Snap elections in March have been called off

2014-12-22 – The mainstream parties have called off the re-election and have decided to co-operate until 2022 to permanently exclude the Sweden Democrats (SD) amidst fears that people will vote for them in the future.

According to Sweden’s Television (S(S)VT), the socialist government and the opposition have been secretly negotiating for the last couple of days. The two have traditionally been at odds but are today united in (mass) immigration policies and a fear of becoming redundant in the future due to the Sweden Democrats rise to power.

They are attempting to find a way so that Sweden can be ruled by a minority government and how a minority government can pass its budget. If they find a solution Löfven may decide not to issue a re-election. Then the government can keep on ruling, but with an Alliance budget during 2015 and the year after pass their own budget. The Alliance could over time benefit from such a resolution, because they want these new rules in place in the next election in 2018. If there where to be a shift in government the Alliance would be in the same seatS(S)VT reporter Kerstin Holm

These changes may seem shocking but earlier in December the opposition actually stated that they were willing to change the rules instead of co-operating with the Sweden Democrats.stalinisitsvt

Whilst S(S)VT prides itself on being unbiased it simultaneously states that the a re-election doesn’t help the current situation at all and that changing the rules, and calling off the re-election would be beneficial to both sides.

Perhaps S(S)VT is terrified of YouGovs polls which show that the Sweden Democrats are expected to receive 17.7% of the votes despite them airing the propaganda show, Blå Ögon, every week on prime-time?

The Prime Minister goes back on a promise… againimage

Stefan Löfven promised to resign if his budget didn’t go through but went back on his word and issued re-elections instead. He has thus far managed to spend 695 000 taxpayer kronor renovating his new home: the Sagerska Palace.

It seems the former-welder turned Prime Minister has made himself at home and if he has gone back on his word once why wouldn’t he do it again?

The agreement in question means that Sweden will be ruled by the socialists until 2018 and then most likely the liberals until 2022. The only opposition i.e. the Sweden Democrats have in-effect been excluded from power indefinately or until they get more than 50% of the votes.

How bad could it be?

According to one estimate 600 000 asylum seekers could migrate to Sweden in the next 4 years which is a mind-boggling 6% of Sweden’s population.

That would be the equivalent of Obama allowing 19 200 000 immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa to enter the states and receive full: accommodation, health-care, dental-care and education courtesy of US taxpayers.

Edited 2015-01-02: I previously wrote that legislation was changed which was incorrect. Neither of the two blocks that traditionally oppose each other have a majority due to the SD:s kingmaking role and the December Agreement ensures that the largest minority block will be allowed to rule on its own budget without the other block opposing it but it doesn’t entail that any specific laws are changed. Thank you Lawson for noting the error.

A wise man once said:

Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

– John Adams (1735-1826)

12 thoughts on “Snap elections in March have been called off”

  1. You nailed it! They (The thieves, liers and murderers posing as the government.)
    Are not going to risk holding that snap election. Obviously due to SD. That series Blå Ögon is serious jaw dropping black propaganda!
    That moske that burnt the other day, like the script of the series Blå Ögan are surely socialist party, säpo psychological operations.
    Wake up faster Sweden!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you,

      Regarding the mosque fire: the police recently said that it was probably an attack but when it happened the left were quick at jumping to the conclusion that it was neo-nazis / SD… using any means possible to discredit and undermine.

      We have a saying here in Sweden: vändning under galgen = squirming in the gallows

      I think that is an accurate depiction of when people will wake up but I am cynical by nature. 😉


  2. At the very least the timing of the mosque fire is suspicious.
    Qui bono?
    Expressen kindly confirmed the main imam is a socialist.

    After Norway’s last election out come and the letdowns that insued, I have been regarding SD as another fake right wing party. With same motivation of fooling Swedish discontent. Like Norway’s FRP and H have temporarily achieved.

    However, due to absolutely foaming at the mouth, sharks in a feeding frenzy. Attempts to attack and discredit SD by this current group of liers, thieves and murderers calling themselves government an their subservient media. I suspect SD could have Sweden’s best interests on the table.

    But I doubt it.

    Congratulations with the site!

    Vaken, redice, newsvoice and now the Swedishsurveyor. You guys are savaging the main stream media in the information war!

    I’m very grateful for your efforts!
    Sincerely thanks and all the best in 2015

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    1. The Sweden Democrats also have plenty of questionable characters and have made blunders in the past but they are the only option for Swedes who do not think uncontrolled mass immigration is the way forward for the country. Above all else it is an economic time-bomb waiting to happen but thats a story for another time.

      I sincerely recommend: as well, and thank you very much for the praise!


  3. I think Sweden is about to get a couple of new political parties soon. After this backroom deal Alliance made with Löfven.

    We had a similar deal with whopping SIX parties in Finnish government back in summer 2011, even communists and conservatives were in the same government! Really betraying the voters big time.

    It has been one of the worst governments for decades. Little gets done because of opposing views. Domestic politics is quite paralyzed and everybody is waiting for the elections next year. Sweden will be probably going into that same waiting room for next four years.

    Two parties have already jumped the ship, the Greens and the Communists and the current government has only tiny majority left in the parliament.


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