“Open your hearts” (and wallets) – Fredrik Reinfeldt – Part 1


Fredrik Reinfeldt was Sweden’s Prime Minister from 2006 until 2014. He has marketed himself as a friendly family man in Sweden and abroad. Reinfeldt, Carl Bildt and Anders Borg are often regarded as a dream team. Borg is credited with shielding Sweden from the disastrous effects of the 2008 recession which is why international observers are confused as to why they didn’t win this years election. As a Swede who has followed the election closely there could be no other outcome mainly due to Reinfeldts infamous speech. Prior to delving into recent events lets delve into Reinfeldts past.

In 1993 he wrote a book called “The dormant population”. An amusing journey in a dystopian Sweden where people are comatised by the benefits they receive. Having worked in most of Sweden’s no-go zones and ghettos I can agree that welfare is a lovely in principle but detrimental in reality. Human beings become dependent on the state and expect it to solve their self-inflicted problems. You didn’t come here for a book review or a rant so I shall cut to the chase; there is one noteworthy quote from his book that is worth keeping in mind with regard to his actions later on.

“We do not want a society where people starve, but other than that nothing shall be financed by the state” – Fredrik Reinfeldt

All is fair in love and war

By the year 2002 a bunch of countries had obtained the same currency so they could blame each other when things turned sour, an African dictator or two had been toppled and a group of jihadists with poor landing skills managed to wreck Islam’s reputation in a single day.

Meanwhile in Sweden the Moderate party suffered a grueling loss in the 2002 election. This created a power vacuum allowing Reinfeldt to step into his big boy shoes as the new party leader of the Moderate Party. By American standards, I think it is safe to say, that they would be considered left of the Democrats but in Sweden they are regarded as the bourgeoisie party. This can be explained by Sweden’s recurring flirts with their inconsistent and disappointing lover; Socialism. Reinfeldt was no fool and realized that Swedes have a tendency to lean to the left and he knew that he needed to counter-act the ingrained belief that his party only cater to the rich and wealthy.

3 years passed and in 2005 he rebranded his party and the fresh “New Moderates” emerged with a red coating. They marketed themselves successfully to the traditionally Socialist voter and formed a coalition with 3 other liberal parties.

  • The New Moderates, Peoples Party, Christian Democrats and the Centre Party formed a coalition known as: The Alliance
  • The Opposition was led by the Social(ist)-Democrats, Communist Party and the Environmental Party. I shall refer to them as: The Axis
  • The Sweden Democrats are the loners. They are pariah, anti-immigration and are the one group you can hate openly in Sweden without being punished. I shall refer to them as: The Populists

In the subsequent election of 2006 the Alliance steamrolled over the Marxist opposition and the Moderates experienced their most successful election since 1928. They got off to a rough start with certain ministers under fire and…

…the 2008 financial crisis, which wrecked havoc in Europe and abroad. Anders Borg and his lackeys in the government decided that austerity measures were the way to go and two years later Sweden appeared to be doing better than the rest of the world. Due to the pattern-seeking nature of humans, journalists saw cause and effect between the measures instated by Anders Borg, the Swedish Central Bank and Sweden’s economic recovery.

In 2010 the Alliance used their success during the financial crisis to win the election once more unfortunately the victory was not as great for Swedes were starting to get fed up with the cracks that were starting to show in the “Humanitarian Superpower”.

  • Why did a politician in Reinfeldts party argue that Sweden could experience civil war in the next 20 years?
  • What are Reinfeldts motives and what is a “humanitarian superpower”?

Part 2 – Coming Soon

A wise man once said:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Lord Acton (1834-1902)






2 thoughts on ““Open your hearts” (and wallets) – Fredrik Reinfeldt – Part 1”

  1. I think, the second part to this entry is missing? I couldn’t find it.

    Here in Germany the situation might be even worse than in Sweden, at least in some respects. More than 700000 asylum seekers this year, plus Gypsies and Albanians. Altogether probably more than 1 million immigrants this year. Politicians, courts, police and fanatical do-gooders openly violate the law, for instance by smuggling people in by themselves. People are being evicted from their houses in order to make room for “refugees”. The propaganda is overwhelming, with only puny resistance… and unlike in Sweden we have not even an established opposition party.

    I hope for some violent act, maybe an assassination by a desperate citizen. Or that other EU countries take action. But it looks very very gloomy.


    1. I just finished a book by an American foreign correspondent who was in Germany at the time of the war. He said the following:

      “Nearly all Germans have come to feel that they are in for a life and death struggle. They believe that defeat in this war would spell something like the destruction of their nationhood.”

      70 odd years later and it appears as though their fears are coming to fruition.

      I am no expert on German affairs but from where I’m standing it seems as though the lügenpresse have brainwashed the Germans into a self-hating Gütmenschen complex. To be honest the politicians do not appear to be much better.

      But if you don’t like where things are going do what you can and remember that many Germans agree with you.

      Convince your friends and family best you can, organize with like-minded people, protest etc.


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