Should we laugh or cry?

 I previously wrote about Mona Sahlin here after she stated that Swedish taxpayers are going to pay for the rehabilitation of former genocidal maniacs. I was certain that her naïvety had peaked but apparently it knows no bounds.monamuslim10

Sweden is leading the EU rankings in rape and school arson but thus far we have not overtaken Belgium in jihadists/capita. To counter-act this our Donald Duck government has promoted Mona Sahlin to “national coordinator against violent extremism”. She takes her job seriously and has therefore envisioned a concept that may come to change the face of this planet forever. Radicalization and religious extremism will be a thing of the past with the…

…Mona Sahlin hotline against extremism!

This way the victims of “structural discrimination” will be able to call the jihadi-prevention hotline when they realize that the word of the Swedish Social Services is superior to the word of god. The hotline also extends to the relatives of would-be terrorists.

The proposal will now be investigated and she stresses that time is of the essence and it must be implemented quickly. Some might say that we should revoke the passports of jihadists. Others might say that the government should stop funding Islamist organisations. Mona Sahlin and Mehmet Kaplan probably disagree, and maybe they are right, which beckons the question…

Will we beat Belgium in the E.U. jihadist/capita rankings? 

—-> Sweden is now in the lead! <—-

ISIS sponsored by Danish welfare –> here
Sweden’s Islamist (?) Minister of Urban development –> here
Swedish ambulance drivers attacked with machetes; demand military gear –> here

A wise man once said:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

– Martin Luther King (1929-1968)


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