Electronic espionage suspected near government offices in Sweden

2014-12-17 – Swedish journalists at Dagens Nyheter have used a Cryptophone to uncover 42 suspicious activities in the mobile network around government offices.

The advanced spy equipment appears to have been placed in an area known as Rosenbad which houses the parliament, foreign ministry, the residence of the PM and other government offices.

What it means in practice that the Prime Ministers cellphone could be connecting to a false base station instead of the normal mobile network. Thereby a foreign entity can spy on his phone calls, text messages, e-mails and in some cases remotely activate his phones microphone.

Säpo ( the Swedish Security Service) has said that the information is “interesting” and will investigate further.

Although the newspaper who made this discovery aren’t known for their unbiased reporting, this goes to show that there are always exceptions.

UPDATE: When the government checked the area for illegal frequencies no disturbances were uncovered.

For those of you who missed out the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten made a similar discovery in central Oslo recently.  After a two month investigation using a Cryptophone they uncovered what appeared to be surveillance devices around the government headquarters and parliament. This prompted the Norwegian security services to do an investigation.

“First and foremost there are countries that we have been involved with, that could be behind this, if we were to discuss a foreign power. We have an ice-cold relationship with Russia, and a bad relationship with China” – says Ståle Ulrichsen, security- and defence researcher at the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute

If we are lucky it was only our Security Services spying on some of our more questionable ministers, if not it could be a foreign power which would mean that someone out there has to go to work and listen to our Prime Minister ramble incoherently on a daily basis. I hope the poor sod is getting paid well.

A wise man once said

There will come a time when it isn’t “They’re spying on me through my phone” anymore. Eventually, it will be “My phone is spying on me””.

– Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

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