Arson attack on a mosque in Sweden… or?


Photo: Expressen

A few hours ago a mosque was set on fire in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna. Who committed the arson is unclear at this time. What we do know is that the congregation supposedly belongs to the Dawa-movement, which is actively recruiting for ISIS.

There have been confrontation between the muslims and Kurds demonstrating against ISIS at this mosque before, and anyone familiar with the middle east knows the bad blood between opposing factions of islam.

But as previously stated, at this point nobody knows who threw the molotov cocktail. It is possible that a lone white supremacist made it into the immigrant-dominated neighborhood and out again unseen, unlikely as it may seem. We just don’t know.

This doesn’t stop the Swedish mainstream media from jumping to conclusions.

Expressen headline: “There is islamophobia in our society

Aftonbladetinterview with the justice minister: “I find it…

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1000-1500 war criminals hiding out in Sweden

The periodical magazine Advokaten (The Lawyer) proclaims on its website that it is the most important legal magazine in Sweden. In this years 7th edition of Advokaten the focus is on war crimes and how prepared Sweden is at dealing with war-criminals who seek asylum here. Nobody knows for sure how many there are but the magazine estimates that there are around 1000-1500 are hiding out in Sweden.

Only 4 have been charged so far in a Swedish court.

Professor Ove Bring is an expert on international law and is a professor emeritus of the Swedish National Defence College and Stockholm’s University.

He thinks the numbers sound reasonable and goes on to say that:

We take on more refugees than may other countries. There will be crooks coming in as well as refugees. We don’t know how many, but there are reasons to assume that many war-criminals will come to Sweden – Ove Bring

The magazine points out that war crimes are some of the toughest crimes to investigate because they have been committed in other countries some of which are still at war.

We can, for example, not send police officers to Syria to do investigations. It’s too dangerous there right now. – says Marie Lind Thomsen

The legal professionals working with these types of crimes are appalled by some of the atrocities that are committed but are glad that they get access to professional help once the case is closed and that they can help victims find closure by working with complicated crimes.

Police, prosecutors, researchers and lawyers all think Sweden has become better at dealing with war crime cases and prosecutors have been given access to international courses in cultural differences, “security think” and interrogation techniques.

The article in question gives plenty of room on how justice can be doled out efficiently via more employees, more resources, a special court and different war-crime laws but the elephant in the room is avoided.

Why does Ove Bring think that there are 1000-1500 war criminals here in the first place and why does he think that many more will come to Sweden?

The Elephant in the roomelephantintheroom

The article starts off by mentioning that approximately 54 000 people sought asylum in Sweden in 2013 and that 80 000 are expected in 2014 but does not mention the following.

I think the aforementioned facts are relevant seeing as a law requiring asylum seekers to have identification, only allowing real refugees and putting a cap on “lost” passports would mitigate the number of war criminals coming in.

Why were these facts not brought up by the magazine Advokaten?

Out of the 8 political parties in Sweden there is only one that wants to implement stricter legislation to hem the tidal wave of asylum seekers coming to Sweden. This doesn’t sit well with the magazine’s publisher, Anne Ramberg, who in 2000 become the first female general secretary of the Swedish Bar Association.

The Swedish people have voted. Almost 13% have in the parliamentary elections inexplicably enough laid their vote on the Sweden Democrats. In some municipalities and counties this quantity has reached 25% or more. Thereby the Sweden Democrats have a right to nominate lay judges to our courts and as the third largest party in the parliament traditionally hold vice-speaker post, which has come to be a part of the democratic institutions that are supposed to be the foremost guarantor of freedoms and rights. This raises many questions”

She goes on to bemoan the fact that Sweden Democrats have an inhumane view on humanity and that they don’t believe that all people are of equal value (the infamous faulty translation) which goes against the Swedish constitution.anne

Furthermore Ms. Ramberg argues that they will be biased and won’t respect ethical guidelines set out by the European Court of Human rights. She also paints up a vivid straw man argument by drawing parallels to the nazi-regimes race laws and claims that they will “rule by law” instead of abiding by the “rule of law”.

