Swedens (Stalinist) Television

  • Axis = Nickname for the socialist coalition
  • Sweden’s Stalinist Television; Nickname for SVT; Sweden’s Television

2014-12-01 – In a mere 36 hours the weakest government Sweden has ever seen looks likely to fall. 62.2% of Swedes did not vote for the Axis government.

All eyes are on the eurosceptistalinisitsvtc Sweden Democrats. If they vote for the Alliances budget on Wednesday the Axis does not have a mandate to rule, leading to a government crisis and a potential re-election. As if political turmoil wasn’t bad enough the public service media decided to stir things up and undermine the Swedish medias increasingly shoddy reputation.

Everyone who owns a television must pay a form of tax called tv-license and in return they (theoretically) get unbiased coverage. As I previously noted a mind-boggling 72% of journalists vote for socialist parties and only 1% vote for the Sweden Democrats. The latter received almost 13% on the national level.

What exactly did Sweden’s (Stalinist) Television do this time?

To prove yet again that the socialist innovation; quotas; is a bad idea S(S)VT decided to air a show called “Blå Ögon” on the 30th of November 2014 at 21.00. The show is meant to depict far-right nationalism and revolves around a xenophobic party called “Trygghetspartiet” which has striking similarities to the very real Sweden Democrats. Regardless of subjective truth; within 24 hours the review board received 16 reports of bias from citizens across the country and as of today (2014-12-09) it has been reported 91 times.

The TV-series is problematic because Sweden has an aging population with 2 million elderly whose main source of information is S(S)VT. By subtly comparing the Sweden Democrats to nazis prior to a potential re-election this massive group will be unable to make an educated choice. S(S)VT are also known for having journalists who sympathise with the Revolutionary Front; the far left militants featured in the Vice clip I have linked at the bottom of this post.

Who financed and produced the show in question?aschbergmemerino

Several people, among them Robert Aschberg, who during the 1970’s was an an active maoist in Sweden’s Communist Party. He claims he left that cult at the end of the 1970’s and he probably ought to because he went on to become a media mogul and millionaire thanks to his arch-enemy; capitalism.

He is active within Expo, an extreme left-wing group with ties to Researchgruppen. The latter assisted in illegally exposing 6200 anonymous citizens who had voiced discontent over the current mass immigration via hateful comments online. Aschberg has also created a TV-show called Troll Hunters wherein he confronts so-called internet trolls in their homes.

In his company Pictatus he has employed at least one former member of Anti-Fascist Action who has been convicted of arson and two counts of physical abuse. Researchgruppen and AFA are closely knit and the latter is a revolutionary and socialist movement that envisions a classless socialist society.

AFA unites under the banner of anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-capitalism, anti-sexism and fight an eternal struggle against those who stand opposed. AFA decide what is right and what is wrong. They regard themselves as militants and use violence and threats to silence dissidents. An offshoot of AFA is the even more extreme Revolutionary Front.

If anarchy is what AFA stands for and Aschberg doesn’t mind employing retired anarchists perhaps he hasn’t quiet left the communism he once held dear. Perhaps he believes that uncontrolled mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa will give rise to anarchy and in turn a socialist utopia?

A wise (?) man once said:

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)

The Revolutionary Front –  (Svenskarnas Parti (SVP) is not Sverigedemokraterna (SD))

Fun Facts

Food for thought

Will I be confronted by Aschberg himself after having written factual information about him in a semi-sarcastic tone or will he send one of his lackeys? Am I on one of Researchgruppens lists now?

Is this what it’s like to live in Sweden, year 2014?


http://www.svt.se/ug/chatta-om-vansterextremt-vald <— “beska kommentarer andra journalister”

4 thoughts on “Swedens (Stalinist) Television”

    1. They are demonstrating against an extreme-right wing neo-nazi so that point kind of makes sense.

      It is however disturbing that Swedens supposedly unbiased television uses quotas leading to 2nd to 3rd gen immigrants reporting on anti-immigrant parties.

      That in itself isn’t problematic but if they let their emotions and past dictate the reporting there is a serious problem.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Extreme right wing neo nazis? Neo Nazis aren’t raping Swedish women in record numbers. These so called neo nazis would be considered middle of the road if you looked at Swedish politics in the 30s 40s and 50s


      2. We no longer live in the 20, 30s, and 40s I dont identify with them not approve of them any more than the lunatic left.

        With regards to the rapes. Yes, I have a gut feeling that Neo-nazis aren’t raping Swedish women in record numbers but other groups are.

        Statistics Sweden and Crime Statistics Sweden all measure in a broad way making it hard to know what groups are behind the rapidly increasing rape rates.

        My guess is that the truth is uncomfortable and they fear telling people because then they may vote for the “wrong” party.


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