrats (S), Swedens biggest political party. She utilizes every opportunity to fight for the “good” cause of the day wether it be anti-Islamophobia, anti-Racism, or Feminism. After the terrorist attack in Paris, she posted the following tweet.

Nonetheless Björn Söders facebook status was so offensive to her that she decided to sue him for hate speech. According to her the status update was a terrible act because it is deeply offensive to all Muslims and that it is important to find out wether similar facebook statuses fall within the framework of hate speech.

What really makes me question her judgement are the following words which she uttered during an interview when she explained why she sued whilst simultaneously stressing how important freedom of speech is. (oxymoron, anyone?)

“We need more love and caring about each other. Not more hate and division” – Veronica Palm

Perhaps I need more experience with Socialists to understand their reasoning but will someone please take the time to explain to me how suing people whose views you disagree with and calling them racists… creates love and caring as opposed to hate and division? Whilst I pondered that question I decided to do some background checking and it turns out that there were calls for Veronica to resign back in 2013 after she nominated Omar Mustafa for a top role within the political party.

“We are so good!” “Omar Mustafa: (S) in Stockholm has decided that at least 25% of those who are able to get elected in the coming election will have non-Nordic background”

Omar Mustafa happened to be president of Sweden’s Islamic Association and has in his role invited homophobes and anti-semites to different conferences. An action which he defended by saying that he distances himself from anti-semitic remarks and the purpose of the invitations was to have a dialogue.

The association itself is a part of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) which, according to Germany’s Secret Service, Verfassungsshutz, is a European umbrella organisation for the Muslim Brotherhood. The latter is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Making things worse for the man in question, Nalin Pekgul, a moderate Muslim politician of Kurdish origin considers him to be an Islamist alongside Mehmet Kaplan. She thinks neither Mehmet nor Mustafa are representative of Swedens Muslims and should therefore never have been voted into their respective parties leadership.

Despite this newspapers such as, The Local, continue to allow Omar to speak on behalf of all Muslims. This happened as recently as, 2015-01-02 and the same thing goes for Göteborgs-Posten, SVD, Expressen, and pretty much all of Swedens major newspapers. It’s one thing that newspapers don’t do proper background checks but you would think that Swedens largest political party would be more rigorous. Alas it seems that that they are doing everything they can to get a more diverse leadership. (sort of like the fire department in Malmö.)

“The problem is that we have to many people in power that represent white monoculture” – Sahlin

The Sociali(st) Democrats have been busily and openly using quotas lately and in Stockholm 4/10 of the candidates had immigrant background. If you take a look at our current government the same thing goes i.e. origin, sex, faith are more important than competence.

This can sadly backfire and become a complete PR-disaster as was the case with Omar Mustafa who was pushed to resign by a number of key figures including one of his promoters, Veronica Palm. I can’t help but think that this was to save her own behind unfortunately the damage control was not sufficient and there were calls for her to resign.

She declined and has has since then developed an unhealthy case of Islamophilia, using every opportunity to defend the religion of peace and calling those who oppose her heartless racists.

“I’m so tired of “Buhuhu they call me racist just because I am in a racist party and say racist things” (in reference to the Sweden Democrats and Björn Söder defending himself against allegations that he is an Anti-semite due to these comments)

I can’t help but wonder if Veronica would praise and defend the following picture if it was printed and published by a Sweden Democrat affiliated newspaper?


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Sorrow – by the Sweden Report

Originally posted on THE SWEDEN REPORT:

I was planning to write a post about a Swedish politician being included in the annual Simon Wiesenthal anti-semitism list, but the senseless massacre in Paris kind of stole the scene today.

While I don’t have any personal ties to the families of the victims, it fills me with great sorrow to read about the barbaric slaughter. Not just because of the loss of life, but because of the impact it will have on European politics.