“SD are undemocratic”

If that were the case she will fit right in seeing as she implies that the century old Swedish tradition of lay judges should be removed because she doesn’t agree with their political views.

Anna Ramberg is one of the most successful and powerful Swedish lawyers but appears blind to the fact that she is inadvertently enabling war criminals to come to Sweden.

The periodical magazine Advokaten, is personally addressed and sent to each and every one of Sweden’s lawyers, jurists, judges, prosecutors, and others working with the Swedish justice system.

The voices of poor Swedes, immigrants and refugees living in no-go zones and multicultural areas are not heard by the powerful and wealthy who create their living conditions.

I think it’s time to change that so here are some quotes from real refugees.

“My cousin got married in Skåne a month ago, my second cousin from Södertälje was present at the wedding. At a nightclub afterwards he saw his brother’s killer, an al-Nusra member. Is that how it’s supposed to be?!”

“At the Migration Bureau, they have absolutely no control over who seek asylum here! The investigation goes in a flash, just like that, and you can cook up whatever lies for any story!”

“What’s with the Swedes? Why does not the government anything? Why are these people not in jail? Will they really get to threaten us and get away with it? Anyone wishing for an Islamist state in Sweden will also demand that we all bow down to Islam or die, whether you are a Muslim who refuses to follow the extremists, Christian or atheist. That’s what we have fled!”

“A fourth man joins. He is also getting a hair cut, but after a minute he joins the conversation. He came to Sweden from Syria a few months ago and says that in some asylum receptions there are supporters of terrorist organizations such as al-Nusra Brigades and IS. He says that both Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Somalia has sympathizers in the Swedish lodging for asylum seekers.”

“Sweden must either keep close watch of the Islamists who come here, or close the borders completely!”

The full article from which these quotes were taken is found here

A wise man once said:

The mental blockage and severe denial that haunts the political class and the media elite probably stems from the fact that they live in ethnic white enclaves, far from the multicultural stew they cherish so much. They never wake up from gunfire in the night, nor are their cars burned. Their children go to nice schools where they never get robbed of their cell phones or hassled for being blond. When all you, personally, ever see is exotic restaurants opening down the block, it’s easy to be open-minded and all-welcoming.

The Sweden Report (?-?)

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Malmö is exporting multicultural music

A lot of Swedes are worried about the development in Malmö with crime being rampant and anti-semitism rising but I think their fears are unwarranted.

Sweden will profit from it’s booming music industry!

A wise man once said:

I’m trying to be a better gangsta, so I’m learning how to play the ukelele. I’m also trying to figure out how to rap a romance novel, like The Notebook

Jarod Kintz (1982-?)

Would you like to know…

…why Malmö fire-station is employing underqualified immigrants?

…how Sweden is increasing its GDP whilst simultaneously having the most generous welfare, immigration, and foreign-aid policies in the world?

…why a village of 50 people was forced to take on 76 asylum seekers?

GDP growth – Swedistani style

housingboombustIn Sweden there is a long-lived myth that we are a rich nation. Is Volvo and IKEA paying for the welfare state? Unfortunately not, the former was bought by the Chinese back in 2010 and the latter hasn’t paid extortionate Swedish taxes for decades.

According to Cornucopia the answer is debt

He assumes that Swedish household debt goes straight into GDP in the form of consumption or investments. If he is correct (and I wouldn’t bet against him) all Swedish GDP/growth since 2001 is thanks to the housing bubble and households debt.

In 2006 GDP grew nominally by 175 billion SEK simultaneously households private debt increased by 190 billion SEK and that means that if households didn’t increase their debt, Sweden would be in a recession right now.

Many followers of the dismal science claim there is a multiplier effect which increases the GDP more than growth but in Sweden that is not the case. Here GDP increases less than the increase in household debt.

I am no economist and I don’t pretend to be but it worries me that the combined debt of the households, the government and companies in Sweden is larger than that of Greece.

