Two more bombs exploded in multicultural Malmö this Saturday

2014-12-20 – Two powerful explosions rocked Malmö tonight

The car bomb detonated first at around 03:30 on Saturday morning and damaged the vehicle to such an extent that the police do not know who it belongs too.

Less than two hours later at approximately 05.00 the entrance to a premise was blown into bits with some pieces found up to 50 metres away. Five glass windows in the neighborhood broke and Peter Martinsson with the police in Skåne said:

-It was powerful. Several people living in the area called us after being woken up by the explosions

Earlier this month a building housing the court house, police, prosecution offices and a detention centre was targetted for the second time this year and had its entrance blown apart. Despite the fact that this could constitute a terrorist attack it was not labelled as such for reasons unknown.

Malmö has suffered from an unusually high number of car and restaurant bombings this year and it seems to me that the groups in charge of Swedens multicultural outsidership zones are getting fed up with the governments monopoly on violence.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in yesterdays incident.

UPDATE – 2014-12-21: Bomb went off next to the same premise as Saturday bringing the tally to three this weekend.

UPDATE – 2014-12-26: Another bomb went off bringing tally to 4 in under a week. 15 year-old boy in custody.

A wise man once said:

Terrorism takes us back to ages we thought were long gone if we allow it a free hand to corrupt democratic societies and destroy the basic rules of international life.

Jacques Chirac (1932-?)

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