To say that the political debate has taken a turn for the harsher lately is an understatement. People don’t merely disagree with each other; people all-out, seethingly hate “the others”. The evil ones. The subhumans. The soulless orcs. One Swedish newspaper even went so far as to reduce political opponents to cockroaches to be exterminated in an image so close to the Nazi anti-Jew propaganda of the 1930s that it sends a chill down the spine. Oh, and they mean to be the good guys; Åkesson is the fascist, not them.

SD leader Åkesson being gassed

And that was BEFORE this act of terrorism, striking into the very heart of European civilization. More than that; it’s an assault on freedom itself. Freedom to speak wihout fear, freedom to reject other peoples attempts at limiting your speech, and perhaps most of all, freedom from religious influence in any aspect of life, as is our right in a secular society.

The editorials and politicians are of course all paying lip service and wringing their hands now. But once they’ve uttered the word “condemn” and “condoleances” a few dozen times each, what then? The smart money says, not much. But the clash between those trying to reduce muslim immigration and those who believe they’re fighting against the forces of evil will take on a whole new fervor. Both sides get a greater sense of urgency, which cranks up the hostility and viciousness even further.

More polarization was the LAST thing we needed now, but that’s exactly what is coming. Skimming the Twitter feeds, there’s already people on the left accusing the conservatives for celebrating the massacre (!) because it’ll swing public opinion against increased muslim immigration. And the worst of it is, I’m sure a few have gone so far into the political hardening that they actually do. Others on the left employ the classic position of attack being the best defense, already playing the islamophobia card and driving at it being the satirists bringing it onto themselves. (Swedish state radio: “It was not innocent people who were attacked.”)

The bodies have barely gone cold, and both sides are rallying their positions to turn the tragedy into political points. None have a shred of humanity or decency left. It’s all about providing ammunition against the others. The evil ones. The monsters.

People actually operate on this level now, which would have been completely inconceivable just 20 years ago. And it’s sickening.

Sweden used to be the most peaceful, homogenous, consensus-based society on earth. Now it is burning with political conflict, and the Paris massacre just dumped a big, fat bucket of gasoline on that fire.

I mourn the death of the victims, and the hope of sensible political debate, in equal measures.

The Good, The Bad or The Ugly

JE SUIS CHARLIE – The year is 2015 and Europe is in shock.

12 innocent lives have been lost because the men and women at Charlie Hebdo had the courage to satirize everyone, with no exceptions. The aftermath of the ghastly events in Paris are being felt and there is hate spewing in all directions but it has also brought people of all colors, creeds, and faiths together to show that they are not afraid.

Whilst our politicians send their condolences to France and our journalists write gripping articles about the events and the importance of freedom of speech I cannot help but feel a slight distaste at what I consider to be clear-cut cases of hypocrisy.

Today, Expressen was the only newspaper in Sweden that printed some pictures from Charlie Hebdo and they have my utmost respect for doing so but that does not change the fact that the very same newspaper fired one of their most popular journalists, Marcus Birro, less than 2 months ago. The full story can be found here and it all boiled down to the following tweet which not only got Marcus fired but also forced him and his family to flee the country after numerous death threats.

“Not buying the talk about ‘religions’ being dangerous. What does the biggest part of the world’s religious terrorism have in common? Islam. Fact.”

If we go back further in time to December 10th 2013, Expressen utilized an extreme-left hacker group to illegally list 6200 Swedes who were responsible for the heinous crime of writing offensive comments online, anonymously. They subsequently exposed certain individuals in their newspaper and even went so far as to confront them in their homes for committing thoughtcrimes. All the while Expressen simultaneously decries the NSA but little can top yesterdays freudian slip in Sweden’s Radio

When Swedens Radio (a part of S(S)VT) reported on the terrorist attacks the correspondent, Alice Petrén, said that it wasn’t innocent people who died because the attack was aimed at editorial staff that had attacked Muslims with caricatures. She subsequently apologized for the comment in this tweet which I have translated below:

Clarification @alicepetren @p1 Charlie Hebdos editorial staff are innocent people, but not random victims. Atrocious. Of course.

