Village with 50 people forced to take on 76 asylum seekers

Background Information:
9/10 asylum seekers do not have any form of valid identification and the migration bureau has been charged with corruption and is infamous for its incompetence and lax background checks. This has led to criminals and suspected ISIS sleeper cells coming to Sweden posing as asylum seekers. There have been cases where Swedish villages and cities in the vicinity of asylum homes have experienced rape and other violent crimes.

Overnight, 50 Swedes will become a minority in the small village of Kall. The asylum seekers will be accomodated in the hotel, Kallgården.

“We have fixed beds and furniture, we are pretty much prepared” says Julianne Spitzinger at Kallgården.

Scared villagers

“What we are scared of is that they are more than we are in this village, I don’t know, this is completely new to us” says a surprised Ann-Britt Edbjörk from Kall.

The villagers are understandably worried, they do not know who is coming and were not given any say in the matter.

Who is profiting?

Companies bill the migration bureau an average of $40 USD / asylum seeker / day. The taxpayers are the big losers for they also have to pay the asylum seekers; welfare, schooling, medical- and dental care. The municipalities have no choice for the migration bureau can simply bypass democracy and sign a contract directly with the companies in question.

For entrepreneurs the migration madness is an extremely lucrative business and the moral dilemma is no problem for HMO Omsorg, the Stockholm based company. Four people will run the asylum home in Kall and the little company will make approximately:

$40 USD * 76 * 365 = $1,1 million/year before taxes

Bear in mind that they are small time when you compare to the kingpin of the refugee industry, Bert Karlsson. His company will bill the migration bureau $33 million this year.

Why is this happening?immigration

The mainstream political parties in Sweden have decided that Europe’s most extreme immigration policies is the only way forward. In the past these parties have publicly stated that they will never co-operate with the anti-immigration and eurosceptic Sweden Democrats. They do not want to lose face now so they refuse to negotiate, which in turn allows the Sweden Democrats to monopolize this issue.

Ann-Britt Edbjörk will become a minority in a majority Muslim* village

Julianne Spitzinger is not a typical Swedish name; she and her co-workers will earn millions.

If you want insight from a woman who has worked at the migration bureau and chosen to speak out: Stories from Sweden: the “Humanitarian Superpower”

Worth noting:

  • I am not saying that all asylum seekers are criminals. rapists and jihadists.
  • I am saying that a few are and this is due to irresponsible politicians and the biased media
  • In the end the real refugees suffer due to having to compete with people who lie about their background.

Will Swedes become a minority in their own country? —> here
Swedish taxpayers forced to support former ISIS jihadists. —> here
How did one translators mistake influence Sweden? —> here

*most likely due to the majority of refugees coming from Syria.
Picture of Kallgården from Åre Turistbyrå

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