Emergency Services are now recruiting rapists to fill quotas

Back in November the Sweden Report noted that ambulance drivers were attacked with rocks, machetes and other multicultural objects. To handle this new Swedish friendship gesture dialogue police were sent into the no-go zones.

Alas, they weren’t succesful so to improve this already progressive police force the newly appointed chief of police decided to move the police school to Södertörns Högskola where new recruits will learn gender-awareness and an understanding of ethnical differences. Seeing as it will take a couple of years for the latest generation of culturally sensitive police officers to emerge, the ambulance drivers will probably keep on receiving friendship bracelets in the form of rocks.


The ambulance drivers union were puzzled at how to deal with the growing problem and decided to demand military gear back in November which the Swedish “media” decided to report today, in mid December. Whilst the bureaucratic agencies in charge slowly process the ethnocentric demand for military gear the ambulance drivers look liable to continue being atta… befriended.

There is fortunately a shimmer of light at the end of this multicultural tunnel if the fire departments latest project pays off.

“1) The number of firefighters with non-nordic background within Emergency Services South will after this project have increased from todays 0.9% to a minimum of 5% which is the first step to a more integrated emergency service which is more in line with the multicultural society in which it works.”

After the project is complete (and presumably a great success) the plan is to continually recruit, employ and integrate several non-Nordic firefighters.

Unfortunately, a setback seems to have been encountered which probably stems from structural discrimination i.e. there are very few people of non-Nordic background who are suitable for the socialist quotas in question. The bar had to be lowered even further and the emergency services have decided to employ an immigrant who has made and I quote “An amazing journey” according to the management at Emergency Services South.

What might that amazing journey be?

Back in 2003 a Danish couple decided to come to Sweden as tourists and enjoy everything our beautiful country has to offer. They camped in Klaghamn outside of Malmö when Sweden’s soon-to-be firefighter happened to pass by with some friends. The couple must have been discriminating against this group of non-Nordic individuals who saw no choice but to rob the couple and rape the woman in front of her boyfriend.

Less than 5 years later, in 2008, the man was recruited to the fore mentioned integration project and successfully completed the 10-month crash course for which he was awarded a prize called “The Golden Helmet”. He will start working as a firefighter in January 2015 which happens to coincide with the governments new censorship law making it easier to prosecute those who criticize immigrants, government officials and other minorities.

Meanwhile, ethnic Swedes are disadvantaged three-fold; having to take the normal 2-year course, being chosen second to immigrants and probably needing an impeccable criminal record.

Racist (?) reaction from an anonymous individual in the fire department

“Me and many others get an urge to puke at their bullshit” – he says and proceeds to say that:

“If you have participated in such a heinous crime, then you have a very screwed up view on human beings in my opinion”

He goes on to say that he has several colleagues, especially female, who are very disturbed and do not feel comfortable working with the new recruit. – None of them want to come out with their identity out of fear of losing their jobs for speaking out.

“Emergency Services South is an organisation controlled from the top where the bosses rule with an iron fist and constantly try to silence or get rid of those who have a different opinion” – the firefighter explains.

Previous racist (?) discontent within the fire department

“If you are going to work as a firefighter we think you should have to complete the official 2-year course. Not get everything handed to you on a silver platter via a 10 month course just because the emergency services want more firefighters with immigrant background” – says Jonas Härle from a union to Swedish Newspaper; Sydsvenskan.

“Some are simply completely incompetent firefighters. Their greatest quality is instead that they are from another country or that they are women. Emergency Services South are experts at quotas and sometimes it, unfortunately, goes so far that they employ completely incompetent individuals” – utters an anonymous firefighter

A wise man once said:

I think people should be angry at things that are worthy of anger. Injustice is outrageous and deserves outrage.

Chris Hayes (1979-?)









2 thoughts on “Emergency Services are now recruiting rapists to fill quotas”

  1. The political and media elite of Sweden treat political correctness as USSR treated Marx’ babble. If you move beyond the invisible line you’re done. Today Sweden is just a horse-head in front of many other European countries in their efforts to silence opposition. The EU bureaucrats are leading in this turning the nation-states into depending socialist vassal-states.

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