Down in flames

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Stefan Löfvén. Photo: Folkbladet

The ill-conceived Löfvén government crashed and burned on the runway without ever really taking off. Thank goodness.

As expected, the budget vote led to a crushing defeat for Löfvén, who immediately announced a snap election to take place on March 22. Now, having been soundly defeated once, one might assume he’d realize something needs to change. Nope. Löfvén intends to campaign on the same budget. And he’s planning to campaign alongside extremist party MP, which turned out to be a huge liability the first time around.

MP is supposedly a green party, but they have made immigration their main focus for reasons that remain elusivd. Their idea of reducing the carbon footprint is mass immigration of poor people from underdeveloped, warm countries to a cold, highly developed country where everybody including refugees consider a new cell phone every other year a basic human right. And they…

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