Simultaneously our politicians constantly repeat the cliché “Sweden is a rich country” when defending the fact that they have decided to donate 1% of the GDP in foreign aid each year and that immigration costs up to 7% of our GDP per year.

8% of the Swedish GDP is equivalent to 285 billion SEK per year.

If by rich our politicians mean in fresh air I agree, but fresh air doesn’t pay taxes.

Perhaps Cornucopia is right when he says we have a Pippi Longstocking economy?

A wise man once said:

Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt

Herbert Hoover (1874-1964)

Would you like to know…

…why there are 1000-1500 war criminals in Sweden and more coming in each year?

…why the snap elections in March will be called off?

…why the former PM said that Swedes need to open their hearts to mass immigration?

…why a Danish newspaper said Sweden is the Nordic North Korea?


Snap elections in March have been called off

2014-12-22 – The mainstream parties have called off the re-election and have decided to co-operate until 2022 to permanently exclude the Sweden Democrats (SD) amidst fears that people will vote for them in the future.

According to Sweden’s Television (S(S)VT), the socialist government and the opposition have been secretly negotiating for the last couple of days. The two have traditionally been at odds but are today united in (mass) immigration policies and a fear of becoming redundant in the future due to the Sweden Democrats rise to power.

They are attempting to find a way so that Sweden can be ruled by a minority government and how a minority government can pass its budget. If they find a solution Löfven may decide not to issue a re-election. Then the government can keep on ruling, but with an Alliance budget during 2015 and the year after pass their own budget. The Alliance could over time benefit from such a resolution, because they want these new rules in place in the next election in 2018. If there where to be a shift in government the Alliance would be in the same seatS(S)VT reporter Kerstin Holm

These changes may seem shocking but earlier in December the opposition actually stated that they were willing to change the rules instead of co-operating with the Sweden Democrats.stalinisitsvt

Whilst S(S)VT prides itself on being unbiased it simultaneously states that the a re-election doesn’t help the current situation at all and that changing the rules, and calling off the re-election would be beneficial to both sides.

Perhaps S(S)VT is terrified of YouGovs polls which show that the Sweden Democrats are expected to receive 17.7% of the votes despite them airing the propaganda show, Blå Ögon, every week on prime-time?

The Prime Minister goes back on a promise… againimage

Stefan Löfven promised to resign if his budget didn’t go through but went back on his word and issued re-elections instead. He has thus far managed to spend 695 000 taxpayer kronor renovating his new home: the Sagerska Palace.

It seems the former-welder turned Prime Minister has made himself at home and if he has gone back on his word once why wouldn’t he do it again?

The agreement in question means that Sweden will be ruled by the socialists until 2018 and then most likely the liberals until 2022. The only opposition i.e. the Sweden Democrats have in-effect been excluded from power indefinately or until they get more than 50% of the votes.

How bad could it be?

According to one estimate 600 000 asylum seekers could migrate to Sweden in the next 4 years which is a mind-boggling 6% of Sweden’s population.

That would be the equivalent of Obama allowing 19 200 000 immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa to enter the states and receive full: accommodation, health-care, dental-care and education courtesy of US taxpayers.

Edited 2015-01-02: I previously wrote that legislation was changed which was incorrect. Neither of the two blocks that traditionally oppose each other have a majority due to the SD:s kingmaking role and the December Agreement ensures that the largest minority block will be allowed to rule on its own budget without the other block opposing it but it doesn’t entail that any specific laws are changed. Thank you Lawson for noting the error.

A wise man once said:

Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

– John Adams (1735-1826)

Is the Swedish media waking up?

2014-12-19 – One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Dagens Nyheter, have published an article describing how European counterparts regard the political crisis in Sweden with a mixture of sorrow, schadenfreude and surprise.batman+robin

The newspaper in question has been incessantly preaching multiculturalism and all the “benefits” of mass immigration like there is no tomorrow. Many Swedish journalists skew quotes, censor facts and write in Orwellian but others aren’t so keen on going down in history as the most biased journalists since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Richard Swartz is one such journalist.

