Sweden Democrats; Brutal Neo-Nazis or Misunderstood Puppy Lovers?

In 2010 one of my mentors, a Swedish-Cuban man, warned me that the collective bullying of the nationalist Sweden Democrats would lead to their rise to power. So far his observations have been correct.

Who are the Sweden Democrats (SD)?

The one political party that is on the tip of every Swedes tongue. In 15 odd days they will be the ones to make or break the weakest minority government that Sweden has ever had. The decision the Sweden Democrats make will come to influence the country forever. The historic event that I deem likely and necessary is forcing the current “government” to resign. Sweden will then experience it’s second re-election in history which has not occured since 1958. Will turmoil erupt in the Swedish stock market or has this been predicted long in advance by international investors?

Their dirty little secret…

The Sweden Democrats were founded in 1988 and have their roots in fascist and white supremacist groups such as the “Swedish Progress Party” and “Keep Sweden Swedish”. Despite this the SD have never actually been a Nazi Party but some of its members have held Nazi sentiments. That is an important distinction.

This ghostly past is constantly lurking in the background whenever mainstream politicians debate against them. The norm for politicians is to bully them and use the past as a stick to beat them. This has, nonetheless, led to a normalisation process where people now end up not paying any note to past nor present SD scandals. I believe this is because people can become normalised to anything.

The mainstream parties and media have attempted to label the SD as pariah. Ostracising them has, however, led to the ironic consequence of playing into their hands. Morgan Johansson is a clear-cut case of a so-called “useful idiot doing just that. The SD are more than willing to accomodate the support that the Morgans of the Swedish political arena and media unknowingly muster up for them.

The rise to power

2.93% – 2006

5.7% – 2010

12.86% – 2014

Brutal neo-nazis or misunderstood puppy lovers?

117851614_b123a68df4_oOf the more amusing blunders attributed to them was two of their politicians recent proposal, on the 11th of November, regarding a doggy day care. The politicians in question; Hanna Wigh and Cassandra Sundin had a puppy crisis on their hands and deemed it wise to propose legislation whereas Swedish taxpayers would foot the bill for their parliamentarian puppy palace.

Whilst Sweden’s migration department is on the verge of collapse, the country’s inflated housing prices continue to grow and Japanese style-deflation has found a new home, 13% of Swedish voters might find SD to be less competent then they so firmly believe.

Is there anyone who can save this sinking, multicultural, ship?








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