ISIS – Sponsored by the Welfare State

28 Danish citizens received unemployment benefits whilst waging war for the Islamic State according to the Danish Security and Intelligence Service – 2014-11-27islamicstte

15 of these individuals were ordered to return the money, eight are still being investigated and five cases have been dropped. Whilst the Danish Minister of Justice says that “It is incredibly important that we are not naïve” the Swedish equivalent has clearly proven that he is just that.

Morgan “only 1%” Johansson <–> Swedish Minister of Justice

How much money is being doled out to terrorists?

The Scandinavian countries have the world’s most generous unemployment insurance systems and in Denmark you are able to receive up to $134 per day for two years although most receive more modest benefits.

How many Danes are in Syria killing for ISIS?

In Denmark there are +100 according to the Danish Intelligence Service but this number is from June and Naser Khader; Danish commentator on Middle Eastern affairs; states that the numbers ought to be revised up. The Local claims that Denmark has the second largest number of foreign fighters in Syria relative to its size after Belgium.

What is the situation like for Sweden?

There are up to 300 Swedes fighting for ISIS according to the Swedish Security Service. This makes the Locals claim regarding Denmark being second questionable. We have twice their population but three times as many jihadists in Syria.

Why are Denmark and Sweden leading the European rankings in jihadists/capita?

The short answer is that the welfare states in the North have embraced the Marxist doctrine of multiculturalism and have opened their borders to immigration from the Middle East. Opening borders to MENA migrants isn’t necessarily problematic per se but it can be taken too far. Denmark has started to realize that a responsible immigration policy is the way to go hence they place demands on people arriving to Denmark and root out those lying or deceiving the country’s taxpayers.immigration

Sweden has gone in the opposite direction with uncontrolled immigration from MENA, extreme multiculturalism, free healthcare for illegal immigrants and much, much more. Our journalists, to an overwhelming degree, vote for an extremist party that wants to open our borders completely and the news reporting has proven to be biased time and time again. There have been no reports of terrorists on welfare in blonde and blue-eyed Sweden.

Considering the naïvety of our current government it would actually surprise me if investigations regarding terrorists on welfare actually occur or are even allowed. That would be bad press for the government, and who wants that? The chart from New Statesman shows that Sweden is taking in more asylum seekers/capita from MENA than the UK, Germany and France combined. As always, Sweden is the extreme outlier and will embrace allas lika värde until the bitter end.

A wise man once said:

Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I’m not so sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein


5 thoughts on “ISIS – Sponsored by the Welfare State”

  1. New follower here. Excellent posts, and thanks for teaching me about conditions in Sweden. I had heard about the “no-go zones”, and it seems it’s worse than I had thought. Question-has the rate of emigration from Sweden changed at all in response to this condition? Or does the population simply accept the situation?

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  2. Yes, emigration has indeed risen but the government controlled statistics bureau doesn’t measure variables such as ethnicity so it is impossible to say how many “ethnic” Swedes are leaving the country.

    This is anecdotal, but out of my graduation class at a reasonably posh school 100+ people have left and a handful remain. My guess is that the rich and wealthy are leaving the country.

    I can’t speak for the entire population but I follow all news outlets regularily. The vast majority of journalists have for the past couple of years voted for extreme left parties (according to journalist magazines that have done surveys) and this affects their reporting.

    My guess is that your “average” Swede won’t wake up until the irresponsible policies start having a serious impact on their incomes.

    If you would like to know more about the Statistics Bureau read this

    Have a lovely day! Glad you like the blog.


  3. I am happy to have found this blog I used to blog in English (and Swedish) but now only administrates the link list of Julia Caesar’s blog posts on Snaphanen. Furthermore I administrate the “flygbladssidan” (, which suddenly becomes important again due to the new election.

    I have of course put this blog on the blog roll of my blogs. It is worth spreading!

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    1. Thank you very much for your support!

      The situation is completely unsustainable and the politicians need to see beyond their own egos and realize that this is no longer about power but about Swedens future.


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