Al-Qaeda members masquerading as refugees



Normally I don’t reblog or repost other people’s material, but the other day there was a guest column in conservative newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that caught my eye.

It is written by an immigrant engaged in the fight against the Islamist slaughter of Christians and minorities in Syria and Iraq. He puts the spotlight on one of the weakest and most dangerous parts of Sweden’s deplorable immigration policy: The absolute lack of control about who passes through the doors. The result is bad no matter how you turn.

Radicalized islamists can set up their terrorist organization and prepare for the caliphate with impunity. Real refugees, who have fled exactly those Islamists, get crowded out and may be denied asylum because an Islamist was a skilled liar and stole the spot. Or, as seen below, a real refugee may actually end up face to face with a known killer also enjoying full…

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