Sweden is the Nordic North Korea – Danish Newspaper

This monday an editorial in the Danish Newspaper, Ekstrabladet, decided to up things a notch by dubbing Sweden: Nordic North Korea

The verbose assault was supposedly set off due to a ten-year-old children’s book being pulled off the shelves by the Swedish publisher Bonnier. “Children’s thoughts above love” was written by the Danish author, Grethe Dircking-Holmfeld and consists of quotes from children but a storm of outrage was unleashed due to a passage where an eight-year-old boy expresses controversial views about homosexual women. Grethe Dircking-Holmfeld called the decision insane and went on to say that:

-It’s very strange, its like a whole sect of Swedes chooses to be offended by these sort of things. Its a quote from children and they say the most absurd things. They don’t mean anything bad.

Ekstrabladet therefore decided to deliver some well deserved blows to a group of people they cheekily name “the arbiters of taste”. The editorial brings up a number of cases of censorship such as that of the classic children’s movie Pippi Longstocking. In the new and improved politically correct version she no longer refers to her father as “negro king” and a sequence when she imitates a Chinese person has been removed.

The tirade does not end there with criticism extended to Rasmus Ling, a politician in the Green Party who on the behalf of Swedish women reported a commercial for breast enlargement and a Swedish study which found that 2400 street signs had male names whilst 330 had female names. Ekstrabladet sardonically states that the street signs were clearly offensive to women and ends the editorial on the following note:

-Sweden is the Nordic North Korea. We understand if ordinary Swedes decide to seek asylum with us on the other side of the strait.

Those danskjävlar are having a field day… perhaps I should suck up my pride and start preparing my application?

On second thought:



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