In his recent article, “Facing an amazed world”, he describes how his colleagues in Europe have difficulty wrapping their heads around the fact that Sweden, the land of lagom, is experiencing political turmoil. Surprise morphs into shock once he shares a number of facts with them such as:

  • Sweden receives more Syrian refugees than any other country in Europe and takes in more refugees per capita than any other OECD-country
  • Foreign born people account for 40% of long-term unemployment in Sweden

He goes all in by mentioning the fact that censorship and bullying of those who want to discuss statistics and numbers is rampant and explains how discussing a cap on immigration is tabu in Sweden. One of his European counterparts who isn’t under the influence of the blue pill responds with these bitter words:

“So you Swedes think you are better than us? But why would you be able to handle these levels when we have problems with far less. You seem autistically infatuated with your own benevolence. But that ends in hypocrisy and self-deceit. And SD is the political price you must pay for acting like a humanitarian superpower. It is your own unrealistic immigration policy that has created this monster.

Richard ends the article boldly:

“…maybe Swedish politicians prefer Brecht’s proposal; dissolving the people and choosing a new one.”

By mentioning facts that are “racist” he is treading on thin ice so it seems that he chooses to self-censor by using the term refugee for asylum seekers. As I am sure he knows less than 5% are refugees by UN standards and 9/10 asylum seekers do not have valid ID but actually printing facts, albeit distorted, is a big step forward for the toilet pap.. newspaper in question.asylsökandepermiljon

Due to the Sweden Democrats breaking records in opinion polls there are unfortunately many journalists and public figures who are calling for the re-election to be called off. I consider it likely that the immigration insanity will continue for another 4 years.

As you can see in the chart to the right Sweden has in the past few months, received record-breaking numbers of asylum seekers and our politicians are doing everything they can to keep it that way. Some have even discussed changing laws to exclude the Sweden Democrats permanently.

On the bright side the past few weeks have shown that even the most severe cases of politically correct madness can be treated with hefty doses of harsh reality.

A wise man once said:

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

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Two more bombs exploded in multicultural Malmö this Saturday

2014-12-20 – Two powerful explosions rocked Malmö tonight

The car bomb detonated first at around 03:30 on Saturday morning and damaged the vehicle to such an extent that the police do not know who it belongs too.

Less than two hours later at approximately 05.00 the entrance to a premise was blown into bits with some pieces found up to 50 metres away. Five glass windows in the neighborhood broke and Peter Martinsson with the police in Skåne said:

-It was powerful. Several people living in the area called us after being woken up by the explosions

Earlier this month a building housing the court house, police, prosecution offices and a detention centre was targetted for the second time this year and had its entrance blown apart. Despite the fact that this could constitute a terrorist attack it was not labelled as such for reasons unknown.

Malmö has suffered from an unusually high number of car and restaurant bombings this year and it seems to me that the groups in charge of Swedens multicultural outsidership zones are getting fed up with the governments monopoly on violence.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in yesterdays incident.

UPDATE – 2014-12-21: Bomb went off next to the same premise as Saturday bringing the tally to three this weekend.

UPDATE – 2014-12-26: Another bomb went off bringing tally to 4 in under a week. 15 year-old boy in custody.

A wise man once said:

Terrorism takes us back to ages we thought were long gone if we allow it a free hand to corrupt democratic societies and destroy the basic rules of international life.

Jacques Chirac (1932-?)

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Sweden is the Nordic North Korea – Danish Newspaper

This monday an editorial in the Danish Newspaper, Ekstrabladet, decided to up things a notch by dubbing Sweden: Nordic North Korea

The verbose assault was supposedly set off due to a ten-year-old children’s book being pulled off the shelves by the Swedish publisher Bonnier. “Children’s thoughts above love” was written by the Danish author, Grethe Dircking-Holmfeld and consists of quotes from children but a storm of outrage was unleashed due to a passage where an eight-year-old boy expresses controversial views about homosexual women. Grethe Dircking-Holmfeld called the decision insane and went on to say that:

-It’s very strange, its like a whole sect of Swedes chooses to be offended by these sort of things. Its a quote from children and they say the most absurd things. They don’t mean anything bad.