Meanwhile, Politicians such as Anna-Kindberg Batra, party leader of the Moderates and Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden, expressed their sincerest condolences to the victims in France but what have they done for the freedom of speech they claim to hold dear? They and the political parties they represent have all voted to change the constitution to make it easier to prosecute those who “offend” which I wrote about here.

Lets not forget Dan Park, the artist who has been in and out of jail for his controversial art which was subsequently demolished by the Swedish state in the name of good. He was brutally assaulted recently by left-wing extremists. Did the media write a syllable decrying the politically motived attack?

One man sarcastically summed up what politicians and journalists know full well.

“The attack in Paris could have never happened in Stockholm because the satirists would have been in jail for hate speech.”

Perhaps the threat of a backlash from the extremist community is the real reason for the constitution being changed and not “to protect children from online-bullying”.

That makes sense considering what S(S)VT uncovered yesterday; a facebook group with no less than 430 (!) Swedish jihadists and their followers. Some of them were living in Sweden after having fought for the Islamic State and others were sharing clips straight from Syria and Iraq. They were all praising the terrorist attack in Paris and here are some examples from the group.

“These pigs were sent to Jahannam [hell], they had been participating in drawing and spreading caricatures of the prophet salla Allahu ‘aleyhi wa sallam [blessed phrase or peace greeting]”

“Now the disgusting pigs will have to think twice before they mock Allah and his prophet”

“Pray that Allah increases these sort of attacks several times and accepts the brothers that participate”

The Islamic States propaganda contains atrocities the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the dark ages and it sends shiver down our spine and strikes fear into our hearts. Fear grants them victory before the battle has even begun which is why we must treasure and defend those who make us laugh in the face of evil regardless of whether we consider the art to be good, bad, or ugly.

Some images from Charlie Hebdo


Cover from the 1st of October 2014 – “I am the Prophet, asshole!” – “Shut Up, Infidel”


The last tweet from Charlie Hebdo prior to the killing – “and above all good health!”


2011 cover of Charlie Hebdo after their offices were firebombed – “Love is stronger than hate”

Some other pictures that were not made by Charlie Hebdo but have led to an outcry from radical Islamists


Muhammed the prophet as a roundabout dog by Lars Vilks published in the Nerikes Allehanda. He is on an Al-Qaeda hit list and lives under constant police protection. His home has been firebombed and several attempts have been made on his life.


Here is a parody of Al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader posted on Twitter by Luay Al-Khateeb.


One of the Muhammed drawings published by Jyllands-Posten in Denmark 2005 which led to Libya, Saudi Arabia and Iran withdrawing their embassies from Denmark and several countries boycotting Danish products. After several death threats two of the satirists went underground. 100’s of people died and Mehmet Kaplan, Swedens current Minister of Housing (!) said that

“I cannot see any freedom of speech in this. This is an unsupportable provocation”


The Education Crisis


Update 1 – 2015-05-14 – Cornucopias compilation of graphs and names in light of the latest OECD report + bonus video

SCHOOL CRISIS – In the year 1990 Swedish schools were amongst the best in the industrialized world but now they are amongst the worst. It’s so bad that in the spring of 2014, 13.1% of 9th graders did not fulfill the criteria required for high school. Swedish politicians are quick to offer explanations and solutions but are they adequate?

In Sweden we have 2 coalition blocks consisting of Socialists and Liberals. The latter ruled Sweden 2008-2014 and the Minister of Education at the time was Jan Björklund. His reforms were aimed at making the notoriously lax Swedish school more strict and to do so he added more controls, grades and national tests but during his time in power, school results have fallen faster than ever before.

Björklund blames the socialists and they in turn blame him.

Regardless, the responsibility for the Swedish schools now rests on the current Minister of Educations shoulders i.e. Gustav “100 days” Fridolin who is in the Green Party with other bright colleagues such as the alleged Islamist, Mehmet Kaplan.

fridolinskrattarPrior to the election Gustav (probably) didn’t expect to win so he promised to improve the schools within 100 days. When he woke up and realized that he had to deliver he was in a dilemma so he decided to go back on his promise and stated in a press conference that it would take at least 6 years to turn the tide.

