Sweden is so deranged, there are no words to describe it – Danish politician

2014-12-16 – Politically correct Sweden is such a deranged society that there is no term in social science sufficient enough to describe it – argues Pia Kjærsgaard the Danish People’s Party former leader

In this article in Den Korte Avis, Kjærsgaard marvels at the fact that the politically correct are so desperate that they have graduated from using worn-out epiteths such as neo-fascists, fascists, nazis to comparing the Sweden Democrats to the terrorist organization ISIS.

That the Sweden Democrats do not want the most extreme immigration policy in the world and decided to force the current government to resign is something she doesn’t think merits a comparison to the Islamic State. She goes on to say that the Sweden Democrats are subject to witch-hunts and bullying the likes of which she has never seen before and concludes with this less than flattering observation:

“Some have referred to it as “DDR-light”. Others have called it a consensus society. Personally I do not think that the right word has been invented yet. Sweden is so deranged that it differs from all other societies in history, and in fact there might not be a social science term around to describe it. Naming Sweden is a task for those skilled in psychiatry who specialize in schizophrenia and the numbness of feelings.”

If our neighbors in the south think that terminology such as scizophrenic, deranged, and DDR-light don’t suffice, something has clearly gone haywire.

A wise man once said:

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.

Jacques Barzun (1907-2012)

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