Asylum seekers coming to Sweden in private jets

2014-12-15 – On monday night 3 people were detained under suspicion of people smuggling after 10 individuals seeking asylum arrived to Malmö airport from Beirut in a private jet.

The police have detained two Egyptian men in their 50:s and one Lebanese woman in her mid 20:s under suspicion of people smuggling in the luxurious Cessna 680 featured to your right.

“The asylum seekers are witnesses and are not being suspected for any crime and have been handed over to the Migration Bureau – according to the Skåne Police’s CO, Maya Forstenius

Daniel Jonasson of the Malmö Police was only able to identify 2/10 asylum seekers; Syrians born 1965 and 1986. He doesn’t want to speculate about how much this trip costs.CESSNA-CITATION-SOVEREIGN-Private-Jet-Cabin

“But it has cost more than normal plane tickets”

Sofia Bergström Malm at the Civil Aviation Administrations press office confirmed that a Cessna 680, coming from Beirut landed at Malmö Airport at 20:55.

“The passenger list was missing, so when it landed there was suspicion of a crime so it become an assignment for the police and customs.”

A friend of mine who happened to visit the Lebanese capital recently was very impressed by the beaches, nightlife and cuisine. He wasn’t looking forward to coming home to his snow-coated homeland.

One might think it strange that individuals are fleeing from Lebanon in a private jet. According to a one-way ticket in a Cessna Citation Beirut-Skavsta costs $28,928.

UPDATE 2014-12-19: The 3 people smugglers were released from custody and allowed to travel back to Beirut in their private jet.

A wise (?) man once said:

Is there anyone here tonight who isn’t born in Sweden? In that case I just want to say – thank you for choosing Sweden!

– Fredrik Reinfeldt (1965-?)

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3 thoughts on “Asylum seekers coming to Sweden in private jets”

  1. “They that sow the wind (permit Muslims – Isis – into your country) shall reap the whirlwind” (Islamisation of Sweden) Beware


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