He thinks that increasing teacher wages and spending more taxpayer funds on schools will improve them. The socialists tend to be critical of charter/private schools and want an egalitarian system where everybody is indoctrinated in the state-run schools.

Liberal solutions or socialist solutions?pisafriskolorkommunala”In Sweden, there is no statistically significant performance difference between students in private and public schools after accounting for students’ socio-economic status. Between 2003 and 2012, results in public schools deteriorated by 33 points, while results in private schools declined a non-significant 25 points.” – OECD

Our neighbour to the East, Finland, spends less than Sweden on schooling and  have extremely few charter/private schools. This tells me that more liberal spending probably won’t do much and a socialist solution where all the schools are equally dreadful won’t help either. Which brings me to the following question:

What is Finland doing right that Sweden is doing wrong?

Respect for teachers and the teaching profession is deeply ingrained in the Finnish mentality and has led to intense competition in the applications. Thousands of people apply and after a suitability test 7-15% are accepted to the pedagogical faculties. 94% of teachers have a bachelor’s degree and Finnish schools are more disciplined in the sense that the teachers can send can send disruptive children out of the classroom and confiscate or ban cell phones from lessons with ease.

Sweden has enormous disciplinary issues and there is little to no respect for the profession which leads to nobody wanting to become one. The competition is so low that at one point the bar was set to 0.1/2.0 on Högskoleprovet, the Swedish version of the SATS. If you choose to only fill in A on the multiple choice test you will get more than 0.1. The bar has now been artificially raised to 0.5/2.0 which is still disturbingly low.

OECD raise the alarm

The latest OECD report (2015-05-04) is currently making waves in the media and it shows some more ways in which we differ from Finland. Swedish blogger and author Cornucopia (Lars Wilderäng) has written an interesting post on the matter. He also included some eye-opening charts and gave them appropriate names that I’ve taken the liberty of translating.

“If you do not teach the students math, then they don’t learn math”-graph

matte“If students aren’t in school then they can’t learn anything”-graph


“Swedish schools grades have nothing to do with the students knowledge and can and should be reformed – instituting earlier grading will not change anything”-graph


“The Swedish school is grossly unequal and discriminated and systematicallly unfavours whole groups of students, such as for example boys”-graph

(My note: Not sure if I agree entirely with this, guys tend to be more rambunctious and it could simply be that boys are underperforming due to a lack of discipliniary measures in Swedish schools. They may very well favour girls but perhaps not to the extent Cornucopia is implying. That’s my experience at least)


“It’s not just the average on the PISA-results which is falling, but the number of top students has also halved”-graph


“The teaching profession is as appreciated by society as the number of students with top grades in math is absent”-graph

lararepng“Apparently there is nothing wrong with the Swedish teachers wages, seeing as they at least are higher than the PISA-results”- graph


“The Swedish state can’t do much and will not be able to pass any reforms seeing as it is the municipalities or the schools themselves that decide”-graph

forstatligaThere is however, as is usually the case when it comes to Sweden, an elephant in the room that most people, including the OECD and Cornucopia, prefer not to talk about. This is problematic because the impact it has is so monumental. I do not think it should be ignored.

elephant-in-the-room-2As the OECD noted no other country has experienced a steeper decline in student performance than Sweden in the past decade and in this very same decade the majority of the population growth has been a direct result of lax immigration policies. Correlating the two is not appreciated by the politically correct masses in Sweden and if someone reading this thinks doing so is racist I regret to inform you that there is something wrong with you and your ideology.

populationreplacementImagine if 500 000 Eritreans, Germans, and Australians moved to Japan each year and that 100% of Japans population growth was for the past decade a direct result of that very same immigration. The parents don’t speak fluent Japanese and it therefore makes perfect sense that their children will, by and large, not do as well in school as the Japanese children.