Ekstrabladet therefore decided to deliver some well deserved blows to a group of people they cheekily name “the arbiters of taste”. The editorial brings up a number of cases of censorship such as that of the classic children’s movie Pippi Longstocking. In the new and improved politically correct version she no longer refers to her father as “negro king” and a sequence when she imitates a Chinese person has been removed.

The tirade does not end there with criticism extended to Rasmus Ling, a politician in the Green Party who on the behalf of Swedish women reported a commercial for breast enlargement and a Swedish study which found that 2400 street signs had male names whilst 330 had female names. Ekstrabladet sardonically states that the street signs were clearly offensive to women and ends the editorial on the following note:

-Sweden is the Nordic North Korea. We understand if ordinary Swedes decide to seek asylum with us on the other side of the strait.

Those danskjävlar are having a field day… perhaps I should suck up my pride and start preparing my application?

On second thought:


Sweden is so deranged, there are no words to describe it – Danish politician

2014-12-16 – Politically correct Sweden is such a deranged society that there is no term in social science sufficient enough to describe it – argues Pia Kjærsgaard the Danish People’s Party former leader

In this article in Den Korte Avis, Kjærsgaard marvels at the fact that the politically correct are so desperate that they have graduated from using worn-out epiteths such as neo-fascists, fascists, nazis to comparing the Sweden Democrats to the terrorist organization ISIS.

That the Sweden Democrats do not want the most extreme immigration policy in the world and decided to force the current government to resign is something she doesn’t think merits a comparison to the Islamic State. She goes on to say that the Sweden Democrats are subject to witch-hunts and bullying the likes of which she has never seen before and concludes with this less than flattering observation:

“Some have referred to it as “DDR-light”. Others have called it a consensus society. Personally I do not think that the right word has been invented yet. Sweden is so deranged that it differs from all other societies in history, and in fact there might not be a social science term around to describe it. Naming Sweden is a task for those skilled in psychiatry who specialize in schizophrenia and the numbness of feelings.”

If our neighbors in the south think that terminology such as scizophrenic, deranged, and DDR-light don’t suffice, something has clearly gone haywire.

A wise man once said:

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.

Jacques Barzun (1907-2012)

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Electronic espionage suspected near government offices in Sweden

2014-12-17 – Swedish journalists at Dagens Nyheter have used a Cryptophone to uncover 42 suspicious activities in the mobile network around government offices.

The advanced spy equipment appears to have been placed in an area known as Rosenbad which houses the parliament, foreign ministry, the residence of the PM and other government offices.

What it means in practice that the Prime Ministers cellphone could be connecting to a false base station instead of the normal mobile network. Thereby a foreign entity can spy on his phone calls, text messages, e-mails and in some cases remotely activate his phones microphone.

Säpo ( the Swedish Security Service) has said that the information is “interesting” and will investigate further.

Although the newspaper who made this discovery aren’t known for their unbiased reporting, this goes to show that there are always exceptions.

UPDATE: When the government checked the area for illegal frequencies no disturbances were uncovered.

For those of you who missed out the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten made a similar discovery in central Oslo recently.  After a two month investigation using a Cryptophone they uncovered what appeared to be surveillance devices around the government headquarters and parliament. This prompted the Norwegian security services to do an investigation.

“First and foremost there are countries that we have been involved with, that could be behind this, if we were to discuss a foreign power. We have an ice-cold relationship with Russia, and a bad relationship with China” – says Ståle Ulrichsen, security- and defence researcher at the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute

If we are lucky it was only our Security Services spying on some of our more questionable ministers, if not it could be a foreign power which would mean that someone out there has to go to work and listen to our Prime Minister ramble incoherently on a daily basis. I hope the poor sod is getting paid well.

A wise man once said

There will come a time when it isn’t “They’re spying on me through my phone” anymore. Eventually, it will be “My phone is spying on me””.

– Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

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