When you take a look at the differences in school results between immigrants and Swedes this becomes perfectly clear but is nonetheless completely taboo for the media to mention or the politicians to discuss. The only country whereas immigrant students do better than native students is Australia; a country that cherry picks individuals who are well-educated and have the skills required for the Australian labour market. This stands in stark contrast to Sweden which has prioritized immigration from the third world and some groups such as Somalis are, to a great extent, analfabetic.immigrantnativeschool

But enough with the boring statistics and bland facts. I am going to end on a more personal note with some anecdotes and a short youtube clip.

I am not fully Swedish and have lived a large portion of my life abroad and boy, oh boy, looking back I would describe myself as disruptive, cocky, and short tempered in other words an all-round pain in the a** for any teacher.

The only reason I had decent grades when I lived abroad was my parents, strict teachers and exceptional schools but when I came to Sweden…

  • Attendance wasn’t a prerequisite
  • There were no grades until year 7
  • Teachers hardly kicked anyone (including myself) out of the classroom because of the laissez-faire attitude.

One memorable moment was when the English teacher was going to grade me for the first time and I remember telling him that anything other than an A+ would be unacceptable considering my English was superior to his.

I am not proud of that but my point is that I am describing what it was like one of the best public schools in Sweden where 1st and 2nd generation immigrants were in a minority. Imagine what it’s like in a school of 800 students where only 2 are Swedish natives which brings me to the following video:

I don’t know the background but from what I can ascertain the teacher is yelling because one of his students is being disruptive. The teacher goes on to say he has actively chosen to help immigrants such as the colored kid:

“Don’t call me an immigrant!” – the student yells in broken Swedish

Here is my take; the child has been born and raised in Sweden, he knows no other country but he is treated as an immigrant because he doesn’t look ethnically Swedish and doesn’t speak fluent unbroken Swedish.

When I worked as a door to door salesman I often encountered people who had lived in minority-Swedish areas for decades and were not able to speak the language properly and occasionally I even met native Swedes who spoke broken Swedish.

87% of the population has voted for political parties that stand for uninhibited mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa which leads me to some questions I hope they can answer:

  • Do they live in the same areas as immigrants?
  • Do they place there children in the same schools as immigrants?
  • Do they accept 2nd generation immigrants who behave differently, have a different culture, speak broken Swedish and don’t look like your average-Swede as… Swedish?

Due to the segregation which the immigration policies inadvertently lead to (threshold for white flight is 3% non-Europeans in a Swedish neighborhood) many immigrants and their offspring do not feel accepted by Swedish society which I believe is one of the reasons why the radical Islamists and criminals gangs are so successful at recruiting. They offer that which Sweden does not; an identity and a sense of belonging.

Bonus video

One unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you look at it) side-effect of the charter schools is not only the “white flight” but also that certain Islamic groups are forming their own schools at the taxpayers expense. The Al-Azhar school in Stockholm is an example of this. The school only serves halal, extra time is spent learning Arabic and qu’ran, not to mention the fact that boys and girls are segregated during prayers (5 times a day) and PE lessons.

At 18:14 you can see the children at prayers and the Swedish (?) convert + teacher lecturing them on Islam









Swedish police targeted by gangs


Torched police vehicle from yesterday. Photo: Björn Andersson.

It can’t be easy trying to uphold the law in Sweden these days.

On one hand, you’re routinely harassed by gangs when you enter the “exclusion areas“. It can be simple routine things like spitting, hurled insults and scratched patrol cars to being pelted with rocks or attempts to blind you with green lasers while driving.

While outright attacks like the one in Landskrona last year are rare (a crowd of 50+ thugs had two officers cornered — and the police commander didn’t dare send in backup, fearing “escalation”) the severity and frequency of these incidents increase as the gangs grow larger and ever bolder.

On the other hand, there’s the mainstream media standing by, ready to document the slightest misstep on the officers’ part while simultaneously providing an endless well of excuses and sob-stories for the REAL victims: the…

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